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Warwick Build Guide by NursingHomeNed

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NursingHomeNed

Warwick - Tanky Speed Demon (Jungling Guide)

NursingHomeNed Last updated on June 15, 2011
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Hey guys this is my first build so bear with me. So Warwick is my main and I have recently started perfecting this build. I am currently a level 16 summoner and I have played against a team of level 30's with this build and not only held my own but kicked some a**.

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells I use are Smite and Exhaust.

Smite: Anyone that uses Warwick should be jungling and anyone jungling should be using smite. With smite and madred's razors you can take down monsters in the jungle quickly. Also if you need to push a lane quickly you can use it on regular minions.

Exhaust: The easiest way to get kills with Warwick is using Hungering Strike as a last hit; and nothing will piss you off more than an enemy using Ghost to get away with less than a Q hit worth of health. Thus exhaust will get you a few kills you otherwise wouldn't get.

Possible alternative for Exhaust would be teleport. If you have my luck and constantly end up on garbage teams this can come in handy. Especially if whoever is solo in a lane isn't worth a s***.

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Skill Sequence

I start off with Hunter's Call because of it's increase in attack speed. Every hit you land with Warwick heals you so the more hits your landing means more health regen. Next is hungering strike, this is also the first skill you want to max. Hungering strike is Warwick's bread and butter. On level 7 put one point into blood scent because you should be ganking at that level if you aren't all ready. For level 8 and 9 max hungering strike. Max blood scent next while leveling your ult as soon as it becomes available. Hunter's call will be maxed last.

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When the game starts buy cloth armor, health potion x2, and a mana potion. Then head to the golems. Initiate a fight with the golems, activate hunter's call, and use smite. I personally use one of my health potions here. Once you've killed the golems head towards the wolves. Once again activate hunter's call and use hungering strike when needed. Third you want to attack the wraiths. I target a red one and smite the blue one. Once you have killed the wraiths repeat the cycle. You will use your mana potion sometime during the second rotation. After you have killed the wraiths for the second time teleport back and buy madred's razors and start buying the berserker's greaves. Now you can either do the cycle a third time or get the red buff and start ganking lanes, it all depends on how the game is going. Once you have gotten red and get some kills you can continue buying items. I usually start getting buffs and ganking between levels 5-7. Around level 9 I will solo the dragon but only if I know no one is going to run up on me. Also on my last game I killed Baron on level 18 solo.

If the person soloing a lane can't hold their ground you will have to put you jungling on pause for a while and push the other team back. The downside of this is Warwick isn't really suited for laning esp early levels. However if you have a team that knows what its doing you won't really have to worry about this.

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Any suggestions people make that improve the build or any tweaks will be posted here.