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Rengar Humor Guide by Updraft

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Updraft

Who put those brushes there? (Snowdown guide)

Updraft Last updated on September 4, 2014
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Snowdown Showdown

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is just a short guide on how to destroy with rengar in showdown.

It is also my first and i did it for fun, so sorry if i offend anyone for not having written a conventional guide.

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Ignore Garen, Rengar was banned ;)

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This comes first in my Guide, since it's the first thing you do.

Bans should always be Riven and Lee Sin.

3. pick is up to you, but i didnt find anything else dangerous yet.


Caitlyn is very hard. Traps in the brushes and escape E will not really let you do anything. Just look for an opening and harass her.

Heimer is basically an iron curtain against rengar, you can only win by farming to 100 before him. His turrets add to minion kills! As soon he has 3 turrets up it makes it impossible to trade blows with an advantage. You just need skill at farming and eventhough its tempting, DO NOT ENGAGE INTO 3 TURRETS. I learned that the hard way.

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Pick Rengar and lock in.

You now have 40 seconds to choose your Masteries, Runes and Spells.

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I Changed from 21-9-0 to 9-21-0.

8% more attack damage and 6% armor penetration just isnt worth it.
I'd rather block double the amount of damage with my points in defense.

Pay attention that the difference between masteries is solely in the 4 points against either AD or AP.

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Against AD

Red: Flat attack
Yellow: Armor
Blue: Cooldown reduction
Quints: Life steal

Notes to Red: +9 Dmg is alot early game
Notes to Yellow: Armor <-> Attack damage. Not that hard to understand the connection.
Notes to Blue: -7.5% Cooldown + Masteries reduces your Q from 8 to 7 Seconds.
Notes to Quints: Leeching up in 2 waves to full hp with Q. No need to waste Ferocity on W.

Against AP

-Blue is now flat magic resist (obviously)

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4 Options:

Ignite - Bonus Damage
Flash - Chase or escape. Flashing after him has won me some games.
Barrier - Always nice. Use early to block the burst.
Exhaust - Choose it if you should ever get a third spell slot... i dislike it since the patch.

Depending on champ you should choose.
Atm I prefer Barrier and Flash.

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Loading screen

This is the longest phase of the game, so here are
some viable tips for what you could spend that time on:

-Go take a p1ss
-try counting the pixels on your screen
-scratch out those crumbs in your keyboard
-start fraps to record your pwnage and share it with your friends

If you have a wooden modem or one of those computers they used during vietnam:
-Go take a sh1t
-take a shower
-go watch porn
-tell your mom that you are rengar, so you'll be at dinner in 2 minutes (and you won't be lying for the first time)
-close fraps, because that sh1t aint gonna make it any faster

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Core: 1 Pot, Scrying Orb

Dorans Blade - Damage
Dorans Shield - A LOT of Sustain <- recommended
Cloth Armor and 4 additional Pots

I wouldn't recommend the last option, since you want to tear somebody to shreds and nobody ever did that with a medieval fashion show and a bunch of potions.

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I recommend building like this:


If you want to stack up faster because you think you know everything better:

Q E W Q Q R Q .!.

I never reached lvl 8 so i can't give any advice on how to skill later...

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Seems like the janitor was a lazy f4ck this year and decided to ignore the grass in the middle of the battleground, providing you with a wide range of springboards.

You are Rengar, so it should be over before the timer hits minute 3.

Hop in there and last hit minions with an activated q, then return to the brushes.
Repeat till you have 4 stacks, then try to jump the enemy champ with q and burst out another one right after that. He will probably panic and start running, so give him your e and start from the beginning of this passage.

If he is hugging the wall, you have 4 stacks and you cant reach him:
Jump to minion closest to enemy -> E on Champ (you now have the 5 stacks) -> Q -> Q -> kill or run

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This is what it should look like

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Team Work

Nobody needs that, you are a moron if you play 2on2 with a random griefer.

If you know somebody who isn't a total disgrace to this game I would recommend champs with an awesome gapcloser (Jax, Aatrox or Khazix)

Tristana is pretty squishy but her slow on the dunk might also come in handy.

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First Blood

Don't think you are going to win the next 200 games now just because you read a guide.
Practice and learn when you can engage and dive. I still die myself because of stupid mistakes.

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Being a ****

After killing the enemy, dont forget to be a good sport and type "easy" and "lol noob" before the victory message appears.

LoL has one of the best communities in the world and you want to show everybody that you are a part of it.

Edit: QQ is another alternative to show that you are a total 4sshole. Shoutout to the Caitlyn last game who reminded me of what a d1ckhead the winners can be in this game...

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Im too lazy to code everything.

I think everybody knows Lee Sin and there is no
need to link this overpowered son of a *****'s stats.

You may rage in the comments that i didn't use enough colors (light blue and dark blue in chapter 2 should be enough) but rest assured that i dont give a f4ck.

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Adding stuff

Yeah, im pretty sure that i wont edit anything to this guide later, since it will disappear in the depths of other useless guides on mobafire

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Merry Christmas

Nuff said


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