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Not Updated For Current Season

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Janna Build Guide by Granitetheplanet

Who runs the world? Janna.

Who runs the world? Janna.

Updated on December 26, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Granitetheplanet Build Guide By Granitetheplanet 6,566 Views 6 Comments
6,566 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Granitetheplanet Janna Build Guide By Granitetheplanet Updated on December 26, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Clairvoyance


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Hi Everyone!

Janna has become a favorite of mine since I started playing the game about a year ago and I figured I'd try my luck at making a guide to show off her true potential as a deadly support. I don't see a lot of Janna players so this is also to help spread the word about her and get more people interested in Janna as she is in my opinion the most unique of the supports and can maintain being a strong support without needing tons of AP late game. Janna is capable of decent AP 300-400+ while being able to take hits, run around the map with ease, and disable and support as needed all without dying nearly as much as other heroes or supports. So I plan on taking this step by step and to keep it as simple as possible while as detailed as it should be ^_^.

Hope you enjoy!
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Pros + Cons

Great Crowd Control/Disables
Scary Ult which can be used defensively or offensively
Players will love your warding and lane control
Very fast movement speed (great at chasing and escaping)
CONSTANT Gold flow without killing creeps

Mana Hungry
Won't do much damage (not meant to though)
No constant fast heal (soraka, alister, sona, taric)
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Overall Idea

So before explaining the runes, masteries, and skills ect I want to go over the overall idea for this Janna build. The general idea is to build tanky but with AP so that Janna can build charges, not die and give the enemy gold, and be constantly warding. Janna is a support and therefore expected to be in bot with a dps hero preferably ranged AD so she can boost them with her shield. Janna is then expected to not take creep kills from the carry so that the carry may get fed, alas how does Janna get money for her pricey items? Through the amazing Gold per 10 rules.

I know most people don't like the idea of Gold per 10 but without a way to constantly kill creeps for their 20-30 gold per kill this makes for a much easier and better investment for stats and upgrading towards the end game. So here's a little math for you:

Killing creeps and making carry mad at you during bot laning phase: 1-2 creep every 10 seconds =30-60 gold

Constant flow of Gold per 10 while not upsetting your partner or worrying about last hitting:
    Masteries: 2/10
    Runes: 3/10
    Passive: 13/10
    Philosopher's Stone: 5/10
    Heart of Gold: 5/10
    Total : 28/10 = 2.8 Gold per Second for doing nothing

    So then it's 28 compared to 30-60 gold. I know. doesn't look great so far right?

    Now keep in mind:
    You're not pissing your partner off and letting them farm
    Gaining money while going off to ward
    Gaining money while going back to town to heal/shop
    Gaining money on the long trip back to your lane

    Gold per 10 wins ^_^.
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Summoner Skills

Clairvoyance: Great support skill. Gives view to part of the map for a few seconds and required for a good support for map awareness

Flash: Almost always my 2nd choice but can be switched up after it's hard nerf. Flash allows for unnatural escapes and the Flash+ Ultimate combo to move opponents as you see fit.

Exhaust: Disabling your opponents is Janna's job and Exhaust helps to do that

Heal/Clarity: you could use these but they aren't exactly the best. Janna is used for her shield rather than a heal and she is mana hungry but can always run to town quick but then again it's always nice to have a small boost when you really need it.


Teleport: Janna is one of the fastest heroes in the game. Teleport would be wasted on her.

Surge: you don't need attack speed (surge was made for AP attack carries like Teemo and Akali)

Revive: The point is for Janna to not die. Even once. Enough Said.
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As with most supports Janna has 21 in utility focusing on CD, gold, and mana and the remaining 9 are in defense because the main idea is for Janna to NOT die. That's basically rule number one due to her items involving Mejas and Oracle. Also just the general idea of not giving a free 300 gold to the enemy. No one likes a feeder or being the one feeding.
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Now for runes I take Gold and Mana primarily.People may argue health or CD but hear me out.

Gold per 10 rules are going to become your best friend very shortly because with a pricey item list and constantly being needed to spend money on wards and oracles to break down the other teams wards you need a gold income, which won't be from creeps or kills!

Now when it comes to Mana, Janna is a mana hungry woman that spams whirlwinds and shields like no ones business. Also to add to this Janna also has some mana regan involved to help out manage her spamming

As for why NOT to go CD or health with runes is because:
1. You will be building tanky/AP and have a good mastery for it
2. CD Boots, Masteries, and the overall goal of 20 charges on mejas (which is very possible!) gives for a good CD reduction
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So here's a rundown of Janna's Skill set.

Passive:Tailwind: Gives all heroes +3% movement speed bonus. Great global ult for your team which will help with chasing and running away.

Howling Gale (Q) : very good disable. Basic idea, creates a tornado to go forward in a straight line and launch the hero up in the air and do some damage, this is a skill shot so it's possible to miss but can also break major ultimates like Nunu, Mumu, and any other channeling skill.

Zephyr (W): Used for movement bonus, Ghostwalk through creeps, and can be used to slow and damage an opponent but at the cost of it's benefits until the CD refreshes.

Eye of the Storm (E): Janna's shield and AD buff which gives a good amount of damage and it's ideal to level up to max earlier rather than later, since it will have more of an impact earlier in the match with the damage boost. EX: ashe, cait, Xin, Lee ect.

Monsoon (R): Janna's ultimate and as it should be. This ult heals but more importantly physically moves other heroes out of its range. This ultimate can be used in many ways: to separate chasing enemy heroes from allies, force opponents back towards your allies for them to kill them, to separate the opponents, break up ults, and finally a powerful heal.

The idea is to be shielding the allies that need it but to also be boosting your AD carry so that they can do more damage, (you'll also get an assist if they get a kill). Zephyr should be used to maintain movement unless chasing an opponent down so then to use it to give a good slow (unless yi, kinda hard to slow him down haha)

Howling Gale (tornado) is used primarily to disable and do damage, remember this can break up big ults and slow down chasing heroes or slow them down by tossing them in the air. Remember the longer you charge howling gale the farther it will travel and do more damage (great for clearing minion waves and maintaining lane control)

Monsoon (ult) is a little tricky and takes time to learn when to use it. Since at the wrong time could ruin a team fight or save it. also this is when flash comes in, even though flash was nerfed (and nerfed hard) Janna can still use her Flash ult combo to flash into a team fight then ult to break everything up or push an opponent towards allies. Also a great trick to try is to let an opponent harass you and come in a little to close to your tower. Flash/Ult them into your tower and the tower will take care of the kill. (they'll be too worried about running/taking damage to hurt you) while you disable them further with zephyr and shielding yourself encase they attempt a counter attack
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Starting Item: Regrowth Pendent (helps survivability in lane)
Build into: Philosopher's Stone: 5/10 and good survivability early game
Next item: Basic Boots and at least 1 ward (more if possible)
Next item Heart of Gold (825) and the final 5/10 item for this build
Continue buying wards (get oracles elixir now or soon if you can afford it) disable wards.
Build into: Ionian Boots for 15% CDR (Janna needs constant access to her skills)
Next item: Mejas Soulstealer.
Maintain Warding at all times (it's your job)
At this point you will have trouble freeing up a spot in your inventory. Tell allies so they don't yell at you for not being able to ward at times.
Rylai's Scepter: health belt first for extra survivability to maintain charges and oracles
Finally Banshee's Veil as an end game finisher and further survivability.

There is one other build that works well and this next build should only be used if you're going to need to be more of an offensive Janna to help with combat, or very liable to die due to carries that don't do their job. Here it is: based on the same idea but keeping in mind the massive mana pool and the idea you might be dying more often due to fighting.

Starting Item: Regrowth Pendent (helps survivability in lane)
Build into: Philosopher's Stone: 5/10 and good survivability early game
Next item: Basic Boots and at least 1 ward (more if possible)
Next item Heart of Gold (825) and the final 5/10 item for this build
Continue buying wards (get oracles elixir now or soon if you can afford it) disable wards.
Build into: Ionian Boots for 15% CDR (Janna needs constant access to her skills)
Next item: Tear of the Goddess (starts your massive mana pool) Try to get before upgrading boots if you can. you'll need time to boost the mana bonus.
Build into: Archangels staff. Good mana and AP.
Next item: Frozen Heart(Gives Mana,Armor, CDR, and bonus AP, what else can you ask for?)
Next item: Rylai's Scepter (survivability, slow to help disable, and good AP)
Next item: Deathcap. Replace Philostone you won't need the regan anymore (finish the job with massive AP and mana)
Finish shield if the game lasts that long for extra survivability.
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Now playing as Janna you should already be prepared to not worry about creeping and be focusing on supporting your allies by disable other heroes, warding like crazy, and destroying opponents wards (oracles). You already know your item build and the order it should be built in so that's all set. Now for her actual play style.

Janna is actually a very laid back hero when it comes to laning unless the carry DPS has to go back to town or you're helping with a chase/escape.

Janna will usually be sitting pretty gaining gold passively through her gold per 10 rules and warding and keeping tabs on the mini map. You may be asked to go ward top or mid if your allies need it and try to do it even though it's a long trip up to top you'll be gaining money and helping your allies watch out for ganks.

As for team fights, stay in the back but close enough to support and disable and get the assists when your team gets kills. NEVER DIE! can't be said enough. charging mejas and keeping oracles (400g everytime) is hard work but can be very rewarding.

It's been gone over what Janna's skills do so just use them for their purpose. Blast tornados at opponents to disable oppoents, break up ults, launch them into the air to slow them down, clear creep waves if no other hero is around and you're defending a tower/lane. Zephyr try not to use as much to maintain the movement bonus since you'll be running around the map warding. Shield your heros and give the AD boost and time your ults as well as you can and keep in mind the Flash/Ult combo.
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Overall Janna is a great hero with a lot of potential as a disabler who basically runs around the map saving everything. You don't need to be the hero making all the kills to be the backbone of the team especially if you are the reason the Carry can get all those kills and people will recognize you for those skills if a support is played properly.

With idea of not dying (not even once) in mind your score will look amazing and you won't be giving away gold to the other team. You'll maintain charges on Mejas and keep up oracles elixir.

Literally this has been working for me ever since I created this setup and I finally decided it was time for me to share this with others (My last game was 5/1/20, so mad when i died for trying to save an ally haha) Although it is your job to save your allies don't be careless and don't overstep any boundaries that you won't be able to come back from since staying alive is always the number one priority.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Granitetheplanet
Granitetheplanet Janna Guide
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Who runs the world? Janna.

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