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Kennen Build Guide by Spaffler

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Spaffler

Who Killed Kenny?!? wait... Kenny Killed you?

Spaffler Last updated on August 25, 2011
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Hey all, this is my first guide on Moba, and its of one of my favorite champs; Kennen. I chose Kennen because when I first became a 30, he would always kick my butt. I figured "if I cant beat him, I should use him" and thats what I did. Hope you enjoy this guide!

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For runes, I personally go all flat AP. I am heavy on early game farm and harass, and the best way to do that is with your Q hitting for some major early game damage. With all flat AP runes, you start the game with 34 AP. add 10 from the ignite mastery, and 15 from the Dorans Ring, and youre at 60 AP. not too shabby a place to start the game.

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Masteries are all about getting some good AP and survivability. if you have a question on why I chose them, post it and ill answer.

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I start with Dorans Ring, which is weird because Kennen doesnt use Mana. But I find it very good because it gives you the extra health and AP. I usually get it on him when I mid. If I'm laning with a close combat champ or the tank or support, I get an Amplifying Tome first instead, with a health pot. I stay in lane as long as possible, farming and harassing (something Kennen does very well, because he never runs out of energy). If they get aggresive, make them pay by stunning them and loading damage on em. anyways! thats for later. the first time you go b you should pick up your Needlessly Large rod. you will see the people you hit take WAY more damage. It might suprise you. If you farm well and get a kill or two, you can get Needlessly Large Rod and your tier one boots. Sometimes youre forced to b early, in that case get Blasting Rod, and tier one boots if you can. If you play stupid and have to go b really early, buy boots. you should always buy something when you go b, because you never have to go b to get your mana back. Anyways, once you have needlessly large rod, you will do some major damage, which means you will be focused. So you get your Giant's Belt. Then just build as the game dictates. RoA early if you need the CC (which you normally dont, youre fast with your E and stun if you hit anything). Rabs is usually my first item. I grab boots of Lucidity early so I can harass more often and last hit with my Q more often. learn your Q's skill shot. its fast, and is pretty wide. Its your bread, butter, and Bacon. Mostly Bacon. I get Will of the anchients for the Spell Vamp, and the awesome amount of AP it gives you for practically nothing. Abyssal Scepter is good for the Magic Resist, but the game is usually over by the time I can buy it. sixth item is up to you. I usually grab a second Rabs cap, because having almost 700 AP is very fun. sometimes its good to grab a FoN, because of the movespeed and Magic Resist (if they have a lot of casters) Sunfire cape is good for the health and armor (for turret diving or being tanky.) Phantom Dancer is also good so you can push turrets better and get to the passive on your W faster. The movespeed is also nice.

When you have a full build, dont think your extra money is a waste! Remember that you can buy all 4 Elixers, and they activate immediately. So just go for it! they all help you. Oracles is good to find wards (teemo shrooms, tele wards, Baron wards) as well as to get OP stealth champs sucks as:
Evelynn, Twitch, Talon, Teemo (okay he's not OP because of stealth...) Akali, Vayne, whoever else likes to hide.
Pretty much my items are centered on pwning mid game to get fed, and then getting tanky end game so that when they focus you they die anyways, and only get you down (if you let them). If they focus the tank first, and you second (because your team just doesnt attack idiots) you should still get about 3 of em down. Kennen is great against multiple champs because of his AoE and burst mobility

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Skill Sequence/ How to Play Kennen

Skill sequence is pretty straight forward. Q. Q. Q. Oh hey, they have low health, let me slam them with my W and E to close the gap. what theyre stunned? Q again! they cant dodge if they cant move. Oh! my passive mark is up. basic attack. Q again? sure, why not! Theyre stunned again? oh wait... they died.

Thats generally how my level 3-4 battles go if the opposing champ over persues or doesnt dodge skill shots worth anything. (you get cooldown on your Q faster then the mark wears off, so if you land it 3 times in a row somehow, free stun. This does happen occasionally)

But when youre going against a competant player, heres what you do:
Q harass all the time. when you see the mark up on your passive, hit em with that too. Any time you see them with two marks, use your active on W to stun them. then ping with basics and Q til it wears off. They might go b once or twice, but when they see you dont get aggresive, they stay in lane. thats their mistake, and you must use it. summoner flash behind, hit em with your E (trust me, getting on their *** with your E and landing an easy mark is best). Then you W them, two marks. if you have your passive up, nail em for the stun. If not, you better hit the Skill Shot (should be easy, you're on their ***, remember?)
If they survive all that, ignite is a nice little finisher. if they survive all that, and whatever you throw at them as you have cooldown, they deserve to get away.

Let me back track for a second. The reason you dont get aggresive and force them to go b is because you get more gold constantly farming than trying for a lucky kill. Cuz i found that a lot of times I try to finish and im either on CD or low energy, either way i miss valuable minion farming and sometimes get ganked and die. Either way, if you make them go b you did well. because when they go b, they take 8 seconds to tele. then they have to wait and heal. then they walk all the way back. in that time you easily get level and minion advantage. its easier to kill an underleveled underfarmed champ than fight for an early kill and probably fail.

now, how to get kills without harassing/luck.

I usually go mid lane as Kennen. Once I secure the mid tower, I gank other lanes. this is a great way to get fed, and to help your team press. Check to see who needs help, whose hugging tower, who has low health, all that. the best lane to gank is one where either they have low HP and are hugging tower, or your team is hugging tower but ready to go offensive (full mana, good HP etc). Flash in, Ult, W,E,Q. the most you go against during laning is 2 (3 if their jungler is helping the lane that has 2). either way your Ult targets 3 people. so that lands marks on all of em. W adds the second mark on em. E is to chase and stun all the ones you can. If you stun them with E they have to move through most of your ult to get away from you. and thats after being stunned inside of it. use your Q to nail runners, get a second stun, whatever. Its perfect to finish people off. Try to have your W passive up, to add the extra mark, and do extra damage.

To win a team fight you simply;
1 Wait for the tank to jump in
2 flash ult on their carriee
3 do the same as when you ganked, just against more people.
4 laugh as they finally kill you, and your team gets an ace*

* if you do it right, you get a triple-quadra-penta and survive. if not, you usually get focused down, but end up with 4-5 assists and maybe a kill. either way if your team has any competence you should win the team fight, because you do so much damage, and you should be the only casuality.

IMPORTANT! Remember that its a team game. Dont kill steal, and if you die so your team wins, thats fine. Winning the game is more important than your personal score.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite. Great early game damage, and gives plus 10 AP while on CD. good end game for that final hit or for shredding tanks.

Flash- awesome for ganks, getting away, ult positioning.

Also good:
Teleport. gives you a backup plan if you mess up and need to go b. Great if you lane mid or solo top.

Ghost- combos well with your E, and good for chasing and running. comes to personal preference really.

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Pros / Cons

Awesome mid
great harass
great ganker
heavy damage

Weak jungle early (just do well in lane)
Soft as **** without health
Very suseptable to CC. Merc treads are nice if they have a lot of CC.
Focused if you get any advantage.
You get called bad names and have short games because you kill so much

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I've covered early game farming. Late game just E on the wave, W and they all die. lots of gold, great for pressing a lane quickly. Spam this combo from about lvl 6 til you win the game.

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Farm farm farm.

help your team, get kills, do well. Have fun. I dont need to say much more than that.

Post any questions. Sorry I dont have icons by every champ/item mentioned. Idk how to do that. if you tell me how I will update with pictures quickly. Thanks!

Constructive criticism is welcomed. :) I hope this helped you kennen fans!

Btw, I appreciate whatever you have to say, just tell me what I should change to make this a better guide. thanks guys!