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Poppy Build Guide by Hilcamibue

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hilcamibue

Why doesn't her HP doesn't stay below 1%?

Hilcamibue Last updated on October 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The chick that can 3 shot fools in less than a second.
Of course she's tanky by Valiant Fighter when she's at low hp.
Any damage dealt to Poppy that exceeds 10% of her current health is reduced by 50%. If she has 400 HP, Gangplank shoots a parley that crits and deals 780.
Without armor she will take only 390.
Leaving her with 10 hp, but by level 18 poppy has base armor 90, plus the armor bonus from Randuin's will make it 165. With a physical damage reduction of 63%.
Gangplank's parley would only carry over 246 damage leaving her with 154. Of course, he could AA her twice to kill her. That won't be so easy with her hp constantly regenerating 34 hp per second and Randuin's constantly slowing him as she lures him away from the tower and stuns him for her teammates to take the kill. People will constantly focus Poppy no matter how high her hp is. Running from a 1v5 easier to do with Poppy than Shaco.

I only recommend this if you're bored in pubs or your solo queue team auto locked with no tanks. AD or AP Poppy are much more helpful in your team.

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HP Regeneration runes.
MP Regeneration runes if you're aggressive in laning.
MRES and CDR glyphs also work very well.

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As a tank. You will soak much damage. Only to regenerate it back like Mundo.
0/21/9. The EXP from utility will help you in laning.

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At the start of the game, you will want to get a Regrowth pendant and one hp pot.
This will sustain you until you have enough for a Philosopher's stone.
Once you have enough last hit's or a lucky assist/kill
You will want to b for the Philo. Don't. You want to farm as much as possible until you get boots, a Heart of Gold, and a Philo. Poppy is much more tankier at low hp then people think. Unless they are trying to get close enough to Tower dive + ignite, just keep last hitting.

CORE= Philo, Heart of gold, Eleisa's Miracle, Boots of Swiftness. (FoN)

You want to prioritize the Philosopher's stone, Heart of gold, and Boots of Speed before Boots of Swiftness or Eleisa's Miracle.
Make sure not to buy Eleisa's unless you have enough to buy another Philo.
Your gold income comes mostly from GP/5 and assists.

After you have your core. You'll realize you're lacking in magic resistance. This is where we pick up Force of Nature. Starting with the Negatron cloak and the regrowth pendants if you have the gold. It will give you movement speed. Amazing HP regeneration, and good amount of magic resistance.

If you still feel you don't have enough Mres you can pick up the Spirit Visage earlier.
I prefer to finish my Randuin's Omen by picking up a Warden's mail. The passive and active will mess up the opposing force. If it wasn't enough for them. I also pick up Shurelya's Reverie, then the Spirit Visage for the little Mres and great passive. The thing about these three items is that they give you a combined amount of 30% CDR.

With that high HP regeneration, tenacity, and damage reduction. The enemy champions will still try to focus you when you're at 20% hp. Slowly trying to kill you as your team kills them. Too many times I've gotten away with less than 50 hp. Only to regenerate all my hp back before the next team fight without having to blue back. Just run around in circles and stun whenever you can.

If you feel you don't need a Spirit Visage or the Reverie, don't even bother with it and get something that will piss off your enemies more. Such as 5 pink wards, Oracles, and Guardian Angel. You will miss the high hp regen in combat.

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Skill Sequence

Why did I put 1 SP into Diplomatic Immunity and leave it like that until level 17?
You don't need 2 more seconds of invulnerability, you sure as hell don't need 20% damage increase. Devastating Blow can be used to farm more efficiently.
Heroic Charge is used to heavily bruise the enemy team and allow you or your partner to farm easier. A successful charge will make their hp go down to half, and a quick Q will make it go to 30%. Of course as a tank. You will have to move quickly to the frontlines. This is why we take either Boots of Swiftness or Mobility. I recommend Swiftness if you're not used to Heroic Charge's range. Paragon Of Demacia can also save many lives, which is why I take it at 4. You'll find yourself doing pretty decent damage to their carries without offensive items.

Of course most of your damage late game comes from Devastating blow.
Heroic Charge should not be used unless you have a wall to push him on, or you're ahead of them and want to push them out back.

One fun trick I love to do is ult infront of an enemy turtling under a turret, and heroic charge them out towards my teammates.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport and Ghost. It allows you to get anywhere quickly. I'd trade in Teleport if you're taking Boots of mobility. Tanky DPS spells work so well with Poppy though.

Other good choices would be
Flash (Useful for any situation really)
Fortify (Stun them once they tower dive+press F)
Heal (Trolling harder than Tryndamere. Really it's not needed. You'll take heavy hits and shrug it off as a Paragon away, It's nice to save a carry's life and win a 3v2 though.)
Cleanse (You will get hit pretty hard, but this along with Eleisa's will make them very angry)
Clarity (Well.... The more mana the merrier)

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As a tank, you will have to tower dive, and they will stun you if you do. Try not to ult unless you need to. You want them to focus you.

CONS: True damage hurts poppy.
Lower damage hurts poppy even more than nukes do. (Poison, Ignite, minions)
Your damage. What the ****?

PROS: Live through many nukes.
Regenerate your hp so fast while Tryndamere is still focusing you.
Karthus can't seem to kill you, even with full AA stacks and a Rabadon.
Lots of Ragespam. (I did my whole ****ing combo poppy, who plays tanky poppy anyways/ OMG STOP FOCUSING POPPY)

Have fun trolling in Pubs.