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Katarina Build Guide by Darkrocmon

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Darkrocmon

When The Kat Comes Out The Jungle (Not a Troll)

Darkrocmon Last updated on November 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello I am Darkrocmon on the NA server. Needless to say I am in no way a pro (or any were near with my sad 1.1k elo) But I feel I might have found a way to Jungle the new Katarina. Now most people will leave now do to thinking I'm a troll. Now that they are gone. Lets get started.

EDIT: HOLY ****!!! JUST POSTED NOT HALF AN HOUR AND 100 VIEWS!!!! THANK YOU FOR LOOKING!!! Dont forget to vote/comment.


EDIT: Lots of Views now but only a few votes...oh well...i will try and keep this up to dat but im slamed with physics currently also updated guide with some suggestions fro msomebody else who plays jungle kat.

EDIT: OVER 300!!!! I will be working on this guide constantly but i will be starting school soon so i may not have tons of time for LoL.

EDIT: OK so i leave for a couple days and my guide gets 10 timesthe views it had the last time O.o you guys are Awesome PM me games you have won with this build keep up the comments too!!!!

EDIT: 5000+ Views!!!! Keep them coming...make sure to rate...Quick update:I have lots of algebra and physics homewwork so im not sure howl ong it will take me but i will try and update the guide to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

EDIT: Made some changes from viewer feedback...will upload screenshots soon may also put up replays.

EDIT: I have been busy with school work and have not had the time to update this guide...also i will try and test out Katarina and some new builds in the Season 3 Jungle.

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The runes I choose seem very basic.

Marks - As mostly AP I choose 9x Magic Pen

Seals - As a jungler Kat is going to need all the armor she can get hence 9x FLAT Armor

Glyphs - Because I feel like she could use a bit of MR I get 9x MR PER LEVEL

Quints - Due to using Ap as her main Damage source I grab 3 x FLAT AP or you could go with 3x Move Speed.

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As being a jungler I feel she needs a bit more Defense then she does in lane. So because of this I grab a basic Jungler defense build. Making sure to grab 3 in hardiness to help in the jungle. In the offense tree i grab a basic Ap set up making sure to grab all the AP boosts i can.

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The items I build are based around CDR some attack damage some attack speed and Ability Power.

I Start Cloth 5x Health Pots because it will give you a safe jungle.
I then try and get enough farm to buy Wriggles and Boots
Afterwards i grab my Hextech Revolver and start on my Hextech Gunblade...this is were you have to make a choice. You have to see which is more important right now.Do you feel you need more AP for teamfights/incounters or are you still farming jungle and need more AD.
After you build ONE half of your Gunblade get the boots you feel you need more. Merc Treads for if you get focused. Sorc Shoes if your not being focused and can get the kills/assists.
Finish up you Gunblade and start working on your Nashors tooth. I prefer going for Stinger over Fiendish Codex beacuse of not needing the MP5 and prefering the Attack Speed and CDR over just CDR.
At this point in the game you have either won are close to winning or can tell the game will be long.
If the game is going to be long grab Your Voidstaff now.
After the Voidstaff Finish it off with a Rabbadons Deathcap.
If the game is going to be over soon. Grab Moonflair Spellblade for some AP and MR (if you built Merc Treads sell them pick up Sorc Shoes) if the game gos on a bit longer after this grab voidstaff over deathcap because the game will be over to soon for deathcap to be built.
(If your wondering why i dont build deathcap till late game its beacuase i feel the other items are more important for this "hybrid" Jungle Kat)

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Skill Sequence

The reason my skill sequence is this way is because I find that while BB is AoE and Deals the same amount of Initial damage as Shunpo (on the initial hit not the bounces) I Find that Shunpo allows more uses (lower CD at equal levels and it allows escape/initiation/damage reduction) the reason I max Her W and E back and forth is because her W deals nice damage with the Hybrid build and because her E recieves a lower CD each Skill Up letting you deal more damage while taking less. Of course maxing her R at 6 11 and 16.

EDIT: Did a bit of testing...if you feel you want a safer jungle you can go W>E>Q instead of W>Q>E for the first 3 it saves some HP.

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Summoner Spells

I feel this needs to be touched on lightly.
Obviously Smite do to jungling.
But for your second spell it is a bit harder to choose.
Flash - (what i now use) lets you double juke people going over dragon/baron and going back with shunpo onto a ward.
Heal - More sustain in jungle plus baiting.
Ghost - for more movement.
Ignite - if you feel you can get around fast enough and want that extra damage.
Exhaust - If you plan to 1v1 or feel your team needs a lil more CC
Clarity - WTF!?!?! We dont use mana.
Clairvoyance - Leave it to your support.
Promote - No just No...
Surge - If you build more AD and Attack Speed then AP.
Teleport - If you feel your Laners suck and you will need to cover them alot.
Revive - If your dying your doing it wrong.
Cleanse - If you notice the enemy team has tons of hard CC so you can use it after they unload them on you (letting you do a free uninterupted ult) (never use in blind pick).

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Counter Jungling / Geting Countered

As kat just like in lane in the jungle you can pretty much invade any mage Fiddlesticks/Diana/Blitz(i realise few blitz jungles but still) all you have to look out for is their CC before you ult.

Now getting Counter Jungled is a longer discusion. This is one of the reasons for Starting Cloth 5 pots incase tehy invade you at blue (which you should start for the CDR)

Shaco - Almost imposible for you to beat if you dont spend a ton on Vision Wards.

Rammus - You can usually juke him by Shunpoing (is that even a word) to a placed ward. make sure to wait for his taunt before you ult and dont ult in his ult. His spin will also knock you out of your ult.

Alistar - It really depends on how competent he is. You could counter jungle him if not make sure to wait for his CC's like all the others.

Shen - He shouldnt do TOO much damage to you but his taunt will mess you up.

Mundo - He will farm his and possibly your jungle alot. Just ward and you should be okay...if you see him picked as their jungler grab Ignite and you can beat him.

Evelynn - Much like Shaco

Lee Sin - Watch for the dragons will knock you out of your Ult and if he uses it to get you away (if your wining) just shunpo back

Ill add more as I think/encounter them.

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All in all I feel like if you have the right team comp/experience you can make this build actually hurt and win with it. I realise it isnt any where near the current meta...if anything this is more of a counter meta jungler.