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League of Legends Build Guide Author BliZzz

Welcome to "The League of Draven"

BliZzz Last updated on August 29, 2015
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Hey my Name is BIiZzz. Im 15 years old (so my English is not the best) and im playing LoL since Season 4. Im Platinum 2 and i will reach Diamond 5 this Season too! :D Im maining the role Add and Draven since my first Ranked Game =). If u want to add me because u have some Questions just copy this (because of special letters) -> BIiZzz. Enjoy my Guide sorry for my modest English. Draven is the strongest Attack Damage Dealer in the Game. His Spinning Axes (Q) deal the strongest Auto Attack Dmg in the Game. In early Game Draven can kill the enemy Adc really easy and there are no strong Adc Draven Counters. Just Supports can be really strong against him with his CC.

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The classic 3 Draven Items are Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster, and Phantom Dancer. Much People ask why no Statikk Shiv? I think Statikk is really useless on Draven. Phantom Dancer is alot more usefull in late then Statikks's because it give u more Crit Chance and Attack Speed. Statikk give u a OP first AA (Auto Attack) it is a massive Dmg but normaly Draven need more then 1 normal hit to kill his opponent so Phantom Dancer is better.

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Skill Sequence

Draven is one of the difficultest Adc's in the Game. So if u want to learn him in a bit Games i can tell u : dont try to learn him. Draven need alot of Practice. I needed 1000 Draven Games to be a really good Draven. Just play alot of Normal Games and learn his Q Mechanics.

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Team Work

Draven need alot of Protection. In Teamfights your Support need to stay with u and give u the full protect what he have. If Draven get caught the most Teamfights are lost. So stay behind dodge SKillshots and try to AA the Squishys (Enemy Adc,Enemy Mid). Draven will be able to 1-3 Shoot the enemy Adc or Mid Laner (if it is a normal Mid Laner not like Cho Gath). If u get caught to much or they have to much CC buy Mercurial Scimitar or Guardian Angel.

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Last Hit all Minions with your Spinning Axe (Q) because u get Stacks then. Killing Enemy Minion = 2 Stacks = 4 Bonus Gold if u get a Kill, catching a Spinning Axe = 1 Stack = 2 Bonus Gold if u get a Kill.


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