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League of Legends Build Guide Author ask1302

Warwicks Faster then Usain Bolt

ask1302 Last updated on February 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

Hey, and welcome to my jungle build with Warwick

Jungle setup

I always start with blue buff, but you have to sendt one of you team mates out and scouting. So that you not are gonna be ganked.
And remeber to use your smite last, if you are gonna get ganked.

When you are fighting with blue golem, you have to take your heal pot on, when you start attacking... If you not do that, you will die!
And of course use your Q to get HP.

After blue golem, you need to go down and kill the Wolfs. They are easy to take, so don't be afraid for them.

After them, you have to take the wraits, they are also pretty easy, but i normaly take the big one first.

After them, you have to go over to the 2 golems. And after you killed them, try to gank top if you have a chance...

It's not sure you or your mates get a kill, but just scare them...

If the other team does'ent have a jungler, you can take the blue golem on their side of map. But always look at the mini map, if you se someone run against you! Juat run back on your side! They will maybe have wards there...

When you get madress razor, it will be much easier to saly the creeps, couse the itme have a chance to give 500 damage to creeps...
And madres blood razor is also a good jungle item.

In lvl 6, i use to take the dragon. But again look at the mini map...

After dragon, just do it all again.

After lvl 6, it will be much easier to gank, couse you have your ulti.
But remeber make a deal with your team mate, when you gank. So he also is ready!

But remeber to take your blood since of before starting.

When the team fights begin, you have to stand little behind your team mate, becourse you don't have much HP... But when the tank attack, you just have to jump on one of the other teams players. And if your team helps you will of course get a kill. :D

Warwick is a very good 1on1, so if you meet someone that you think you can kill, go for it! But still take care for other champs...

But remeber solo lane is the primary lane you have to help with, because it's hard to hold a lane alone.

If the other team also have a jungler you have to think about all things you do, and maybe get a team mate help you gank him...

Item setup

I buy boots of swiftness because it will make me fast, and i need that to this build.

The reason to why i buy phantom dancer, is that you will become very fast.
And if you are pretty feeded, Warwick is a very good chaser.

If you are in a battle, then don't just stand and watch. Because Warwick is an auto attack champ, most of his damage comes from his auto attack...

The reason to why i chose infinity edge and the bloodthirster, is that Warwick is an AD champ, and you auto attack and you abilities will have a higher damage.

Frozen mallet slows your enemy, and gives you 700 more HP, so you can survive longere.

Runes setup

As runes i chose HP, armor, cooldown reduction and attack speed, this helps me with alot specialy in the start...


In lvl 1 i pick Hungering Strike, because it have high damage, and i get HP when i use it against blue golem. When i reach lvl 2 i pick Hunters Call, so i get HP faster because of my passive...
In lvl 3 i pick Hungering Strike again, so i that i can get even more HP when i use it. In lvl 4 i choose my first point in Blood Scent, and that is a very useful ability to this build...
I max Hungering Strike first, because that is the ability, that have the highest damage.
But in lvl 6, 11 and 16 i of course shoose Infinite Duress.
But after i have maxed Hungering Strike, i max Blood Scent. Because again, it's a very importen ability for my build...
After i have maxed all the other abilities, i finaly max Hunters Call...

Summoner spells

I chose Heal, and Smite as summonor spells, Because i need Smite to jungle with, and Heal to safe my self, if something goes wrong...

Build name

The reason to why my build is named "Faster then Usain Bolt" is that i wan't Warwick to be very fast! So i can get kills on that way...


I chose 21-1-8 in masteries, it's very importen that you go all 4 points up, in Awareness...
If does'ent do that it is harder to jungle couse you don't so much xp.

And i also go one point op in Mender's faith, so there aint very much cooldown on my heal...

I like Warwick couse...

I like Warwick because, he is fun to play, and not up or op...
Warwick is one of all champs im best to, and one of all champs i played most.
But i only think he is fun to play if you jungle with him, and i don't understand why you go on lane with him?

But i had scores as 16/3/8 and i have bin legendary meny times with him...
One of the reason to why i like him is that he is carry, an i love carries!
Because if you get a kill or two, you just get better and better, until it's imposible to stop you!

Thx for watching my build