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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xShinji

Where is eve?

xShinji Last updated on February 24, 2011
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This build is tested in Garena LoL (SEA sever). I'm currently level 30 player with about 100+ win there. I'm also ex-Na player before the ip ban invoke(Level 23). This build may seems familiar with others. This build will be very effective in low level game and the effectiveness of this build gets harder when your in stronger matchup. This is my first build as well, so lots of feedback required : ).

Last but not least, please the build before saying anything.
And sorry for bad english.

p/s : Im still working on this build (accidentally hit up Publish instead of Save.

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Where is the eve?

(In depth clarification of the name.)In this build, I getand. Its maximize Evelynn mobility around the map. Thus, multiplying its effectiveness in ganking.allows Evelyn move from base to lane, or from lane to lane ASAP.allows Evelyn to teleport from lane to another and surprise your enemy.

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Offense: Archaic Knowledge and Burning Embers is a must to have in this build. Eve needs early burst damage to own.

Utility : The base is to get "Quickness" up especially in higher level game. Effectively increase eve map control. Not only that, it also allows Eve to chase and rune more easier. In a gank fight, with fast movement speed, you could get your opponent offguard much more easier. Even with your enemy having oracle, there is not much to fear with the help of your movement speed.
"Awareness" is needed to keep Evelynn's level to be on par with the 1 farming on lane.

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Some of you may already start asking, while get more mana regen runes where Ability power runes is more important?
Mana is the key for Evelynn to run from a lane to another lane. In high level games (where ward is laid everywhere), Evelynn has to be invisible all the time.(even moving from a lane another)

Without it, the max Evelynn could gank is 2 lane, while I usually gank up to 4 lane before going back to base.

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This is somewhat different. Most evelynn will getas soon as possible while I prefer.

The Skill sequence for lvl 1 to 5 can be varies with your personal suiting as long as you get 3 level ofby level 5.
I usually useto last hit most minions.

Most of the time, you will be suppressed by enemy. Just hug the tower and get level to 6 (where Evelynn potential shine) asap.

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Summoner Spells

has been explain briefly before. In-depth way of using and placing of Teleport will introduce later.
This is rather important skills to have for early ganking. Without ignite, most of the time you will be juked with flash or ghost. Ignite is a finishing touch to prevent that to happen. Beside that, and extra touch of damage will ensure the kills.

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Core Item

Why Banshee veil?

Banshee Veil allows you to absorb 1 of the CC and increase your survivability during mid games. After all round ganking during early game, you will get "famous" andwill be pop out anytime.
While getting Banshee veil, its good to get 1 or 2 elixir to keep up with your AP.
Its up to your personal suiting and situation of the game. Normally, with a lich bane and boot of motility, its already enough to get kills.

Depends on situation, you also can skip banshee veil and straight go for. Skipping banshee veil enable Evelynn to carry the game. I prefer not to skip banshee veil thou.
Zeal increases the movement speed and gives critical chance.reduces not only MR , as well as armor.procs next hit with increased damage. Evelynn AA a lot before you opponent die at this stage. With critical, it burst out more damage than most other AP item.

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Playing As Evelynn

In the next few topics, I will cover on technique to play this build properly.

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Choosing the Right Lane to attack!!

1 ) Cho Gath on below pushing the lane.
2 ) Renekton and Malhazar is at top
3 ) Mid is pushed away
4 ) Ashe, Nunu, Tryndamere is coming down.

I picked Cho as he is solo there and my allies is going down.

With Boots of motility, I reach there in about 15 seconds.

Notes: Hit thebefore you reach the tower.
So, what next? Times your attack and finish the Cho

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Take a look and where Evelynn stands now.
Just stand there and wait. Simple huh?
Most of the time , enemy will round around the tower when they hugging it.

Just wait them move out and move into your "Ravage" range. (For full hp enemy, only do it if there is teammate near you to assist in your kill)

Take a look and pantheon hp, it is way below half and has around 400hp left.
I waited him to move out. Once he start to move out even a little, Ravaged him and used up any skills I has left. Managed to kill and run away ~~~

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Leaving up a range~

Do you know about Guirela(not sure the spelling) Strategy which is used by Vietnamese upon America?

I sneak to Morgana but there is a Cho. If I would appear there, I mostly will be die first with both Cho and Morgana CCs.

Leaving up a range, could save your life : ). Haste make waste, when it is clearly far from Cho Gath. It is a big chance to make your move : ).

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Hit and Run~~

Evelynn is Assassin or in another word Anti-Carry. Go in teamfight at the right time and then run.

This sort of strategy is called Hit N Run.

My Hp is already low after some killing during the team war. With the help of Evelynn movement speed, she could easily enter and leave the teamfight without much problem. Whenever enter the team fight, always check your hp while spamming Hate Spike. Once your hp got quite low , run away and let your teammate do the job, wait forShadow Walk is up, use it and go into the teamfight again. Choose a squishies want and finish her off : ).

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Element of Surprise

What makes Ganking to be success is element of surprise.

Evelynn with its natural ability,. Ease out the ganking a lots then most other champions.

teleport by xShinjix, on Flickr
The proper way of using Teleportation

Keep in mind that Teleportation for Evelynn is to creates element of surprise. For that, map awareness is VERY IMPORTANT. You have to keep maneuver enemy champion HP when your Teleportation is up. Once you target your enemy with low HP. Teleport yourself to that lane PROPERLY (as shown in the pic).

Teleportation by xShinjix, on Flickr
Second Example.

This is actually what happen before the " Leaving up a Range " Session.
Its not really a proper 1 thou as I cant find any target which is low in HP after a short teamfight.