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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hockeygod

Warwick Unleashed- The Scent of Blood

Hockeygod Last updated on August 4, 2010
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Warwick Unleashed - The Scent of Blood

So, this is how you build an effective Warwick jungler.

Some abbreviations:
OOM = Out of Mana
HS = Hungering Strike
HC = Hunters Call
BS = Blood Scent
ID = Infinite Duress
WW = Warwick
CC = Crowd Control

I buy cloth armor and 2-3 Health potions to start. I then go wait at the golem. I kill the 2 adds asap, then work on golem. I pop my Improved Smite on him right away so he dies asap. You get the +5 gold either way. keep up hungering strike every chance u can. Once hes down, u should be about ready to level on next kill. With the golem buff, you have cooldown reduction, and huge mana regen. This helps more then the lizard buff because at lvl 1, the lizard buff add almost no dmg, and ur already nearly OOM, so u wont be effective. Dropping golem allows to to continue farming since u will be able to spam HS to stay alive. After getting golem, get lvl 2 from some random mobs, and then when Smite is back up, go get lizard buff.

By level 5 you should have enough for madreds Razor. Once you have Madred razor, you should go attempt to get another golem buff, from the other teams side. Just be careful, make sure there aren't any MIA's from lanes that could gank you while doing this. With golem buff, + madreds razor, hunters call, and lvl 3 HS, its time to kill dragon. Yes, this is a bit overkill, but it just makes it easier is all. Bottom right dragon in the river can easily be killed at this point with WW. Keep farming dragon all game, control him. Controlling the dragon all game, or for the first 30 minutes at least, can mean A LOT of gold to you, and your team. As Warwick, its more or less your job to keep up on the dragon killing.

Once you've hit level 6, if you haven't started already started to gank, its now time. Be careful ganking before level 6 though. You don't have a stun, don't have much for speed since you don't have boots, so i advise against it unless the opportunity cant be passed up. At level 6+ you should be picking up a pair of boots. Doesn't have to be anything special yet, just some speed so that when u get people low, you can stay on them.

I will now explain how to do fights with warwick:

In a gank, you want to get in some bush, and wait for the right moment to strike. Generally you don't want to be near their Tower, unless they're at low life and you know you can get away quick. So, you often times want to do ganks near you towers, or in river and such.

How to initiate a gank, simple, run in, pop HS for burst, then HC for some faster atk rate. if they start running immediately, and pop ghost or something, THEN pop your ID. NEVER OPEN WITH ID. ill explain why later. but once you've got HS, HC, and ID off, your HS should be nearly done with its cooldown, and unless your ganking a tank with full life, BS should have kicked in at this point so that u can stay on them for the 2nd HS, and seal the kill.

Why you should never open with ID:
Simple, if u pop ur stun, do 30% of their life in dmg, then pop HS on them, and they're at close to 50% HP before they can atk, well who would want to stay around for that. They will attempt to run, and u can easily lose a kill since u have no snares, or stuns since u used your only stun on them already. so if they pop ghost, they can high tail it out, and u may lose the kill, or they could run off, and if u follow, they could have baited u into their own gank.

How to do a 1v1 fight. So lets say you and yi are facing it off, full hp vs full hp, in river, nobody else. you don't want to open with ID for the same reason stated above. if your both evenly matched, and its close as u both lose HP, when your both at 40%, or at least when u are, then pop your ID, it will turn the tables, and u can Pop a HS right after that. That's a heavy hitting end combo, and can net you alot of kills.

5v5's, you're going to want to wait till everybody engages, then pop your ult on the other teams heavy hitter, and squishiest player. Good people to pop ID on is Ashe, Ezreal, Yi, really anybody that hurts a lot, and doesn't have much hp. This is the only time i would say open with it, only because then your stopping the other teams DPS, greatly, while allowing your team to focus fire your target, and take down a key part of their team. After ur ult, just train focus players down with your team, via HC and HS. If any try to get away, your the man to pick em up with Blood scent.

Mid and Late game: Your not exactly a pusher, but when a teammate is near an enemy tower, go help them. Your Hunters call is very helpful in that you can drop a tower fast. It also effects your teammates as well. Also, your great to help go around and gank any other teams players around the map. Mid and Late game Warwick more or less plays like any melee dps char. Push and gank, occasionally go and farm some creeps when u cant go into a lane and farm creeps do to it being potentially unsafe.

Items (why i chose them and how they work for warwick):
1st - Madreds Razor: Helps you farm creeps insanely fast, and farm dragon early on.

2nd - Merc treads (or berserker/Ninja tabi): Need boots to run fast, catch those noobs with under 50% hp, right? If the other team has little to no Cc, then merc treads are useless. If you want more tank then DPS go ninja tabi, if u want more DPS, go zerker.

3rd - Sword of the occult: Get this early on so it can build charges earlier on, that way u have more later game.

4th - The Bloodthirster: 60 dmg, and 15% life leech, not bad. But then its scales with creep kills to 100 dmg and 25% life leech? Um, is there any better item for Warwick? Not really.

5th - Madreds Bloodrazor: You get more dmg, more atk speed, and can pretty much farm baron solo at this point. (depends upon your sword of occult charges, level, etc)

6th - Inifinty Edge: More dmg, and some crit. The bonus that makes your crits from 200% to 250%, will make you crit for over 1k. You're gonna be pushing out pure pain.

7th - Your choice: I know you don't get 7 items, isn't room, but madreds razor becomes Madreds Bloodrazor, so a spot opens up. This is situational item. depending on what your up against, how long the game has gone on, your play style, etc.

Final Thoughts
Also, when picking Warwick, makes sure your team has somebody capable of solo laning against 2 players. Otherwise you can get some serious feeders and crybabies in solo queues.

So there you have it, Warwick unleashed, The Scent of Blood. Prepare for people to call you OP, yell at their teammates cause they "Fed" you, etc.

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