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Cassiopeia Build Guide by wacky13

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author wacky13

What the?

wacky13 Last updated on June 15, 2011
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Closing statements

Try a few games before you downvote, as with all champions, cass has her bane champions, be careful, play careful... you are a glass cannon.. super squishy, but SO deadly.. Do not overextend, do not get excited, have ur team and u play SUPER defensivly, if you do this, theres no way you will lose, fight at ur towers even, she hurts and she can be killed so quickly, i cant stress this enough... I may be missing some stuff, please comment and give me recommendations so I can improve..

Good luck and have fun!

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Strategy & Skill Sequence

Skkill sequence.. pretty straight forward, your fangs have a 0.5 cd if your target is poisoned.. make sure they are or u will be running with a 4 second CD take note of this

I like to play mid, but laning with a partner is just as good.. start with noxious, then get 2 fangs, then miasma then finally your ult..

Make sure u dont over extend into turrets, cass has great potential to harass at turrets, but BE CAREFUL, dont try to go for the kill if ur not sure, its better to let them get away then to feed, cuz then people will see you as a joke..

When u have ur ult, why not start ganking? Your fast enough to move through the river, they wont know ur there cuz u annihiliate the mobs in mid, so your enemy will think ur still in lane while ur running up or bottom to gank.. flash, ULT (make sure they are facing u, this takes strategy and skill) miasma, noxious, then fang fang fang fang fang... by that time they should be dead (no word of a lie no more then 5 fangs will be needed) then get the hell out of there lol..

Note: Do not 1v2 unless they are both half life and ur ult is up, the noxious and miasma will hit them both (if u can ult both of them) and the fangs will finish both of them up.. But remember, cass is a total *****, u run if u need to run, dont play the tough guy, ur sneaky, ur ganky, ur just a cheap little c**t lol..

Early game:
Lane T/B: Lane with someone who can stun, that way at level 2 u can just grab the kills. Once cass is fed, its GG unless ur team is stupid lol

Mid: I personally like mid more, cuz u have such great range, that u keep the other person ur laning against staying behind their tower (eliminating their gold and exp) also since ur solo u gain so much exp and gold that ur build will come easily.. just remember ALWAYS KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR MANA, dont engage if u have about 200 mana and ur ult is will ult and then be like "oh **** no more mana" lol

Mid game:

Lane T/B: They will be focusing you, play defensivly, let ur team mates know about your mana situation, about your ult, if they are smart they will be watching, target which one u want to gank, watch for ganks, its all straight forward, your not a tank, your a glass cannon, remember that

Mid: WATCH FOR GANKS, even with really good team mates, always expect that there is someone hiding in the bushes waiting for u, keep moving, do NOT stop, if ur unsure hide at ur tower, with ur ult up if someone like tryn tower dives but does not pop his ult, its GG for him lol

Late Game:

By now it will be pure team fights... BTW before I continue, by this time if u are playing well u should have a nice amount of kills and items, all u need is a tanky char and another dps and u can 3man baron while the other 2 distract their team.. careful of them watching baron, Cass is great for destroying the baron

When ur team engages, sit back, harass from the bushes if u can, but do not let them focus u, do not let them see where u are, if you are doing well, they will try to focus u first.. wait for the time to strike, when they all start to cluster flash in and ULT.. u may not get all of them frozen (if u do ur godly) but u will do a nice nice nice chunk of dmg, then start unloading, remember they may focus u still, u do not want to die, cuz u also destroy towers for some reason with your standard attack.. intense i say INTENSE!

Remember: This take time to master, you will not be good the first time you play (you may be) but it takes time to get use to cass using her skills properly, watching for her procs (such as when u use noxious ur speed increases if u hit an enemy champion) etc etc

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Boots of swiftness first, start by getting your boots, and either 2 mana pots and 1 health pot, or 2 health pots 1 mana pot (depending on who your laning against)

Work of Ryjals next, reason being is if u are playing properly, by the time u have swiftness, if you are playing properly, you may have gotton a kill or two, and since they ALWAYS underestimate you because ur cass (oh shes squishy lets eat her) and BAM u smash them, they will start to play defensivly and run away, this will help you slow them down (and help u get away if need be)

Rod of Ages: Why this? Extra mana and health, ability power, and ur getting near mid game or are already in mid game and they will most likely be focusing you first lol remember PLAY DEFENSIVLY

Void staff: Why this? They will be building magic resist if they are smart, this will help counter this.. if they dont build magic resist.. well then they will become the squishies LOL

Rabaddons: I know this build is getting very expensive... if you and your team are playing right, you wont have much problems with money, you will get ur ganks, u will not feed, and this hat will come to you near late game.. if they dont surrender that is (usually it happens lol)

Situational Items:
Lich bane: WTF? Is that what your thinking? Of course.. why this? Well first off, you have a pretty big amount of AP.. this adds 100% of your AP to your normal attacks, your normal ranged attacks.. and once every 2 seconds.. your skills are all 2 second cooldowns.. OUCH.. 2ndly, you have increased movement speed even further, this will help when they all try to focus u.. but just hide in the bush, let ur team engage, and when they are focusing other carries or the tank, u jump in, ult and finish them off.. oh did I mention you will be kill stealing alot? It happens

Archangels staff: This can alos be a very good item for end game, as u can build the stacks quite quickly since u only have a 2 second CD on everything.. then u do intense dmg.. as I said above your mana glyphs + this item will do very good!

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9/0/21 why? Magic pen, ability power, mana, exp, movement, flash, etc etc etc.. Self explanitory

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Mark of Insight: Magic pen, your magic what else?
Seal of Clarity: Mana regen, she is starved at the beginning with the harass your going to be doing
Quint of Swiftness: Survivablity, and they wont see you coming, great for harassing and surprising them

For the Glyphs. As you can see I chose a number of glyphs, the reason being is preference.

Greater Glyph of Insight = more magic pen, great for early and late game destruction
Greater Glyph of Intellect = more mana great for early and late game, if u get this, I recommend Archangels staff
Greater Glyph of Knowledge = Same thing as intellect, better for Archangels staff in my opinion
Greater Glyph of Force = Extra AP late game is always fun and destructive
Greater Glyph of Potency = I like this one for the beginning (obvi) because Cass already does major dmg, and by level 2 she will be eating your enemies alive (unless they have lots of magic resist) Not that great for end game, I am still deciding on what would be the best for glyphs, if u have any opinions please state them

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Why cass? Everyone calls her a joke character, she can be.. if played wrong shes a bad feeder and just flat out sucks.. simple as that