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Poppy Build Guide by PJPenta

Whomper Junior Once!

Whomper Junior Once!

Updated on November 1, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PJPenta Build Guide By PJPenta 1,604 Views 0 Comments
1,604 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PJPenta Poppy Build Guide By PJPenta Updated on November 1, 2011
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Thats my first bulid on Mobafire so far, so dont be angry about it. Also i want to sorry about my grammar, i know its not so perfect like it can be. Enough talking, lets start! I want to show You the way that i bulid Poppy- The Iron Ambasador. She can be a AD Meele Carry, Meele Hybrid or Anti Carry. A lot of peoples say she can be used like a tank, but i dont like that at all. I've hope u enyoj it.
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Pretty simple choices for all Meele champs, focused on Armor Penetration and Survability. Quintesences is all about Your personal prefferences, i use more Armor Penetration, that combo whit Marks gives me nice damage early game.
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Its like... U know, Talents, Special's and whatever. I going 9/21/0 but its also ur personal preference. I want to be sure i maximalize my early game survability and get spell penetration from ofensive Tree.
All of masteries can be changed, depends of enemies or ur playstyle.
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Items, Items, Items. Thats what we all loving.

I Starting whit Boots of Speed and three helth potions, what gives me chance to avoid skillshots and harrasment. Then i want to grab my Sheen As soon as posible to get my Q-E Combo aditionall damage and to be able start getting some kills or assists. After getting sheen and first kills/assist u can Finish Trinity Force, and thats the point when u can start seriously getting fed.
After that i rushing stright for my Bloodthirster, awesome item, TONS of Damage and Life Steal, all what you need to have.
Then you can change bulid, depends of team needs, or enemy team composition. I ussualy rushing some Attack Speed- Wit's End what gives me nice Magic Resists and Black Cleaves. Second item is greate vs heavy armored tank like Rammus or Malaphite. It's got Armor DEBUFF not an simply Armor Penetration, that mean that all aeof ur teammates will get bonuses from that item. Just perfect i think.
After that i will be focused so much in a teamfights, so my last item is ussually Sunfire Cape, nice life bonus, armor and some magic damage from aura. You can change SfC for Banshee or Force of Nature if they got some annoying Casters.
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Skill Sequence.

As first i grab Heroic Charge and leave it there, maxing at last. Nice for stunning enemies when they hit the walls, but when you are an AD Poppy u dont get nice damage from that.
And your Main Damage Skill- Devastating Blow. That skill make ur opponents bleed over the few seconds. Flat Damage+ 8% targets maximum health! Kinda OP, huh? Max it as fast as possible. Whit Sheen your E-Q Combo will hurt them realy badly.
At level four i grab Paragon of Demancia- Nice Stacking Ability what gives you bonus armor and attack damage for each hit u get and each blow you deal. Max it second, i like to bonus speed when activate also. Great tool for positioning your Heroic Charge.
On level 6 u can first time grab your ultimate- Diplomatic Immunity. It can be ussed both, defensivelly and offensivelly. U can Focus on their AD/AP Carry and kill him really fast. Bassicaly for 6 seconds at lvl 1 and 8 seconds on lvl 8 you are IMMUNE of damage that want to deal to you your target's teammates. Ofc grab it whenever u can

Poppy's Passive ! <3
Valiant Fighter... Can be one of the most great passives in game. Each damage dealt to Poppy what exceed 10% of her maximum health is reduced by 50%... Simply Great ;)
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Summoner Spells.

I grab Flash and Exhaust always. Its standard combo for all meele damage dealers. Flash have so many uses, i dont need to explain it, do i? :)
Exhaust whit activate your Paragon of Demancia it's one of the best chasing method in game. I belive you're be able to take summoner spells what you like or need...

You can also take ghost instead of Flash, and Ignite instead of Exhaust, personal prefference.
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That's the way of Hammer Diplomacy, i try to update that bulid whenever i can. So Pick up your Poppy's Whomper and Smack some Carries ***...


Thanks for:
Cyzio- Best ****in' Nidalee Ever, My Friend and Menthor.
ScyDrall- 1k+ Wins 1500 Elo. Freaking OP Guy.
CiastuĊ›- Most Epic ******ed Noob, but im still lovin' him ! :D (soz bro)
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Still to come! Stay Whoooooompeeeeed!

Updates, Updates, and Updates.
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