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Not Updated For Current Season

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Sejuani Build Guide by Pdiddy

We can has Teamfight Now??

We can has Teamfight Now??

Updated on January 19, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pdiddy Build Guide By Pdiddy 3,605 Views 0 Comments
3,605 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Pdiddy Sejuani Build Guide By Pdiddy Updated on January 19, 2012
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Ok, I'd like to start by saying jungle Sej is good stuff. This is NOT jungle Sej. This is initiator, CC, lets hurry and win this team fight and push push push Sej. After 15 or so games with her, I've noticed that she is an absolute beast mid/late game 5v5. With this build you will have adequate armor, MR and health to use that q to charge in and bring the pain. (also pronounced, sloooowww)

This build is not about dealing lots of damage, its about being the front line in a team fight, and making squishies dread the thought of running into you 1v1. You dont need to deal a lot of dmg to take out a carry or an ap nuke. You need to catch them. Sej is amazing at this.

Oh, Hai Ashe! "Q", "E", "W", run! run for you life! mwahahaha!

(I'll get more into how I combo with her later, as I see a lot of people "Doing it wrong" imo
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I think it's pretty obvious. We want good early game armor/mr and health. The MP helps us do damage vs early MR. I could also see using Armor Marks here. The extra health is what sej is all about, it scales her W up and allows herr to stay in the thick of it. "She's meant for battle"
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I'm focusing on move speed and CDR along with general tankiness. I also take 3 points in Merc as you will end up with a lot of assists, and the extra gold adds up.
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I'm starting with doran's shield 90% of the time. This gives us great armor to start against AD champs and the health regen isn't bad eaither. If I'm in lane against AP and a support I just skip it and get boots and pots.

Next is merc treads, great boots ldo. Ninja tabby also works if the opp team is AD heavy. I've also gone with Lucidity boots if the opposing team isn't fed well, and not doing much dmg.

Buy glacial shroud! This item helps us alot. The extra mana is big along with xtra armor to make us start being tanky. The CDR is all bonus too, and it's roughly 1/2 the frozen heart.

I then get a giants belt and look to build it into a sunfire cape. More health is good, more AOE damage is good. it synergizes well with our Winds (w) and our rush (q) If your gona rush in and slow them, might as well deal damage as we're chasing.

I then upgrade the Shroud to frozen heart, at this point the AD carries don't like us at all. More cdr, mana and armor. We slow attack speed if we're hit. Come get it Ashe, we'll show you who rules the Fjord!

Warmog's is usually next for the health, as we're now close to max level and Winds (w) is really starting to hurt. We can clear minion waves like karthus and farm that bad boy up.

(for waves I charge through with q, adding frost to the minions, then turn on w and snap permafrost if needed)

However if the team is AP heavy by all means grab a negatron cloak and go for FON.
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Skill Sequence

We start with q as it has good utility early, and permafrost is kinda useless without it. We then take permafrost and then W.

After that I focus on Permafrost (E). The damage just scales better then the other abilities. (+50 per lvl) and the slow increases as well. I Usually don't Q then E right away. I rush in with q then throw w on. We get 3 seconds of frost. (I count in my head...1 mississippi...2..mississippi etc) after each auto attack. As they start to run (and they will...) I then activate the perma, slowing them and allowing me to hit with more "w" and autos.

From there I go to Q, it benefits from CDR and has great utility (jumping walls, escaping, and chasing) Having it on shorter CD helps mid game.

I focus on W late because

1. It scales with our health.

2. It gets no CDR

3. The damage increase by level isn't much.

This build is not going to net you tons of kills. Its going to net you lots of assists, and help teammates escape (a level 5 permafrost is quite a slow) when in trouble. It's also going to allow you to innitiate like a boss.

1 lvl in W is all you need early. Just so its there. Late game when you have 3.5k+ health and the damage will be more substantial, and it will allow you to finish fleeing stragglers of team fights.
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Summoner Spells

Exhaust and flash. More slow, more get-in-get-out. If you read the guide up to here, then this should be obv.

Ignight is ok, but for this build I really think my 1st picks are a no brainer.
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I mentioned earlier that sejuani can farm quite well. Using your Rush to "ice up" a wave will help w do extra damage, a permafrost to finish them will have you clearing waves with one combo. Early the W isn't needed. Just q the back row and perma frost.
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Pros / Cons


Great in team fights

Lots of CC

Great utility with Q


Not a lot of dmg

Not a lot of mana

Lacks decent harass (not a great solo top)
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Sejuani is a good lane partner as she excels at stopping ganks. Perma frost can really help your partner get away, while Artic Rush can allow you to close the gap. Playing as Sej you will normally not be the target for a gank, therefore use your skills to help your partner out. Early game its all about setting up kills and foiling ganks. As you become more tanky and teamfight begin to break out you can take on the role of initiator and be the front line for battles.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pdiddy
Pdiddy Sejuani Guide
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We can has Teamfight Now??

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