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Warwick Build Guide by Zwolinno

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zwolinno

Warwick - Wild killer from jungle

Zwolinno Last updated on May 7, 2012
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This build was make after my epic win with stats 33/6/17. I hadn't got good time with Warwick, then i wanted to make my unique build what makes me strong and fast. That was very good idea. My ulti takes half health of Rammus(built tank). About 4 hits was enough to kill with no wasting health. It isn't conventional idea but that buid can make you indestructible. Welcome to strange way to killing with no ks, full hp and a lots of asists.

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I choose these runes because your WW can be off tank and light AP killer with no problems. I can only say it.

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Making tank with WW is very, very stupid. He was created do stunning by his ult and earning assists or kills. I realized that built WW has no chance with turret but his opponent too has no chance with my WW. He's only killer and assistant. Tank WW = losing match. Killer WW = all victories.

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I didn't believe that Zhonya's Hourglass is good for WW but i realized myself that some AP and armor can be more useful with that ult. Critical hits on WW are very good at jungle and in teamfights. That made me an idea to buy Phantom Dancer. They excellent composed with all of my items.

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Skill Sequence

is good to gangs and soloes. Then don't waste your ult. - that skill you must use after ult to have an excelent effects. With you can destruct turret very fast. In looking for your opponents who are hidden in jungle or running fast to the end of fight can be very useful. Some AP can be dangerous for your opponents. That's why i have bought Zhonya's Hourglass.

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Summoner Spells

When your gang or pursuit ends ganking you... Yes, that's a horrible problem but you can run away with peace. That chance can give you. You have left your opponent with very low hp? That is not a disaster. You can chase him fast and use . That will give you frag certainly.

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Pros / Cons

- Warwick win 99% of solo fights.
- He's an excellent jungler.
- He's not vampire but can drink a lot of our blood :)
- His ult can doing stunes very good and give you victory in lost match.
- After a little bit of build is incredible fast.
- If you can dead Hungering Strike will certainly help you.
- Starting the game you have too little bit of mana.
- In teamfights you can beat only one opponent once a attack.

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Creeping / Jungling

At 5th champion level you can kill Blue Golem. At 7th level Red Lizzard. With 10th dragon can be slain by you. Hungering Strike in all of accidents will help you killing monsters or healing you when is hard to survive. Maybe it's good jungler but but you must remember these three rules:
- Madred's Bloodrazors makes you more better in jungling.
- Never try to kill Baron Nashor solo!
- Anacceptable is trying to kill Baron Nashor with team at levels less than 13ths. It's stupid mistake in groupjungling.

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Team Work

When your team want to win all of teamfights you can easy help you. Use your Ult or Hunters Call! In that 1st accident 1 of your 5 opponents will have no chance to survive. In the 2nd your friends will be so fast and dangerous that their whole team will be very weaken. If you feel that you're not useful in teamfights, read that chapter once again!