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Mordekaiser Build Guide by AnthraxMegadeath

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AnthraxMegadeath

Welcome to the Jungle, Mordekaiser

AnthraxMegadeath Last updated on June 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to the jungle, baby! They gonna die!!!!!!

First off I'd like to thank you for checking out my build! I have been playing jungle Mordekaiser for almost a year now and have played a good two or three hundred matches with the champion and am very proud to be able to share what I have learned with you here on Mobafire.

Many people will scoff at first when you inform your team what you are about to do but little do they know... Mordekaiser is an excellent jungle champion! As a jungler, and a remarkably efficient jungler I may add, you will be getting plenty of CS and keeping up with your solo lanes on experience quite nicely.

On the sustained path to six, which this build assumes, you will be hitting level 6 at a time of 6:15-6:18 on average. Once you have this down you should have around 35% HP when you finish your path to level 6 and you have your first gank oppurtunity. I have, on MANY occasions, deviated from this and have ganked as early as level 3.

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Runes are something of a big deal to this build so if you don't have them, well... this is not going to work well, not well at all. There are other runes that can work for jungle Mordekaiser but after a couple hundred games I have found these to have the most synnergy with how this build works and ganks in the early game as well as getting you efficiently through your route.

You need the attack speed to run you through the jungle faster and to maximize your DPS in ganks. Remember that when you fight using this build, throughout the early and mid game, you are trying to be right in the enemies face whacking him with your mace of spades and letting Creeping Death do it's work... so the more auto attacks the better!

The armor seals are fairly no brainer.

The attack damage reds help you smack the creeps harder and your Q scales with AD so when you use it you will generate a few additional HP's as well, which is nice. Once you have wriggles lantern, heck even razor, your AD score should be the highest on the map.

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The items I listed at the top of the guide do have a few viable alternatives.

I have found that Berzerkers Greaves are a quite viable option, shockingly enough, and have been using them more and more often.

Triforce is an amazing item for this playstyle. It's your call weather to get zeal or Phage first but I personally get the Zeal because of the movespeed increase and the increased attack speed works wonders in quickly taking down towers and lifestealing players when you are fighting. If your red buff has been stolen, however, get the phage!

Hextech gunblade is an amazing item for this hybrid DPS mordekaiser and will keep you in the fight long after you should be dead... get 2.

The last item is really up to you but I like to go with a rabbadons deathcap, so I can own even harder, although a guardian angel, Zohnyas, Rylais or even guinsoos rageblade/madreds bloodrazor are great options depending on the game.

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Deep in the Forest

Your Jungle routine is Stonewall008's "League of Legends - Jungle Mordekaiser (to level 6)"
<iframe width="425" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

this path allows you amazing control of your jungle and is very difficult to counterjungle. I tend to laugh at Nunu's who be thinkin' they tough, but I digress.

The Blessing of the Lizard Elder is your bread and freaking butter. you don't have any real CC until you pick up Phage aside from this buff. I prefer to have it when I gank because it basically guarantees a kill barring an enemy flash. get this whenever it spawns.

Golem Buff: Yeah, you want this. This is your CDR!!! you actually need this quite a bit in the early game so that you can keep on spamming you mace of spades in combat and keep your creeping death active whenever possible. mid-late game you can happily pass it along to anivia or whoever it is that creeps up behind you as are about to smite it and says "may I?".

You can solo dragon although not as soon as many champions. I usually do this at level seven after my first gank if I have 75% or higher HP. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE WRIGGLES LANTERN OR YOU WILL DIE.

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You, them, and killing them!

I used to solo mid with the kaiser quite often, somewhere between 700-1000 games I'd guess, and found that if my opponents had pushed past river it was an easy double kill. This hasn't really changed at all, but I have found that even at halfway up the lane I am snagging doubles as early as my 1st gank.

When ganking:
USE GHOST AT THE LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT. don't activate it when you are still in the river brush unless you feel you absolutely have to! You want this going as long as possible during the chase.

As soon as you are about to reach them you need to self cast Creeping death (I set up space bar as my self cast W button) and hit them with an auto attack and IMMEDIATELY after it hits you need to hit Q to reset your attack timer and smack em' with mace of spades. Slap whoever your target is with you ultimate and run them down with Creeping death and mace of spades whenever it's available and you should kill just about anybody... don't you just love red buff? it's a true dmg dot and a hefty slow! Really makes you beasty!

remember to controll your pet carry! I am tapping my alt button as often as I am tapping my movement cursor because the moment an enemy dips into the brush the darn thing with full stop! WE CAN'T HAVE THAT NOW CAN WE?! Keep the pet moving at all times, it's almost 1/2 your damage output in the early ganks.

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Skill order

Q-Mace of spades: This is mordes highest single target DPS spell and it's spammable. It also gives him the most shield and when used as an aoe is still quite boss.

W-Creeping death: A great spell that gives you armor, MR, a dot shield... and keeps your shield regenerating. Also required to jungle.

E-Syphon: I take this at rank 5 and then put it off. Why? you can use it to check bushes for wards!!! Aim at the brush and listen for the "hit" sound effect to tell if there is a ward in place... PROFIT. E is a great spell for lane morde, sure, but not so much for this type of play. For starters when you cast it you stop moving... and that is bad! REALLY BAD! if you are chasing, and you will be, you want them to be getting pounded by Q + AA's and dotted by W so you don't want to be stopping to cast a spell that you haven't been able to rank up till you hit level 5 do you? I didn't think so.

Farming minion waves when you find yourself in a lane is actually faster and more efficient with this skill order than any other, lane morde just can't get away with it because he needs the raged harass of his E... must suck to be him! JUST KIDDING JUST KIDDING! Lane morde is a boss too!

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In closing

I would like to thank you very much for reading this guide. It may be very simple right now but I plan to add a few videos within the week to show you guys and dolls out there some cool ganks and team fights so you can really see what this is all about if you are hesitant to try it at first.

I hope you like this build and have as much success as I do with it. It may take some work and practice but trust me, it's worth the effort. Try it in a co-op vs AI or two first! If you feed horribly your first couple games don't be discouraged! once you get it down you will be carrying your friendlist around like the stud you are! Rock on, and may you bring great suffering!