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Trundle Build Guide by EMOcrawler

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EMOcrawler


EMOcrawler Last updated on January 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is gonna be my first build on a Lol champ. I think it will kinda be fun. No, I KNOW it will be fun. You will be the one trolling here. Troll them and make the Troll proud.

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Skill Sequence

i recommend maxing your Rabid Bite, put 1 point into Contaminate and Pillar of Filth under lvl 6. when q is max put up to 3 points on Pillar of Filth then max ur Contaminate and after that ur Pillar of Filth. always put a point in your ult on lvls 6, 11, 16(I will add in pictures and stuff when i know how to do it, but for now, youll have to do it with this.

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I like to start with a vampiric scepter. then I try to get my first boots on my way back, or stay longer, gank and get my wriggle with it. when I have wriggle I go for merc's, after that frozen mallet. This is your core build. Your tanky and deal average damage. The hp from mallet helps with your passive. Then i go for atma's impaler for more def+crit+ad(extra hp from mallet)
Then I go for banshees veil for the extra missing mr and mana(yay mana!)+ the hp for atma and your passive. After that i usually get sunfire cap or warmogs(for more help on the atma and your passive. If you went sunfire cap, you can after that resell wriggle and go for a bloodthirster(you lose armor on selling wriggle, sunfire gives more, so you dont miss out on anything when taking sunfire cap.

Usually when you have your frozen mallet/atma the game will be over, so just keep the other items in mind.

Of course, you can try anything else. This just is how I do it. If you have alot enemy AP's then take a Force of nature somewhere on the way. Too much AD? Take thornmail.
A hextdrinker for vs ap isnt that bad too.(Karthus ults? HAHAHA YOU GOT TROLLED BY MY ORANGE SWORD THAT I DONT EVEN USE IN MY HANDS HAR HAR HAR ~ Etc.

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for masteries, I go fully through the defensive tree, taking 2 points on the armor and magic resist on top of the tree, 4 on the hp mastery after that and 1 on the hp after that. 1 tanky trundle xD. After that i'd say you can take in the tree what you prefer. It all works for trundle. But GET THAT LAST MASTERY!! it works with your alot of hp items and that makes you deal more dmg with atma's.(+10% cc reduction!! :D) then i go some AD penentration in the offensive tree. Take the mastery for smite on your defensive tree too, it helps.

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for runes i take flat hp quints, ad marks(just like those,, but you can swap them for arp)magic resist glyps and armor seals. You can also try anything else what you like, it does not have to be bounded what I like. You choose the troll, then play like a troll. RUSH IN AND SUICIDE :D.

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Summoner Spells

i take ghost and smite(smite helps with jungling and when you're low hp, you can smite a minion to gain extra hp, that might save your life)
You can also use flash or ignite in any of the combinations. Ignite is more for the kills(since trundle mostly get assists)

Just dont take:

REVIVE: You wanna die, lil troll? :D
Cleanse: WTF HE HAS 85% TENACITY WHY WOULD YOU TAKE IT ON THIS BUILD(mercs=35%, mastery=10%,his W gives on max 40% cc reduction)
I'd say, use ghost, let them chase you. And troll them around in your circle :D

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Pros / Cons

Great ganker
Great jungler
Doesnt have to return when he is around 200 hp(you can smite a bit and jungle and ur health will be full again with your passive on it, I would return with a karthus tho D:)
average dmg output, late game alot.
Very very tanky for such a damage dealer.
Great slow.
Can make the carry deal no dmg.
Can 1v1 a fed graves(did that once :D while another guy was attacking me too, got away with only 5 health, but still :P).


weird dance
Does need some teamwork(at ganks for example)
When they see trundle going fast with his W they usually target him(good or bad? :D)
When he uses his W the enemies sometimes get out of the circle.
His ult is only 6 seconds. use it on timing.
Slow has a long cd.

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Ranked Play

I know trundle is great for ranked play. His overall stats, his debuffs and his cc can make him a fine jungler. he can also counter jungle a bit if you start at blue buff(alot of movement speed with infinite mana) Again he needs team work. So i would not recommend solo quee.

Its not the character who depends if he can get viable on higher elo, its the player + team.
Keep that in mind.

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Creeping / Jungling

nothing to say. You can start where you want, but i advise blue with a pull. It makes jungling easy as hell. I usually go wolves after that> those ghost thingies> golems> red buff, and ganking time! I advise to gank at level 4(when you have your slow) it all depends on the situation. Does mid need to b? go to mid to take over. Is gp overextending at top? go there and gank the ********plank. Trundle is just fun, take him from behind with your giant club :D (no dirty thoughts please :P)

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Team Work

his slow and debuffs can support the team as hell. ever saw your carry getting hit by ur enemy carry>? BITE THEIR AD OFF with your Q. Ever saw a tank who is too tanky? USE UR ULT AND STEAL IT :D(then ur the one unbeatable)If you ult on the tank and your carry has a black cleaver(squishy) Or your ap carry(or support) has an abbysal scepter(more mr off!, keep in mind that you have to ult first AND THEN she needs to get close to debuff. Again, teamwork.

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I will change this build. It needs icons, a new layout. But for the people who understands what i'm saying it will be a good build. I do want you to vote, but dont look at the layout. I will update the guide when I have the time at hand. Reactions would be nice too, just to help me make it better. dont downvote emmidiatly. I'd like some tips on how to do the skill sequence scedule, I saw them on other build on top :P, and also the item pictures. I play the game by the way on european server. Myself, I am dutch and I also have an account on North America.
North america: EMOcrawler
Europe West: EMOcrawler1(I think)

Feel free to add me and have fun :P
I'm not the best of players, but I'm not the worst one too. Everyone has their bad games. If you play premade it will be easier to win.