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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eidolon Alpha

When Vayne tumbles, even a tank stumbles

Eidolon Alpha Last updated on May 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all, this guide is very long, so if you dont like reading, dont even start.

Otherwise here we go: Welcome to my Vayne guide!
Since I play AD-Champions most of the time I purchased Vayne the day she was in store and was fascinated about what great damage output she had and¦ well, about how many things you can do wrong with only 3 active abilities, from which one only amplifies your abilities and your stats. She is a bit tricky to master, but if you take some time, youll see, she can be very fun to play and brings a lot of dynamic into the game.
This guide for newbies, amateurs and for the pros who doesnt need to read a guide at all, but somehow landed on this one =)
Have fun reading it if you like it, vote for me, if you dont, tell me why (for this is my first guide ever)

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Pros / Cons

+ Massive damage output
+ Great for hunts, as the name is saying
+ Very mobile with tumble
+ Kills even the toughest tanks
+ One of the best 1vs1 champions
+ Not as squishy as many other ad-carries¦

- ¦but still somewhat squishy
- No slow, stun must be placed very careful
- Focused in team fights
- No initiator for team fights
- Beside the ad not that much of a help in team fights

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Greater Marks of Desolations and Quintessence of Desolation of course, needless to tell why.

Greater Seals of Alacrity are providing you with the attackspeed you need, so your passive skill "Silber Bolts" can be used more effectively.

If you buy 9 Greater Glyphs of Warding, the magic resistance will pay out especially in the early. Another option is to use Greater Glyphs of Alacrity to boost your attackspeed even more.

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I think it makes sense to go full Offense with an Ad-Carry, cause we need the damage and the attack speed.
But where do I spend the rest of my points? You cant do a lot wrong here, because some bonus magic resistance can be of good help for you, especially in the early-game, but I prefer Utility to Defense, because sometimes a boost for your ghost can be very helpful and a bonus to your XP is enjoyable as well, I guess. I spend my final point into 15% more time on neutral buffs, if there is no other champion in my team, who needs the buffs more then I do. Otherwise I spend it into 1 gold / 10 sec or I put the last point in +1 additional attack damage and do 22 / 0 / 8.

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Summoner Spells

Recommended Summoner Spells

This is a must-have Summoner Spell for Vayne, because beside its great to escape or to chase an enemy down, if youre not positioned right for condemn, a smart use of your flash will do the job, so you can pin the enemy to the wall who just was like: Haha, shell never get me with her stupid stun bolt, shed just push me in the direction I wanted to go any.. and then hell go like: ¦what the mockmock was this?

Some may think now: why Ghost? Isnt Vaynes Ulti enough bonus speed? And if youre chased, cant she just tumble out of there?
To the first question: yes, but only, if its available. It has a quite short cooldown, which is nice, of course, but what if u just used it to kill 4 enemies, now the ultis gone and the last enemy champ is a little bit too far away from you? Right! You pop in your Ghost and get the pentakill! Okay, a pentakill is very unlikely, even after reading this guide, but I guess, you know what Im trying to tell you.
And forget the tumbling out of somewhere-story, if your chased by the entire enemy team (what happens, as a squishy carry, after youve got a pentakill), you cant just shoot condemn at the fastest enemy, tumble and hope to escape the other 4, if theyve got a higher move speed.

Optional Summoner Spells

If everyone in your team is too stubborn to choose Teleport, then take this instead of Ghost.
In every team one player should have teleport, to do the last-second-tower-defending, beside, if youve got Final Hour ready and one poor, stupid enemy champion is trying to push alone, your chances are high to land a kill.

If youre ganked too often, Cleanse is a nice choice, especially for glass cannons like Vayne, but no guarantee too survive. Greater survivability then Ghost, but you gain no advantage, if youre the hunter. And you ARE the freaking night hunter, arent you?

If youve got a hard time against enemy ads, Exhaust is a good choice, so they cant kill you within seconds. The slow, of course, is nice too, but youve got your passive, which will give you the advantage of speed, if youre hunting someone down.

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Skill Sequence

Night Hunter (passive)
This passive is awesome to chase an enemy down and most of the time it gives you the bonus speed you need to do the job. Remember, you only got the bonus, if youre running towards an enemy, not away from him. You can still use it to your advantage in escapes though, if youre running from a bunch of enemies and one, maybe not that dangerous enemy appears in your escape route, run towards him and use your speed boost to get away.

This is the most important skill for Vayne, for it grants you survivability and nice bonus damage. The Mana costs arent high and with the Ionian Boots it has almost no CD, so in a fight you can / should spam it, to not get hit by abilities like Morganas Dark Binding or Blitzcranks Rocket Grip and land some extra hits on your opponent.
Its not a reliable escape mechanism, but if you have to run away, then dont hesitate to use Tumble to get out of danger. Remember, you can use the ability faster if you attack something while youve got the bonus damage.

Silver Bolts
This ability gives you an extra amount of damage, if you attack the same target the third time with your basic attack. It also will deal a percentage of the targets maximum health as bonus true damage, which makes this ability powerful against heavy tanks.
It doesnt deal that much damage in the early, so I only spend one point in this ability and max it in the late-game.

This ability can be used for many situations. In combination with Tumble, you jump towards your enemy, shoot him with your improved basic attack and knock him back with Condemn. This way you harass your opponent very effectively without taking that much damage.
You can use this ability for ganks as well, if you place yourself in a good position. If the enemy is running away from your companions, but has to get past you, you knock him back to where he came from in the arms of your allies. If he tries to avoid this by turning in another direction its more likely that hell collide with a wall, whats even better, because hell get some bonus damage and stunned for 1,5 seconds. In this time your team can catch up, but youll probably already have the kill by then. If possible, always try to make your opponent collide with the wall, in many cases, it kind of guarantees you a kill the bonus damage and the damage you deal while the targets stunned really hurts.
Condemn is also awesome for you to escape, just shoot it at your pursuer and hell be left behind (most of the times).

Final Hour
This Ultimate is a little unimaginative, but you really shouldnt underestimate it. Youre trying to track down 2 low hp enemies, who have the faster boots and phantom edges? No problem, pop in final hour and your bonus speed of Night Hunter quadruples. Theyll have a hard time getting away from you.
Be aware, that Vaynes no good initiator, so in clashes, let someone other make the start. Then you jump in with your Ulti activated. You now are more likely to get a few more kills with your improved damage and are harder to focus because of the short invis-time you get, if you tumble during Final Hour.
The cooldown is relatively short, so dont hesitate to use this for a 1on1 situation to ensure a kill.

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First I start with the Regrowth Pendant. Others may put their money in Dorans Blade, which is a fine choice, as well, but if your opponents aren't morons, you will lose health, if you want to harass or even kill them in the early. So with the Pendant you will be able to hold your lane longer, without teleporting back and wasting money in potions.

When you can shop the first time, see, that you can purchase both, Boots of Speed and Sheen. Sheen is one of your most important items, because although the AP is useless for Vayne, you get 100& more AD after using an ability. In combination with tumble, which has a pretty low CD, you can get this 100% bonus damage pretty often.

Later get the Ionian Boots so you can tumble faster, that's the mainreason.
Get the Bloodrazor, starting with a Pickaxe for more damage. The finished Item will stack with your Silver Bullets, helping you shredding Tanks.

Get Zeal for a better attackspeed and movespeed, Phage will grant you more health and helps you tracking down targets even faster and combine your items to Trinity Force.

Later on, get yourself the Bloodthirster for even more Attack Damage and some pretty Lifesteal and finish your Itembuild with the Sword of the Divine for some nice Bonus Damage, Speed and the real nice active, so your opponents won't have a chance dodging your now really death-bringing bolts.

An alternative to Trinity Force would be Frozen Mallet, which would give you a reliable slow and even more health. In combination with Atma's Impaler and Level 18 you'd do +55 Bonus Damage. If you die pretty often, that could be a good solution.

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Gameplay / Team Work

Vayne has a great damage output from the beginning on, but she dies very quickly, if you're not cautious. Harass your enemy by tumbling towards him, attack him with the bonus damage and push him back with Condemn before he can strike back effectively.
If you want to play on a sidelane, you better go with a tank, who can protect you the in the early. Check the summoner spells of your lane-opponents, be extremely careful when they have Exhaust and/or Ignite.

If you have the time, be sure to get the Lizard Buff, it will help you getting your first kills.

In Teamfightsalways let someone other initiate. A smart team will attack you in the teamfight, as soon as you pop in, so don't make the mistake and rush in as the first of your team. When you enter the fight, keep cool, don't try to just kill someone, first of all, try to stay alive. Use ur ulti and tumble, as soon as you get attacked (if not, good, tumble anyway for more damage), so you can't get focused because of the 1,5 sec invisible. As soon as you have an oppurtinity nail someone against the Wall with condemn.
DON'T use condemn only for the damage in teamfights. You'll probably do more damage with your basic attacks anyway and you just might push the enemy in his escape direction, away from the danger zone.
Look foor isolated champions, who are far enough away from the team. You can kill most of the champions within seconds, be aware of this, but remember, you're down in no time when you're focused in clashes.
Be sure your team knows, that you'll join the fight as soon as the enemy is distracted. They have to count with you. In the clashes you're the Jokercard, that suddenly appears, turns the situation and empties the table.