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League of Legends Build Guide Author Trauma001

"why wont this sivir f***ing die!!"

Trauma001 Last updated on February 21, 2011
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Chapter 1

:WARNING: This sivir build has a lacking of health and mana items so only use it if u know how to play sivir, and if are cautious and not greedy. I will be running through the build in this explanation to explain to you why iv chosen this build and what its benefits are ontop of it weaknesses which you have to look out for. (The items in this build can be built up anyway you want on the tree because buying them all in one would be very stupid since there all really expensive items)

Now we've all seen people stack sivir with armor health and mana for more survivability, but then we see them hit like **** and are pretty much useless in a fight except for taking damage and dying. The build iv done here is solely focusing on damage, lifesteal and attack speed. Now i start of with Berserker greaves simply because movement speed is a must for sivir at the beginning of a game, and then u also get that nice attack speed bonus, which is sufficient enough until we get starks fervor. Next we get Bloodthirster, this gives us a nice boost to our damage and some lifesteal ontop of it (because we all hate playing sivir and ashe at the beginning of a round and hitting **** all damage on our enemies and making ourselves look like total ******s), when you get this item, kill some minions first to get the bonuses up, at max stack u can get something like +30 extra damage and +15 extra lifesteal. Next we get starks fervor, this gives us even more lifeteal, a nice health regen and that awesome attack speed which we've been longing for since we got the boots (the armor reduction to enemies is quite a nice extra to). After this we get our second most expensive item, hextech gunblade. With this item it will give us even more attack damage and lifesteal and ontop of it some nice spell vamp (for those of u who dont know, spell vamp is it gives u health according to how much spell damage u do) and ability power for our boomerang attack. After that we get the phantom dancer, this gives us extra movement speed, which combined with sivir's ulti gives us a nice boost to speed. It also gives us even more attack speed and then that crit chance as a bonus. The very last item we get is infinity edge, the reason for this is because it gives the highest damage out of all attack damage items (excluding the sword of occult stack and the bloodthirster stack) and it also gives us even more crit chance, and makes our crits hit 250% instead of 200% harder. Combined with the phantom dancer and the 2 talents on our masteries tree, well be hitting quite alot of crits now. When u have finished this build, if u get the chance because it is quite an expensive build, you can go into a fight with half health and come out with full health thanks to our 70% or so lifesteal combined with our amazing attack speed you will literally regain 100 or more health every second, your enemies health will literally dissapear infront of you and you will crit around 500 or higher, and with ur amazing movement speed and ur ulti popped and ghost active you will leave even some of the fastest champions out there such as master yi and rammus high and dry. But a word of advice before i finish off, this is an expensive build and should only be used for those who are used to playing sivir, or who have played her for awhile, because due to the lack of health and mana u can die quite easily, u also need to know when to time your spell shield right, cause it only lasts for 3seconds. And whenever vsing a tank such as cho'gath or rammus make sure u becareful because they have those nasty silences, stuns knockbacks and taunts, which can be hell if your trying to lifesteal them. When vsing nukers such as ryze, annie or nunu, make sure u always pop your spell shield at the right moment when they use there main abilities.

Gl and HF, enjoy the build, and take heed to the advice iv given you, because iv played sivir since LOL launched, and iv seen all the weaknesses and strengths she carries with her.