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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sonomori

Warwick The Pet Werewolf

Sonomori Last updated on August 10, 2010
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In this build the main purpose is to have a change up from the normal jungling warwick. While it is a very nice build, it causes some problems for the people that do not like to take middle, and perfer the support of others.

At the start it is best to chose either the top or bottom lanes, depending on what characters are going there. People who work very well with warwick, from what I have seen first hand, are:

1. Master Yi -You are both built to kill and your hunter's call will help him gank easily at level 1. This goes for late game as well, Yi in highlander + Hunter's call = 2.5 attack speed easily. When you are with character you both move around the map in a two man gank squad. You will get more assists than kills, but when you get a Yi that goes 36/0/6 just by being with you, It is well worth it.

2. Taric -This character is amazing support, but dont let that fool you. When a warwick is around the chances of him going all assists becomes 0%. Due to the healing, buffs, and stun, Taric is the perfect support character for warwick. Stun > Hunters call > Kill. Its simple math.

3. Shen -Taunt and vorpal are so well made to help warwick out, its not even funny. Getting taunted back into a pair of vicious claws isnt even the worst part. Because of shen's vorpal you'll also be stealing all that life back and become a tank. Not to mention if you are ever in trouble late game it's only a matter of a mouse click for shen to come and save your furry ***.

Of course there are many more that could end up being a good combination with warwick, however in the long run these are really the only ones I've seen serious destruction with. Add in the comments you strategy if you want, and who you think is best with warwick.

Moving on. If you see these characters in a lane by themselves, go down that lane with them. Help them gank and team kill until you are level 6. Use both exhaust and ghost to help catch and escape from your enemies. This will not only help you but your teammate. With slowed enemies and a fast werewolf, kills will fall literally into your claws. But remember, the best part of this build is that you are using your teammate to an advantage. Pay close attention to them, when they move up to attack an enemy, use hunters call and follow them. When the retreat from a gank, depending on their health you should either attack them as a distraction or run with them back to the turret. Always play with your teammate and only leave their side if you need to.

If you are still following the item build, then it's about time you start taking off. From this point on you can be the hunter or the hunted. Being the hunted means that you will lead your enemies back into a trap. As a personal thing, I tend to end up losing a large bit of health, then dashing back to my support character and then using infinate duress to regain all my health and get the gank easily. Its a very good method to use.

Another method that you can use is the chasing method, rather the hunter. With hunters call and the zeal you have one of the highest movement speeds around. Not to mention you can use ghost and exhaust to catch just about anything. Remember, with this method never attempt to turret dive with less than 50% health. You WILL die. Diving with a higher amount of health is highly encouraged, just dont get yourself killed doing it.

Now depending on how well you have been fed, you can be the most overpowered thing in the game. In many many cases I have taken on 5 people at once by myself just because of lifesteal and attack speed. Doing 200 damage a hit with 20% dodge 55% lifesteal and 250% critical with a 50% critical rate, is simply put a nuke. Not to mention your health will be to the point where you can tank without actually being a tank.

However, if you have not been fed well then your in a bit of a problem. My suggestion is that you stay close the the strongest character on your team and help him gank to gain money. If you don't end up getting enough money for the high items stack milady and zeal till your full inv. The high movement speed is what will ultimately make this build work.

You dont have to follow this down to an exact, but in general the concept of teamwork with warwick is extremely vital when it comes to large scale games. This is a 5 v 5 build, however it can be used with 3 v 3 if you want to modify it.

My Highest Scores with this build are:
6-4-35 (Not Fed)
46-1-9 (Fed)
34-0-20 (Fed)
52-0-3 (Fed)
10-6-21 (Not Fed)

Tell me how it works out in the end~