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Warwick Build Guide by Idiro

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Idiro

Warwick, The no Rune Jungler!

Idiro Last updated on August 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Warwick Jungler!

Warwick pwns at jungling! In this guide I will show you how to jungle as him without any runes!!! You might want to be level 10 before you do this because the masteries help ALOT! YOU DONT NEED THE RUNES THAT ARE LISTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If your not level 30, put 2 points into utility master (masteries) Once your level 30 only put one point into it and get havoc! Also, get utility branch before offense branch!

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Wriggles: Nice armor boost, Nice damage, nice lifesteal, and the passive kills minions and creeps faster! You will need this before killing dragon!
Berserkers: You get to move faster (ww is a turtle), and some nice attack speed with it.
Bloodrazors: More attack speed, more armor, more damage, and you hit for 4 pct of their health each hit!!! What more could you want?
Bloodthirster: More lifesteal helps because you heal reallllllllly quick with your ulti now! Also nice damage and everything.
Frozen: Slows the enemy so you can kill them without having to chase them, its less fun if they run! Also gives you survivalbility!
Phantom: Makes you run faster, makes you attack faster, makes you crit more, niceeeeeeee.
In most game you should get atleast up to bloodthirster, but your still a threat with Bloodrazors

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Jungling route

Ok, so grab a cloth armor and 5 health pots
First go to double golem, just use the hunger strike on them! DONT USE SMITE! also use a health pot near the end of them!
Then go to wraiths, start by smiting blue wraith then just kill the other ones, DONT USE HUNGER STRIKE! CONSERVE MANA!
Go to coyotes, kill them DONT USE HUNGER STRIKE! might need to use a health pot.
Then, go to the blue buff and basicly just hit him once, then use W, then smite, then just hit him with hunger strikes and everything till he dies.
Go kill red buff (EZ) then go clear your jungle
Now! Make sure you tell your team to LET YOU KNOW IF ANYONE GOES MIA!!!!!!!!!
Go into the enemy jungle and kill their double golem and their wraiths, you should have leveled up but if you didnt then go kill their red
GET THE HELL OUTTA THERE AND RECALL!!! Pick up wriggles and you should still have 1 more health pot. Go to blue buff, kill blue buff. If yours hasnt respawned kill theirs. Then go kill dragon, just use all your abilities and smite on it! Now go gank! If you want to keep jungling just go and keep clearing the jungle! Btw, if they have a jungler, dont go into their jungle! Just go and kill some minions to get to level 6 (kinda sad but you dont have to use runes, has to have some down sides XD) Another thing is dragon can make or break a game, gold advantage is what wins games, so getting 950 gold for like 6 seconds of attacking somthing is pretty good, I cannot stress this enough, ALWAYS GET DRAGON!!!!!!!!!

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Counter Jungling

Pretty simple in my view, try and get into there jungle and steal their BUFF, DONT KILL THE LITTLE MONSTERS!!! Then the buff doesnt respawn =D! Ward dragon and try and kill your blue and red right when they spawn. If you really want to you can try and gank blue early game with your team to kill the jungler, I dont do this much though because if the other team is waiting there you are screwed because they have the home-field advantage. Also, always get dragon before they do, 950 gold to your team is better then 950 gold to theirs!

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Well, gank, help out lanes, go around and maybe jungle for extra gold, go into team fights and just help whenever you need help! Also always get dragon when it spawns! Lots of gold advantage! ALWAYS TAKE 1v1s, this is were ww excells because of his lifesteal! Also, try and gank when you have your ult so your teammates can get them too =D

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Team Fights

Never start the fight! Always let the tank go in and then you go and kill the carry or the fed mage! If anyone runs on the other team, dont chase them because they are not doing anything bad anymore, just kill the people that dont run untill they all run, then go and hunt them down >=D

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A random principal that everyone should know

If your about to kill someone, and someone who hasnt even touched them kills them, YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY!!! If only you got the kill your team would only gain 300 gold. If you get a high gold assist, your team gets 475 gold!!! Much better! The only exeption is if you are the carry, then they shouldnt steal your kill, but try and let them get an assist!

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Comment if you need help, or if you want, friend me in game and i will show you how to jungle! Also, dont rate down cuz you dont agree with route or build, just comment and i can try and show you why i do the things i do! Good luck and happy jungling!!!