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Evelynn Build Guide by newdeathx

What are Oracles

What are Oracles

Updated on June 20, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author newdeathx Build Guide By newdeathx 9 2 9,732 Views 5 Comments
9 2 9,732 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author newdeathx Evelynn Build Guide By newdeathx Updated on June 20, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Chapter 1

Hi all, this is my first build guide to the kind of eve i play. With this build, I have conquered many matches and have been called pro Eve. I will teach you my easy style of Eve that anyone can play.

Step 1: Start off with buying the amplifying tome and a health potion to start. Reason being that you want to build Mejai's as soon as possible. Why start with stealth as first skill? If you start with stealth you can prevent your lane partner from getting gank off the start or better yet get a gank off the start for your team. anytime you got spare gold, get the elixir of brilliance.

Step 2: Generally you will most likely be laned with a ranged dps, if so you can do some simple harassing, but the key is actually to stay stealth and keep taking your enemies down slowly with the stun. It will make them paranoid and generally play more cautious. Once you hit 800 gold that is your que to go back and get your soulstealer. Make sure to inform your team mate and stealth away to recall. Check the lanes for possible ganks. It is best to wait till level 6 so you can get the health regen from Eve's ultimate.

Step 3: By now your lane has probably bought oracles or wards to find you, this is when you start checking all lanes so you can start building up the power of your mejai's. Once you get 1k gold, you should immediately get your boots of mobility. With these boots you can always catch your enemies if they are running. Also with these boots you can take less turret shots for a turret dive jsut because you close the gap between you and the target. Bur generally you do not want to turret dive until they are withing 25% or lower health to kill and never go after the tanks with shields. Reason why to turret dive? When you get the kill it will regen your health for most of the turret's damage dealt and can escape with ease.

Step 4: You should have your sheen by now so you are getting the effect of the sheen to use your abilities, this is the time to start going around and ganking. You will actually start to notice that no squishy character can take your hits and will generally kill them by the time your ravage's cool down is done. Just make sure to hate spike while chasing your enemy.

Step 5: Once you get your lich bane, work on your rylai's scepter because with this staff, no one will be able to run from you. Few will stand and fight. Best tactic, is to search for the loners. In team fights you are the last to jump in. But you will be the main target if they notice you. Generally if the opponent team doesnt have a oracle elixir active, check for the ranged dps to lag behind a little and you can do a simple harass by stunning, ravaging, and disappearing away. The opponent team will try and chase you to get an "easy" gank. But thanks to the mobility boots, they will not be able to catch you unless they ghost and exhaust. but your ultimate and ghost will let you escape even with exhaust on you. Every time you go for the stun on a range make sure to pull back unless you know you can get the kill and also escape. as soon as you get the kill use your ulti to escape unless enemy team hasnt noticed. You are actually a strong back bone to the team. If you feel that you cannot finish someone you can actually ignite someone during stealth without popping out.

Good luck and have fun ganking.
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How to gank as Evelynn

I've seen a lot of people playing Eve lately, and quite frankly people in my opinion don't know how to gank properly. As Evelynn, she is an opportunist more then any other champion, she can take down almost any champion on her own and also take down a lot of enemy champions in team fights. The only real problem she has is when she is faced off against a tank. She can take them on alone but only when there is no other champions to support them. I will teach you how to kill all types of champions on your own. Their are a few special things to take in consideration for when ganking, i will be teaching how to kill people with oracles, tryndamere, rammus, and also other stealth classes.
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Chapter 1: Understanding her skills

Evelynn's first skill is call hate spike. This is a low damaging move that is on a very short cooldown. It summons two spikes from under the surface and hits the closest enemy to eve. It doesn't matter if its minion or champion, what ever is closer to her, her spikes will route from the closest to her to the closest to the enemy she just hit. So with that skill being able to spam, when to use it is the main problem for most people when they gank. But I will help with this skill later on in these chapters.

Second skill is shadow walk or her stealth ability. This has a short timer to use while in stealth. at level 1, you have only 20 seconds to stealth around and get your stun off within that time. As soon as you pop out of stealth, you have about 10 seconds before you can go into stealth again. When you melee or use a skill will in stealth, it will stun whoever is your target (may stun 2 enemy units if hate spike used). The best way to tell your team you are about to stun someone is to ping on them so they are ready and will start to move forward. Just give them a heads up when you are coming to the lane so they won't get pissed when you get the kill and they don't. Now the biggest problem when people use stealth is when they use it. The best way to use eve's stealth is to hide in the bushes out of sight when the enemy unit doesn't know your there, or use in when you know your in the fog of war for them. Never reveal your position before you try to gank. That is your upper hand. When your stealth is running low, just hop into a bush closest to your teammates so you know you are somewhat protected if the enemy decides to try hide in the bush because at this point you are pretty vulnerable and Eve has a low auto attack to start with. When you are moving through the jungle, make sure you are stealth because running into any junglers while in there would just give away your position. The best way to move through the 5's map is actually right through the river. All you need to do is inform your team that your heading out to gank and just go down the river. just make sure you stealth where your enemy team thinks that you are still there and planning to stun them for a gank to give them the initial paranoia. O noes, they have wards in their lanes how do you know they do? easiest way is when the enemy team is at the backed off just test to see if minions will start attacking you while your stealth. Easiest way to beat wards is use the bushes. The bushes will keep you out of view for the ward. If they put it in their bush, stay in yours, just remember that it still can see the outside of the bush an be wary, but this also limits the range the it can see. If its in middle of the lane, use the bushes once again to come up from behind because they will not be able to see you int he bushes even if it is right by it. The ward will have to be in the same bush for them to see you when you are in there. Oracles is the hardest to stun but thats for later on.

The next skill is ravage, it gives a base damage for the skill but the big part it will convert your ability power right into the skills damage which is why it is the most powerful move for her. This skill is the more mana intensive skill to use then any other skill. This move is what will destroy one person at a time. All you need to know this is the skill you want to use right after you use your stun. This skill is easy to use but just be sure you have enough mana to stealth and use it not one or the other. i will tell more later.

The last skill is of course your ultimate, Malice and Spite. It gives an attack speed buff and also a movement speed buff. Not only does it give you those, in addition it returns a massive amount of health back to evelynn. This skill is automatically cooled down after you kill an enemy champion or assist in kill one. This move is used to close distant, escape and also turret dive. This skill actually works best with ghost because it increases your movement speed so you can get under a turret to kill someone and leave in a very quick attack. The passive will heal you for about two turret shots at level 1. not much else you need to know about this skill other then when to use it. I will help you with that in the next chapter.
League of Legends Build Guide Author newdeathx
newdeathx Evelynn Guide
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What are Oracles

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