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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hahano

Who is your jungler and what does he do?

Hahano Last updated on February 25, 2013
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Argionelite | February 17, 2014 2:48pm
Please add Elise and Zac, I've noticed that you are missing these 2.
Willowran | November 25, 2013 3:03pm
Not bad not bad. Well written and detailed. Of late i have been taking elise through the jungle a lot, and i notice that you do not mention her at all. Any chance you might update this with new characters? I'm just curious as to your take on her.
Lackawk | November 20, 2013 2:20am
Amazing guide, I appreciate the work you've done. +1

But I've got one thing in my mind right now; Where's Vi?
BlackoutVZLA | November 10, 2013 12:25pm
I don't agree on Kha'Zix not being able to jungle. He's an amazing ganker even at lvl 6. I got a 17-0 match yesterday with him jungling. Great guide either way, very well explained and with so much information!
Hawg the dwarf | November 6, 2013 7:16am
Great guide, thanks a lot !

But I think you're forgeting something about post-jungling Shaco : his amazing capacity to splitpush.

With Static shiv and/or Hydra (take both of them and... God, you will be farming inhibitors like jungle creeps), Shaco can clear a whole lane and take the first turret in less than 30 sec; add some seconds more and the second turret falls. Best of all : with such a push, the ennemi team will, most of the time, send someone to stop him; Shaco beeing what he is in 1Vs1 (a monster most of the time), it's a free kill for you, a balanced teamfight for your team and maybe another abjective taken. In the worst case scenario (the ennemi kills you), you should have taken at least one objective so... It's still pretty good.
If the ennemi team sends 2 champs to stop you (most a the time a carry and a bruiser/tank), then it's 3vs4 for the team fight without tank for the ennemi, clearly good for your teamates.
Songetzu | October 15, 2013 9:21pm
Why does no one list Yi as a Jungler?
PW97 (1) | October 12, 2013 4:02am
Very good guide, though I totally agree with the people who say that your opinion about Evelynn isn't right. You say her passive is useless, while I think it's one of the best ones in the game. Further on, she has crazy burst potential you can gank with her really quickly, which leads a great amount of my matches to a first blood. I also read a very good Evelynn build guide yesterday (Evelynn - Jungle: Dance The Blood Red Tango (S3, AP/AD/Hyb.), by Opeth), which showed runes that are able to increase her sustain greatly, namely Greater Quintessences of Spell Vamp and Greater Glyphs of Cooldown Reduction. So that partially takes away one of her greatest Cons too.
Satella (177) | September 17, 2013 9:21am
The guide is extremely outdated; Evelynn is very good in the current meta due to the camp changes, and the guide author has been MIA for a year. If you want accurate, up-to-date jungle scores, spectate high elo solo queue or watch tournament play (Worlds is happening now).
pap217 | September 17, 2013 9:18am
This guide is awesome, but I can't agree with you about Evelynn. You gave her very low score, but general she is one of the strongest early game junglers cause of her passive. 0 top players buy at the start a pink ward, so top is welcoming eve with a free first blood. If you synergize well with your mid, you will tell him to let the enemy push and when you are somewhere around 4 lvl, it is 100% burned flash and about 50% secured kill. in the late game she isn't so strong, but well placed ulti can give her 1000+ shield, slowing hell much enemies and if you are a little lucky you can get even a close to the enemy carry and make him bleed. But you are right, that if someone counterjungle eve before her first enter shop, she is very easy kill. So, generally, she isn't the best jungler in the whole game, but I'm quite sure that well played Eve is a pain in a*s.
JAYZ303 | August 29, 2013 2:01pm
Great guide, it really helps you pick the right jungler for you but how come you left Elise out?
Cathaidan | August 26, 2013 9:03am
I would like to see this updated. A lot of the items you recommend have had some changes and nerfs applied to them. Other items don't even exist in the game anymore. I'm interested in seeing what you'd swap those items with and your new suggestions.
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