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League of Legends Build Guide Author LuluxxxFaexxx

Who wants some Draven? [Wicked Blade]

LuluxxxFaexxx Last updated on June 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Draven The Glorious Executioner

Draven is a range,carry. Draven's passive is Wicked Blades it deals physical damage over time. For Draven's Q is Spinning Axe you hit a champion and it reflects back and if you catch the Spinning Axe it will keep Reflecting. Draven's Blood Rush increases the movement speed and attack speed and it is a great way to escape from other champion with your Stand Aside. Draven's Stand Aside dealing damage where he hits he slows them down at the same time. Now for Draven's ult Wicked Death he uses his two axes dealing physical damage striking an enemy champion dravens move and the Wicked Death follow. Wicked Death can go across the map and it resets the other direction hitting the enemy again and that is a great way to get a Penta kill.

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Draven: Farming

Farming with Draven. Draven needs lots of farm. The other team is pushing to hard. How do I get that farm? Well with Draven's Stand Aside you slow the other team that is coming to poke you. First off start with your Spinning Axe so you harrass at them and keep poking at them till they are low on health and get your farm with Stand Aside and keep using your passive.

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Draven: Team Work

Draven can do tons of damage with others. In laning you should have armor or health doing a team fight. With Draven's Wicked Death he can get a enemy champion as far away from him. Draven is great with team fights. With his Stand Aside he slows the enemy champions and let his team get the kill or even the Ace. That so they can get the turret or even the Nexus! Draven isn't the best champions but he is great for now!

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Draven: Summoner Spells

With Draven I would use Flash and Ghost. Most people play Draven with Flash and Ignite. With Ghost and Flash you can Flash right next to the turret and get the kill and use ghost to get out of the turret and you can reverse that. I don't recommend all you people to use Flash and Ghost you try out something that you like. Flash and Ghost is just my usually I hope that helped!

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Draven: Items

Draven's role as an AD carry means that you should always be one upping your counterpart in the other lane, as far as attack damage goes. If they have 90 AD, you should have 100 AD. Building Draven straight attack damage is often not a very safe path, however, so i will explain how i build him, and how each item will help you.

Berserker's Greaves
I've noticed that while Draven's Q scales with attack damage, and stacking him with a ton of AD seems viable, he ends up moving a lot to catch all the axes he throws. In my experience, a good way to counter the DPS he loses while he is walking, is to build some attack speed right off the bat with some Berserker's Greaves. That way, when you have two spinning blades up (Yes, Draven's Q can allow him to have two axes readied at once!) you will be able to do a ton of damage while on the run.

Mercury's Treads
Mercury's Treads give you invaluable tenacity that really really helps Draven, whether he be in lane or in a teamfight. Having the time on stuns reduced is always a safe route for an AD carry, as they will likely be focused in teamfights, and being able to get away sooner is never a bad idea. (The magic resist is always helpful, too)

Doran's Blades
Buying two Doran's Blades is generally a good path to take while you are playing Draven, as they give you a decent amount of lifesteal and allow you to one up your opponent in lane AD wise. Trading damage with Draven is very important if you want to make sure you don't slip, and begin to feed the enemy. Any time your enemy damages you, you generally want to try to match, or if possible, do greater damage to them in return, so they don't get the upper hand. IF you manage to get a few lucky kills off the start and you already have your boots of choice, it is possible to grab a Pickaxe from the store as well, to further your damage output and begin building your Infinity Edge, and for those who are REALLY snowballing like crazy, if at all possible, buy a B. F. Sword instead. This will put you much further ahead of the enemy and allow you to not only get a huge attack damage boost, but get you a great start on your Infinity Edge. HOWEVER. I have never taken this path, and would only suggest it if you are certain you will not fail to trade damage with the enemy when they come back, likely with their own Doran's Blade.

Infinity Edge & Phantom Dancer
These two items are really important to every Draven build, and personally, i dont think i would ever build him without them. Both items have modifiers that give Draven a HUGE critical strike chance. This is important, because Draven's passive, Wicked Blades, inflicts a bleed on the enemy with every critical strike. If you boost his Crit chance, attack damage, and attack speed all at once with just these two items, it puts you ahead of the enemy by a tremendous amount. I used to prefer building my AD carry's with The Bloodthirster as soon as possible, to give myself extra sustain, but have since discovered that getting that later is a more viable option for Draven, and likely most other AD carries. however, i DO like to grab a Vampiric Scepter, so i am not left without much sustain. Force of habbit, maybe? But this should especially be done if you did not pick up Doran's Blades at the beginning, for whatever reason.

Last Whisper
My friend and I had a discussion about this one. He suggested that Draven could utilize The Black Cleaver fairly well, as it gives Draven three things he loves: Attack Damage, Attack speed, and Armor Penetration (sort of). While this is all true, and some certainly prefer this, in my oppinion it is better to go with the Last Whisper. The Black Cleaver does give you attack speed, and a fair amount of attack damage, but the third attribute really isnt Armor Penetration. Each consecutive strike with said item lowers the enemies defenses, but it requires you to attack over and over again repeatedly to be effective. The armor reduction also doesn't scale nearly as well as Last Whisper's armor penetration does, and so although it gives you less of a damage boost and no attack speed boost, Last Whisper is the choice id rather go with for shredding armor.

The Bloodthirster
The Bloodthirster, when full, gives you 100 damage and 20% lifesteal. Late game, this bonus is huge, and if you don't die often you get to keep the item full, which helps you keep your health bar full. its win win, and the attack damage takes precedence over a defensive item such as Banshee's Veil, in my opinion.

Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel?
In my experience with Draven, i have either won or lost the game too early to tell you which one of these items works better on him. On other AD carry champions, i would usually go with a Banshee's Veil, as the Mana boost is nice as well as the occasional life saving spell shield, against jerks like Veigar. Whenever I take Guardian Angel, I am usually targeted the second i am revived again, as the other team is frustrated they didnt get the easy kill on me they anticipated. I usually take this if i am playing a character such as Riven, who has extremely high evasiveness with all her jumps and dashes, giving me the option to get out of there as soon as im back up, or turn arond and fight. If you find yourself fighting an AD heavy team, taking the Guardian Angel might not be such a bad idea, for the 68 armor, but it all boils down to the situation and personal preference in this case.

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Skill Sequence

Wicked Blades (Passive)

Wicked Blades is a passive similar to Darius's, but different at the same time. While not every attack of Draven's will apply the bleed to the enemy, every time he crits or hits them with his Q, they get a bleed on them, draining them of health over 4 seconds.

Spinning Axe (Q)

As Draven's Q is the center of his kit, it is only logical that one would max this by 9 first. Putting one point in this at the start is essential for it to play off of his E, and it also inflicts a bleed, one of the benefits of his passive (similar to, but also vastly different than his brother, Darius's passive. Draven does inflict a bleed on enemy champions and minions, but only one stack, and it is only inflicted on critical strikes and when Draven uses his Q). His Q does not always return to where you were standing; in fact, it will only do so when you are standing still (and even then, there is a chance that it will falter off to the side). However, after the axe leaves your hand, the game tries to estimate where you will be in the next couple seconds, and tries to get the axe to land there. If you right click towards your turret after the axe leaves your hand, then the axe will land closer to your turret then the enemy champions, for example.

Blood Rush (W)

Draven's W is a very short movement and attack speed buff (Attack speed buff lasts longer than the movement speed buff) that refreshes when Draven catches an axe. this should be picked up second or third, but maxed last.

Stand Aside (E)

Draven's E is a move that pushes enemies aside, and applies a short slow to them. While focusing on throwing and catching both of Draven's axes, this ability is easily forgotten, as it does not refresh off of an axe catch. However, if you are chasing an enemy Champion, not only does it apply the useful slow for catching up, it also pushes their minion wave to each side, allowing you to easily catch your axes while chasing. Take this at level two or three, but max it second as it is another source of damage for Draven, and the slow is invaluable. Leveling it early also nets you a very handy cool down reduction, increases the duration of the slow, and by just how much the enemy is slowed, important for stopping them in their tracks and earning yourself a kill.

Whirling Death (R)

Ah, Draven's Ultimate. A Global Ult that works similarly to Ezreals, except for the fact that it does a bit less damage, but has the ability to turn around and return to Draven. It's crazy, and it might sound crazy powerful, but you need to keep a few things in mind while using it. Draven hurls both of his axes in a straight line, anywhere on the map. However, there is a catch. Each champion that the ultimate passes through, causes the move to deal progressively less damage over time. As well, as soon as the ultimate hits a champion the move begins to slow down, and eventually turns around to come back to Draven. The moment it turns around, though, the damage debuffs it obtained after passing through enemy champions disappears! While the debuffs are reapplied as the ultimate passes through champions on the return, this ensures that the person to receive the ultimate in the face first takes just as much damage as the person in the back, in the end.

Oh, one more thing about his Ultimate. Draven can turn it around whenever he wants. Lets say you misjudge your timing by a hair, and you throw the ultimate across the map towards an enemy trying to run back to base. but to your dismay, you threw it too far ahead of them. They think they have won, and its a sad day for Draven. But of course, they haven't. Just as they thought they were safe, the axes come whirling back down and pick up the kill, and your team rejoices at how amazing you are, and you go and relish in Noxian women. Just an average day for Draven ;)