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League of Legends Build Guide Author WoRd

Warwick The Silent Ganker

WoRd Last updated on May 14, 2010
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Table of Contents
2.Where ppl go wrong with Warwick
3. Focus your runes and masteries
4. How to Gank Silently
5. What items to get to make the difference
6. Game play with basic items.

Warwick was the first champion I won a match with. His lifesteal and chasing low life champions and ultimate really got me wanting to make him my main. When I started to play with pro players i got destroyed and couldn't run away fast enough and got harrased in the beginning because warwick is really really really easy to harras, especially when up against tris,heim, twitch, shaco. After some time, I realsied warwick is just not up to lannin against those champs. After that i tried to move on by trying different champs, untill i discovered another warwick who was jungling.I was stupid then i didn't know you could jungle and actually gain constant levels.When i played Warwick lanning i didn;t no what items to get so i followed the recommened items which was not such a good idea, and in the end tanks like nunu and jax where much stronger than me because warwick rrly can;t farm. After learning the way to jungle in an effecticent way i did increadibly well. The reason why i make this guide, even though im unaware of the other guides of warwick in this site which i recently joined, is to prove that jungle gankin warick is 10 times better than a lanning warwick. All the masteries and runes have been calculated to fit the items to give a warwick everthing. Ppl who don't understand jungling plz understand that lol is all about team fights not about defending the first turrets. Its so much better if 2 ppl gets solo exp and can actually farm for rrly good items.

Where People Go really wrong:

The reason why i called the guide The silent ganker because he is, he gets out of the jungle ganks and gets the hell out of there. People believe that warwick's lifesteal make him a amazing laner, well, thats true but if ur getting harassed it doesn't work people like teemo and twitch will slow u and kill you bit by bit.Its way better to jungle and hit them surprisingly rather than u getting hit surprisingly. And even if ur jungling sometimes its good to see who ur up against before u gank them. For example, In a game our mid died and i was jungling(lv4) so right away i went to help and i thought i could bring him down (a kennen) but a kennen can get u stunned with using his normal attack and lighting bolt and ulti and kill u early and thats what happened. This was because of 2 mistakes one i tried to gank him alone with no one to back me up and 2 because their kennen knew i would come out of the jungle.Gank early only when u know u can kill him because he has low health and mana. Also i have seen wariwicks chasing a low health janna, or ashe, this is rrly bad especially if the have some mana, if there too far forget them cuz if u follow u will get stunned slow and as ur running away the hunted will turn into the hunters. Also be aware of your surroundings while you jungle, if not you will be destroyed and you're buffs stolen. Allways loooook at the map at the items and lvs ext. Listen, the items and skill charts can be changed depending on the game its not like its set on stone and i always get different items depending on what my team needs. Also get some magic resistance like wits end or mercury trends when the have good mages.

Runes and MAsteries:
I like to use Ap and cooldown, cuz from experience those are the ones which actually work, because u r gonna go into a fight ulti and get out so ur ulti is going to be on cooldown so u have to wait for it and therefore having cooldown runes rrly helps u gank faster and effeciently. U might ask why go all offense and not balance some utility like put a extra point on neutral monster buff, well mainly because every game is different, and belive it or not ppl are gonna bother u when u jungle and u have feeders in ur team and so u have to leave the jungle and lane for a long time. Soooo u need dmg to push that lane. Also i don't think the 1 gold every 10sec don't work out for me idk why?! gold it rrly doesn't matter. Also, u don't need ur lizard buff to go on for a long time just for the team fights. And this also is not set in stone u can easily go all defense but i wouldn't recommened it if ur a new player.Since the coldown and and dmg masteries and runes are set for ur items u just have to worry about lifesteal, magic resistance, armour, and attack speed.

The Art Of Ganking Silently.

This takes map awarness and communication skills, you must know where your enemies are and know if they can see you, which towers are destroyed and who is fed. Lets say if ur helping mid and failed to kill their champ and decide to go top for sure their going to call mia and the person at top will be expecting you and therefore back off, so instead go into their junlge and get some buffs and then go back mid and catch him unexpectanly. The most important thing about ganking with warwick is to be unpredictable and silent in that you don;t rrly kill them just give the dmg so that ur partners can finish cuz warwick is not good late game and you need ur partners to be good late. Warwick is just like a tiger hes main job is to ambush ppl and get them soo pissed that they come into the jungle looking for him.Sooo this means never stay at the same place for a long time, keep moving and killing neutral creeps and pushing lanes while ur allies are healing. In late and mid use wards, the worst thing that can happen is u gank a tarric and as ur about to kill him a eve or shaco or twtich shows up and boom ur dead. Also, for some reason when they cast there shealth below half their life for some reason the bloodscent doesn't pick them up? So its always good to carry wards either for baron or dragon or for the shealth or if there shealthed just use oracle. Gank and destroy Morde ,trydomere, ashe, and ryze fast cuz their the ones that can screw you up mid and late game, especially the morde. If u notice its pretty even, like no ones pushin too much, forget gankin untill lv 6 cuz they won't come looking for you in the jungle and u abosolutely need to take advantage of that. I always kill my first dragon either when its a standstill and lv 5-6 or when i killed mid or someone in a lane close to the dragon.

What Items to get to make the difference:
Ok the basic for Warwick are the Berserkers, Bloodthirster, Mandreds, and Wit's end. This can work for most of the games, I rarely have to make big changes to the 4 items. Having those make you pretty good unless the other team got fed, but you can do masive dmg with these. Now when i have a hell lot of gold and the games on my favor i get the trinity force, because overall its rrly good item. But this is not the case all the time, sometimes they gank you early and use wards to find out where youre going and this can rrly mess you up, and so i usually aim for support warwick, so ,i get items that benifit the team, like Starks fervor, frozen Heart, or Ageis of legion. At that point i just try to help them rather than go in first and get killed.

Gameplay with basic items:
Firstly, this is a basic game play not what u do every time, there is not a specific way to play Warwick. OK, i usually take Heal and Smite as my summoner spells, and start of by buying cloth armor with 3 health pots. The reason heal works for me is that i am more team oriented in that, i try my best to help my teamates survive, especially our carry. So if lets say there ganking our twisted fate who manged to bring down a tower and is being chased by a teemo and eve, so i pop out ulti the eve and bring her to low health and chase attack the teemo who doesn't want to stop the chase on twisted i with blood scent is faster than teemo and i manage to get in his way but he manages to poison twist but i have heal and i use it so our twisted survives. Remember ur not a carry ur job is to support the team and gank enemies.
Ok going back to the gameplay, go toward the golem or lizard and wait, see if the other team is in their lanes or missing, if they are and the minions are battling they are either waiting to gank you or their bringing down a buff together. So play it safe and wait a little longer and attack the golem by smiting him and bringing him in the bush. I don't always go for golem though. After finish the lesser camps and move towards the lizard u should have full health when facing the lizard and be at lv2. Smite him and kill him, you should have both buffs and finishing the lesser camps. After check the map and ur allies health and where ur enemies are. If it's neutral and no ones doing anything go do opponents side and take their golem and lesser camps. Go gank! find a weak champ that u can handle or is squishy at low levels like a morde or ashe and destroy them, but anounce it to ur allies first. U should be at lv 6 and contnue to gank, after u got ur first kill go kill the dragon but tell ur allies to watch ur back.Ur items at this point should be Mandreds, berserkers. Start working on ur kill items like wits end and bloodthirster. tell ur partners to gank a lane and push it hard while u solo another and move the creep waves to ur favor. This will let u farm and lv u to 10 or 12, Where u really shine. After get ur items listed like trinity force or update ur mandreds to the bloodrazor, help ur team, gank and take a inhditor.
This is wat happens if they have no junglers, or a tank team. If they have a jungler set up wards, its priceless when u see one of them runing to gank mid and the mid runs away. The reason it doesn't play out with atank team is that they are rrly hard to kill and ur ganks will be ineffective, to solve this, jungle longer and try ur best to get the gold fast because its the items that can bring them down. Also this doesn't work if they come to stop ur jungling, the only way to stop this is to set wards and always be careful of mias.Its good to have teamates like teemo or any character that has good map awareness. During late game put wards on baron, because you can so steal the buff with smite. I have games where its a 3vs 5 and we won, ppl tend to not give effort when they see afks.

Final tips:
The summoner spells depends on u, but the most useful ones are smite,heal,flash, exhaust.
Start of with hunters call if ur jungling.pump hunters and hunger more, but it depends.
This is general but still, don;t attack a tank in team fights even if hes fed.
Get team oriented items.
Coordinate group attacks, baits and other ambushes.
Its better to wait then to gank at the wrong time.
Also im seeing warwicks with ignite, ur a filping tank and with ur buffs u don't need a stupid spell to finish them u can do it ur self.i tower dive at 10hp and got a filping kill its not hard to kill with war.

ill update this guide if warwick changes. But im rrly not the concentrated player because i have so much other things to do.