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Lee Sin Build Guide by Atrumdio

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Atrumdio

We know that ummm you umm, LEE?

Atrumdio Last updated on December 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Umm yeah update section

Tried it out getting the T.Force better than frozen mallet, the slow don't proc as often, but the extra stuff is totally worth it, the extra move speed is nice for catching that quick little punk, and the after cast proc is nice too, lines up with your passive nicely, just watch it as best you can I have a bad habit of wasting the proc on a minion after setting up my q >_<.

Going to try out lucidity boots let you know what I think about them.

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Yeah this is my build(s)

Ok this is how I play and it works for me, again that's ME. Just because you don't like the way he plays like this don't flame me, if you have a suggestion I'm open to try it but don't say noob this noob that.

The reason I'm doing this guide is I have yet to find one that seems to work for me so I've spent many games biting the big one to come up with this.

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I choose these runes because it seems to work, armor pen is great early game against tanky champs, the attack speed is to help with Iron will life steal to give a tad of upper hand early game (though it's not much), flat damage self explanatory and as fr the move speed quint, well you'd be surprised how much that 1.5% move speed can help. These runes are not set in stone I'm slowly working at getting more runes to try other things if you are curious as to how well runes X will do in place of whatever lemme know I'll give it a shot (if i have said runes), other wise gimmie extra time to get them, of if you play Lee and have suggestions I'll be happy to try that as well.

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I just go down the AD offensive tree. not going to explain each one just what i feel my need reasoning.
Take deadliness because crits are good, and an extra 10% extra damage is nice, then the 2 in defensive and on in butcher are just to help with hitting champs in lane early on, and last hitting, use your head as to how each helps. As for the 3 points in utility, I tend to be focused . . . alot. It mostly is my fault for diving in and I'll be honest and say alot of the time I have poor map awareness,

I.E. Q hit hit Q hit hit E E . . .
/team where did everyone go?
team: we were all almost dead in a 3 v 5 and they were all at full.
/team oh my bad

so when it comes to how I play him I'll give you my theory that works when I'm paying attention otherwise gets em killed if I'm off in LaLa land.

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Boots and 3 hp pots to start, extra move speed and healing (though recently nerfed, still good).
Great for harassing and helps get out of a tight spot. Being Lee is all about positioning for that q it's nice to have that extra move speed to help get around the edge of a minion wave to hit the champ.

Giants belt then Phage
At this point I start rushing my frozen mallet, I grab up giant's belt first for the extra health, that little bit of health it gives can mean the difference between them getting a kill or not, or the difference between having / not having the health to turret dive for that last hit (Lee is great at this BTW)

Next i grab up Mercury's Treads
By now you're probably going to need a bit more move speed, and CC sucks so I grab these. Oh the magic resist is nice too.

Now I finish the Frozen mallet
Slows are annoying, great for helping your team catch up and good for when your E is on CD, you can still slow but you ca keep them slowed.

Vamperic Scepter
I grab this to help with clearing lanes, at this point normally laning phase is over, so your probably only going to be "Laneing" to clear off a turret and this paired with W gives you decent life steal the help save your turret.

Next is Warmog's
Extra hp is nice, and help with damage for when you get atma's.

Blood thirster
BT is great, decent life steal and nice attack damage, down side is you have to re-feed it every time you die, I get it more to help with living longer. Like as lee your q is going to get you in tight spots . . . alot, your going to set up a q they are going to flash to their team just as you dash, it happenes to me at least once a game BT can buy you enough time for a team mate to get close so you can w to them and gtfo.

I grab this to add damage and a small amount of armor,the AD gain of this from your warmog's and frozen mallet is about 40 AD, That's not including your base health.

As for the 6th Item.
I left this blank, there are many options you can do here, I look at what the enemy team has and build accordingly. If they are AD heavy I get thornmail, Ap heavy I grab Force of Nature, if they are balanced and I'm not getting ROFL stomped any time I jump in, I'll get Trinity force. If they are balanced and I AM getting ROFL stomped I grab guardian's angel.

If you want to build LEE as a tank (Yes this works amazing)
Just follow this build, but a few changes ill put here but not going to explain them (I'm getting impatient in writing this)

Boots 3 hp pots > rush Warmogs > Upgrade boots to Merc treads > Atma's > Thornmail > Force of Nature > Then use your head, I normally grab a BT, but if the enemy team still ain't dying fast enough I'll build my last item tho help my team, if we are AD heavy I grab either Black Cleaver, or Stark's Fervor, AP heavy I'll get Abyssal Scepter (more for the MR shredding but helps your w.) Not the best Lee build, I know but it works if you need a tank on the fly for what ever reason and still works with the listed runes and masteries above. . . mostly.

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Summoner Spells

I don't really want to explain these, but i going to do a short section anyways.
I grab exhaust and ghost because that's what I use on just about every champ, ghost help get you in front of enemy to R them into your team, and Exhaust will slow them down to do the same or save your *** if R is on CD. use what you want. just so you know Clarity, Revive, and Heal are useless. Heal is viable up to maybe lv. 4 then its a wasted summoner spell spot.

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Team Work

Early laning, last hit with q, it does decent damage and if you misjudge you can always q again for the kill just remember it does extra damage based on the targets missing hp.
Once you hit Lv.2 the fun begins, use you extra speed to move around minions q the champ q again then shield away, awesome harassing move tough pretty basic, once you hit Lv. 3 same thing just throw E after your 2nd q for a tad more damage, and hit e again if they low and you want to finish them off the slow is nice. max your q 1st,up your ulti as often as allowed, e 2nd and w last, the reason I level his skills this way is for maximum damage, Q does pretty good damage when you manage to land the skill shot and has good range max first for more options as to when to Q again, (you have a shorter Cd on it the higher it's level) I max w last cause i normally use it to escape or as a "Flash" in general, Q in do your thing if you cant kill or going to be killed W out and run, or of your trying to gank but they are out of range of your q have your team mate move closer w to them then q to enemy, the down side to this is your shield is now on CD. so your stuck for about 8 sec.
Your ulti needs to be used properly, don't kick enemies away from your team unless they are trying to escape, I cant stress that enough, many times has a team fight gone terribly bad because someone saved the enemy by knocking them away from us and into their team. Pretty mush this piece of advice and be used with any champ that moved the enemy champs. (Poppy, Alistar) only 2 others I can think of off the top of my head.
Do not forget your passive, Lee can energy starve himself pretty quick if you're not paying attention, so remember when you use an ability, get 2 basic attacks in when ever possible, this 15 energy per hit can make all the difference.

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In short Lee is an awesome champ and takes practice, he is nowhere near a right click champ and should not be played as such, it will only end bad (I tried to use my Trynd build on him) didn't go so well. On that note I've been meaning to replace frozen mallet with Trinity Force to see how it goes just haven't got around to it but I'll give it a shot and alter the guide if it works better. Make sure you are paying attention to were your team is where the enemy team is and don't rush in, Lee is all about good positioning and timing.

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My note

Ok this is my first guide, I'm trying to shed some light on Lee Sin as a laner instead of a jungler. I'm not exactly the "I'll teach you!" type I'm more of a sit back and watch person, and learn by doing so I can't explain alot of things that I just do naturally. If my guide needs improvement in one area or another let me know I'll do my best to improve it.