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League of Legends Build Guide Author CyanideVii

Welcome to the League of Legends! - Pre level 10 (under Cons

CyanideVii Last updated on June 7, 2013
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About the Guide

About the Guide

This guide is for casual gamers who are brand new to the game and genre

. There are plenty of things you need to know about League. I will cover what you should know at level 10.

There are two kinds of levels. Your champion level and your summoner level. In the lore (majority of people don't read or care about the lore) The League was established to end disputes, as magical warfare was destroying Runeterra. You, the summoner, control and guide your champion to fight for victory!

There are over 100 total champions that you can play as. Many have mana that are used to cast spells. Some have Energy, Rage, none at all and a few have something entirely different!

Most champions have an ultimate ability, that you gain at lvl 6. Many vary on it's damage, usefulness and cd. A few do not have one, such as Udyr and Karma, and some have it at level 1, like Elise.

Each match your champion starts at level one. The max level is 18. You can level up your abilities and gain more ad, armor, and mr as you level up. A few exceptions are made, as Thresh does not gain Armor per level, he gains it through his passive. Also, you can gain AP or additional mr/armor through runes and masteries.

Your summoner level is your personal level, you will gain exp until you reach level 30. Each level unlocks a new rune and mastery slot. You also will learn new summoner spells as you gain levels.
These spells are:

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Basics of the game and picking a champion!

So, there are 3 lanes and a jungle. When you are just starting the game not many people follow a meta or have a jungle. Typically when you are pre level 10 there is no team comp. In a later chapter we will cover this.

Starting out you should pick a champion. There isn't too much time to read up on them while selecting them, but MOBAfire has a guide on free to play champions. Check out some guides. Remember that you don't have any runes or masteries yet and some champions only do well if you have the right runes.


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