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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bradtothebone

Why not support AND nuke? (updated 5/4/11)

bradtothebone Last updated on May 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 9

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Please scroll down to quick tips and summary if you want a quick guide.

I'm just starting this guide and will be adding and organizing stuff better as I gain experience and have the time to write it.

Hurray! An attack damage sona buff! Infinity edge is even better and all sona's abilities only cost 65 mana instead of 75! Woot!
ok... nerding out aside, AD sona owns.

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Quick Tips

    In the loading screen? Here's some tips.
    Conserve mana and don't play agressive early on
    Last hit all the creeps you can. You need money!
    During a team fight cast W -> E -> Q (on champion(s)) -> right click weakest one in range -> repeat
    Lead your ultimate a little bit
    Flash away if you're getting focused in a team fight
    Blue buff is extremely helpful if someone helps get it for you early on
    Use Q to farm minions

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Short story: Get a bunch of dmg and high crit dmg, cast Q to activate your passive, right click. On a non crit i think this does 600ish and on a crit over 1k so if there's a squishy at half health chilling at a turret, tower dive and kill that nub then heal the 3 tower hits you took. You can do this stuff every 5 seconds so do it as much as possible. If your team is running away, and someone on there team is at 800 health thinking they're safe, turn around kill them then flash if it gets too dangerous.

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4/15 created
4/25 moved manamune earlier in item order, changed final item to zhonyas hourglass, and slightly adjusted masteries
5/4 added how to not die as a squishy

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Team Work

When your getting focused by their team: If they are focusing you, being successful at it, and its not only one person doing the job, consider buying a tank item such as soul shroud (if i recall correctly what it does).

When getting focused by one person: Have your team focus that person. Smart trynds will always try and use their endless rage to focus you down, so if fighting against a team with trynd, tell your allies to pop his endless rage as soon as possible.

Support your allies! As long as you don't die and get nothing accomplished, help your teammates do whatever stupid stuff they do. If katarina ultimates at 200 health, go cast a heal and do some dmg before leaving her to die. As long as you don't die you can probably get one of them to go back rather than letting katarina die getting little accomplished. Sometimes you can even save them and get some clutch kills out of it if you do it right.

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Summoner Spells

While you have a few options, Flash and Ignite seem to be the best options. If you're not a big fan of ignite or if you have something else that you really want, go ahead and swap ignite out for that thing. Flash is very important though. Other teams should try and focus you and to avoid that, or waste their time while your team kills them, flash away once you start taking damage. Flash also has other uses, such as getting away from a gank either by flashing to your turret or over a wall. You can also Flash over a wall to an ally the other team thinks they can get a kill on. If you let your teammate know that you will save them, have them fight someone else. Once your teammate is low on hp, you can flash in (if your in a brush just walk) save them and kill the other person. The whole point of flashing and not walking is that you can go over ledges. Say you see a strong warwick killing dragon. Have your teammate go in and you go around. When its the perfect time, flash in and own them. Even if you can't kill them, they may get scared and run away and your teammate can chase them down. So yeah, flash owns.

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how to not die as a squishy (under construction)

akali ultimate stacks = charge
alistar = dead if he gets close to you
amumu = bandaid toss
anivia = long range heimer stun, dodgeable... dont stand in ult
annie = ranged stun = you die
ashe = stay behind monsters/people and out of reg attack range
blitzcrank = stay behind monsters/people
brand = 500 dmg at one important fight, and stun combo
caitlyn = dodge herbullet ult
cassiopeia = ultimate
cho'gath = will slow you
corki = giant range
dr. mundo = cleavers
evelynn = stealth insta death
ezreal = watch for ult
fiddle = ult
galio = ult
gangplank = crit parrrrrrrrrley
garen = pansy
gragas = ult
heimerdinger = stun
irelia = dont let her get too close
janna = ult
jax = dont let him hop on you
karma = pansy
karthus = ult
kassadin =
katarina = ult
kayle = pansy
kennen =
kog maw = ult
leblanc = keep some range
lee sin = stay behind peeps
lux = dodge the lazor
malphite = pansy
malzahar = keep distance (or ban him)
maokai = pansy
master yi = stay by team
miss fortune = dodge ult
morde = stay away
morgana = keep some range
nasus = dont stand in his aoe
nidalee = stay behind monsters/people
nocturne = stay near team
nunu = dont get ulted (save flash if necessary)
olaf = pansy
pantheon = dont get hit by ult and stay out of leap range
poppy = stall until ult runs out
rammus = dont get taunted or stand in ult
renekton =
ryze = keep ur distance
shaco = attack him when he attacks you
shen = dont get taunted
singed = dont get flinged (if he used you're safe)
sion = dont get stunned
sivir = pansy
sona = dont attack if they are going AD
soraka = pansy
swain =
taric = stun
teemo = drag him into your team
tristana = stay by team
trundle = pansy
trynd = stall as long as you can use zhonyas (or ban)
twisted fate = go back to your team if he ults and you're low
twitch = gank from behind so stay by team ish
udyr = stun
urgot = ult
veigar = you dead if he stuns
vlad = life steal
warwick = ult
xin zhao = hax if you get too close
zilean = bombs

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If you're doing mid, dont lane against lux... ill update this as i get owned...
try to lane with someone who has something ranged to harass at your opponent (like mundo) so that even if you can't 1v1 them you can do dmg and then get to last hit creeps because they are low on life.

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Skill Sequence

Q is a very good option for the first thing because you can use your bread and butter combo at the start. When you start the game, quickly buy meki pendant, 2 hp pots and cast q twice. You'll still be at max mana and will be able to gank if your team so chooses.
alternatively you could get W if you're going to be laning someone who can be annoying at level 1, or you can get E if your team only needs speed to catch people during the gank, as opposed to damage. Both W and E can be used to trigger your passive both giving the listed power chord ability (slow or less damage). After that your primary concern is to level up Q unless your laning partner can do a bunch of quick damage and then get out (lee sin for example). In that case you would start getting points in W first. Make sure to get E around level 4-5 because once you're level 6, the chances that you will be able to chase someone increases, so you will need your E ability for the movement speed increase. Past level 6 I suggest you start putting points into Q so that you can start doing damage. W has a decent cooldown so its not as helpful as Q in a flat out fight. So past level 6 Max Q/W then E last. Ultimate is always a priority, even though it doesnt do a whole lot of dmg (you're not ap).

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Anythign physical thats not attack speed works really, but i prefer critical damage for Sona so that when i get a crit it does a ton of damage, which is what this build is going for. lots of options but who cares. runes are expensive. by the time they really matter you will know what you need.

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Masteries are really just focused torwards doing burst damage. i get greed because getting 180 gold per half an hour is the best option out of what there is to choose. If for some reason you want clarity because your team wants you to have it, go put that point in clarity. its a good talent if you plan on using clarity for your team.
If you want a tiny bit more survivability as opposed to a tiny bit more other stuff go put your points into defense. If you dont want defense or utility stuff than put the points into Ap or sometin.

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The first items you want to get is meki pendant and 2 hp pots. The meki pendant is so that you dont run out of mana and the 2 hp pots are to heal yourself so you dont die in 3 hits from half health. You could heal yourself but early on your heal is expensive mana-wise and mana is very healpful for last hitting and harassing enemy champions for more lane presence. Shortly following (not long at all) you'll go back for tear of the goddess and whatever hp/mp pots you can get. Hp pots for the same reason as the first few and mp pots so that you can stay out longer casting spells increasing your mana pool with tear of the goddess. Tear of the goddess is important so that you dont run out of mana. This purchase could be avoided by buying chalice of harmony but being able to get a manamune is much more helpful. After that get some boots. If you're getting hit hard by physical damage grab some ninja tabi... otherwise get cooldown reduction boots. After boots start working on trinity force. Sheen is your best choice so that you start doing some more damage with nukes and whatnot. Following that get phage for the slow and then zeal because you have to. Then you have trinity force! Congragulations you can do some damage now! You still dont do the fabled 1.6k + 30% of their life thats possible but you can do a pretty decent 600 damage. At this point tear of the goddess should be getting close to maxed out and you should have a good amount of mana making manamune's purchase worthwhile. After manamune start getting infinity edge. I suggest bf sword because its better timing because you can spare some lowered attack damage now as opposed to .... just get bf sword first its kind of hard to explain. Once you have infinity edge the game is progbably over, and you can finally do your epic burst damage.

Your last 2 items should definately be focused on the other teams composition or your teams composition. For example if they all have a lot of tanky characters you can get deathfire grasp or if your team needs some more defense get an aegis of the protector (i think thats its name).
The options for the last 2 items are pretty much limitless. Whatever items you like you can go ahead and get. A couple suggestions for items though are guardian angel, because by the time you get to your fifth item they will probably have some way to focus your squishy self, and guardian angel will make you pop back up shortly after :). Another option is zhonyas hourglass because ap is good for sona and the use is epic for when your getting focused. Another suggested option is deathfire grasp just for a tiny bit more burst damage.

Also, finally, if your team is really relying on you to do damage then you can get a phantom dancer.

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Explenation... if you know what her skills do scroll down past this.
Q=damage aura, casts 2 lightning bolts which prioritize heroes out, activates double power chord damage
W=heals you and lowest champion around, defense and magict resist aura, activates power chord to lower damage output of a nub you choose
E=movement aura, increases movement for 1 second when you cast it, activates power chord to slow.
R=stuns in a line, but it takes a tiny bit for the animatino to go.
Passive=Every three spellcasts it activates an everlasting buff (goes away when you use it) dealing some magic damage (scales with level) when you meelee.

end skill description thingmajig

Q=Use it for last hitting minions. attack down 1 minion that your minions arent attacking then last hit them both with q, assuming you have the mana to spare.
W=Heal. pretty self explanitory
E=movement. Keep casting this while running or persuing. Do not cycle to other auras to maximize its effectiveness.
R=Try to hit at least 3 people with this so that its not a waste. Use it during an intense team fight to turn the tide of the battle and to regain your coordination. You can also use it to pause the battle so you can choose who you want to use your Q -> meelee nuke on.
Passive=Every three spellcasts it activates, so cycle W and E to get 2 stacks then use Q for the double power chord damage, and then meelee to use it. If you have to use random auras and get three stacks before you want it, try not to waste it on creeps. Only use it on creeps if you know youll have another one up before champions are in range. The reason you leave the stacks of this passive at 2 most of the time is so that you can still last hit minions without activating the passive, and can use the passive as a burst when you see a champion, casting Q to turn it on then meeleeing to activate it.