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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Saranghaeeeee

Why am I slowing down-? *Boom*

Saranghaeeeee Last updated on February 25, 2011
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Introduction (I just realized it was called ice blast but too lazy to chang

Just another quick Nunu build, a bit different than the others. All you need is common sense and timing. With this build, it'll almost never let anyone run away. (Maybe if there's 3-5 people) It might take a while but at the end you'll do a LOT of damage to people and turrets/inhibitors.

Why did I decide to make this build? I just won two games with;
And I'm really bored.
What's your opinion on this build?

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Pros and Cons

-One of the best gankers in LoL
-Consume lets him farm longer
-Blood boil can be used on an allie and yourself
-Ice Ball slows speed and attack and it hits a lot
-Sub Zero hits like a truck
-It's passive skill helps save mana

-Ultimate is easily disrupted (That's where timing and common sense comes in)
-Banshees veil, flash, and maybe cleanse will annoy you

His ultimate is really easy to disrupt by stun, suppress, silence, etc but he's one of the best and fun characters to play.

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Spells and Runes Explanation.

Again another 9/0/21 but different this time. Instead of choosing flash, I prefer ghost and exhaust. Sure flash is a great spell, but I don't like popping up and everyone aiming for me at the same time. It's a lot harder to run away with flash as well. Exhaust decreases defenses and .5 duration which makes killing easier and running away and saving your teammate. Ghost gives 8% more speed and 1.5 seconds longer and is more useful in fights than teleport, or flash. It lets you to catch up with someone easily, run away, and gank.

Magic Penetration runes for ice ball and sub zero.
Mana Regen runes for spamming ice ball and harass too.
You don't have to get Ability power, but it gets you those early kills.

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Item Explanation

You might have to go back a lot, but make sure to buy part of the item if you can.

For boots, you don't really have to get Sorcerers shoes- it just depends on who you're facing. If there's a lot of disables, I'd definitely go with Mercury Treads. If you're destroying everybody, get either Sorcerers Shoes or Boots of Lucidity. (To pierce magic resistance if the enemy has it, or spam ice.ball faster)

Rod Of Ages is a good item that'll make you tanky and give good ability power. This will keep you alive, spam ice ball, and do some damage.

Rylais is an optional item- but I recommend it. It makes you even more tanky, adds some good ability power, and slow the enemy down further. When the enemy is even slower, you'll get more hits off of blood boil.

Rabadons Deathcap- A must have item. Gives 155 ability power and 30% more. By the time you get this, you're ultimate should hit at least 1.5k to 2.3k Damage. I'd like to see someone but enough magic resistance for that.

Lich Bane is just surprising. It gives ability power, magic resistance and you'll hit up to 800-900 Normal attack, with a good 1k damage from ice ball. You'll be able to take down the turret in 3-4 hits with this item.

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Why am I slowing down?

I'm going to assume you're a veteran at LoL so I won't have to put all the little details. I think it's a lot more funny waiting in the bush to use sub zero than flashing and using sub zero. While hiding in the bush, the enemy can't see you so the enemy wonders why they're slowed, they take the damage (If not one hitting them) and ice ball, blood boil away.

Blood boil is an amazing spell for a DPS ally to increase yours and his speed and attack speed.
Using Blood boil, Exhaust, Ghost, Ice ball, then Sub Zero is what I usually do. Also when you're about to die use blood boil to run away. If the enemy still chases after you just run to a bush and this is where you need timing. When he's close enough or about to enter in your ultimate zone, use it. He slows down, then if he's almost dead use blood boil and auto attack and ice ball him to death. (If he's not dead)

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You can hide in the grass and ultimate and the enemy won't see it. They'll only be slowed and confused. Then angry once you pop out and kill them. Use blood boil on your allies constantly to speed them up to attack and run away.

Don't forget to comment, and I'll constantly update this =P.