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Mordekaiser Build Guide by WickedMinded

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WickedMinded

WickedMinded's Full Guide For Lord MordeKaiser

WickedMinded Last updated on August 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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What's up everybody. It's your boy WickedMinded and today... (Err whatever day your reading this XD) ... Im going to show you how to play MordeKaiser! I main Mordekaiser and this guide/build will hopefully make you think about maining MordeKasier as well ;). I will like to point out that this is my first build. So please be respectful and nice about it. If you think i should make some changes, comment and don't forget to rate! I will be uploading some Champion Spotlights soon! And they will be in all my builds. I'd also like to point out that im not completely finish with this build ;)

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Pros and Cons

+High damage output even without a lot of ability power.
+Great in team fights
+Can turn team fights into a 6 v 4
+Amazing passive

+Not as good early game
+A bit hard to play
+No Crowd Control (stuns, slows, ect)

MordeKaiser specializes in 1 v 1ing. You can also take out two enemies by yourself if your careful and know who your up against. He's amazing in team fights. He has no Crowd Control but
with a sexy Rylai's that's not true anymore ;)

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Runes are pretty simple you want Magic Penetration marks for some nice damage. Amour or health per level seals to be harder to kill early game, because you are squishy early game. Glyphs you can take Cooldown Reduction if you want to spam your abilities, i personally use these mainly because i don't buy any cooldown reduction items. So these are good if you want to spam your abilities a little bit more often. You can also take Potency (Ability Power) if you like having some nice ability power early game or even Warding (Magic Resist) to again be bit more tanky because like i said you are squishy early game. Quintessences i like taking either Fortitude (Health) for more survivability early game. Potency (Ability Power) for some more damage early game. Swiftness (Movement Speed) to catch up to that annoying Ashe that kites you all day! With these babies, Quickness, boots, and Force of Nature, there will be no such thing as kiting!

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Masteries are pretty obvious. 9/0/21 taking Archmage's Savvy for bit more Ap early game, Sorcery for that cooldown reduction, and some sweet Magic Penetration. Now in the utility tree it was pretty tricky picking which to choose, Quickness IS A MUST! Intelligence for that cooldown reduction and Presence of the Master for that sexy cooldown reduction on your summoner spells ;).

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are pretty obvious as well. Ghost to escape that annoying Caitlyn or to catch up to her and finish her off! Ignite because it's such an amazing combo with your ultimate. You can also take Exhaust instead of Ghost.

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Skill Sequence

Pretty obvious, max out Siphon of Destruction first, then Creeping Death, then Mace of Spades, and obviously taking your ultimate whenever you can. Siphon of Destruction is your harassing spell and the ability you will use the most, of course you'll max it first. Creeping Death for that damage per second in team fights and such.

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Passive: Iron Man
This passive is what makes Mordekaiser different than other champions and the reason he's so hard to kill. Before a team fight or your about to tower dive etc, make sure you have your shield at 100%, the least should be 80% but it won't kill you to quickly E a minion wave ;).
Q Ability Mace of Spades
A nice Ad + Ap damage spell. Basically it's just a buff to your next standard attack and it will deal damage up to an additional 4 enemy units nearby, good for farming or in team fights. It's not really worth leveling second or first. But i take one point at level 4 and max out E and W first. Your main focus is Siphon of Destruction and Creeping Death.
W Ability : Creeping Death
I love this ability! It has saved my *** and my allies lives so many times. It's basically a Sunfire Cape that you can use on yourself or an ally unit for a short duration, not only will it deal as much damage as two Sunfire capes (at level 5) would at the same time, but it also gives you additional Amour and Magic Resist for 6 seconds! Awesome in team fights, saving yourself or allies, farming, getting your shield up, and in lane versus the enemy champions!

This applies Rylai's passive. So if an ally is chasing down an enemy and your not in range, but you are in range with your ally use it on your ally!Rylai's will do it's job and slow the enemy, and boom assist:)! Or kill steal :/

You can use this to harass enemy melee champions. When they are close to your minions cast it on the closest to the enemy champion. And you'll deal maybe not a lot of damage but it'll be good enough. It will hopefully mess up his last hitting as well. If it doesn't and the enemy stays close enough to take damage from the creeping death. Punish them by using Siphon of Destruction or if your close enough Mace of Spades.
E Ability: Siphon of Destruction
This is your baby, your bread and butter. This ability is amazing to get your shield up, harassing, farming, and team fights.

Mordekaiser is strongest when near minion waves. Because you can get your shield up all the way. So use Siphon of Destruction to deal damage to all six minions in waves.

The best way to harass with Siphon of Destruction is by getting at least 4 minions and the enemy champion(s). This is so if that annoying Caitlyn or Vladimir tries to kite you when you walk back they'll deal no or minimum damage.
R ability (Ultimate): Children of the Grave
Dun dun duunnnnn! This ultimate is so sexy. It's basically an DoT (Damage Over Time). Like Ignite. That's why it's a sweet combo to combine 'em both. But i'm not finished! If the enemy gets screwed while the debuff is on the enemy champion you get his yummy soul. This soul is like an addition to your team! Use the soul for team fights. Using the soul for team fights makes 'em a breeze. It'll be a 6 v 4! I smell and ace ;)

To control the pet soul, you have to hold Alt and right click. This might be a little annoying at first, but after two or three games you should be pretty good with it.

You can use the soul to tank towers.

The best souls to get are champions like Caitlyn, Kog Maw, and Ashe. Because souls can auto attack enemies and these champions are high damage ranged champions. I can't tell you how many times i'v gotten kills just with Caitlyn's yummy soul!

Be careful for champions like Shaco, LeBlanc, Nocturne, Anivia, etc. And champions with Guardian Angel!

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My first build is for those Mordekaisers that love dealing damage! My second is for Mordekaiser that want to be impossible to kill. I sometimes end up combining these builds ahaha. But i use the tank build a bit more. The items are pretty obvious, your starting item should be a Regrowth Pendant + Health Potion, this is because your abilities use health, so Regrowth you should be free to spam your abilities more than you would without it. Doran's Shield is a good item as well. When your building tank, you shouldn't always be buying these items in order. If there are 3 mages get one or two magic resist item after your Sorcerer Boots. It all depends on the enemy team composition. So as tank you should look at your enemy items every time before you buy an item. You can buyWarmog's before of after you get one amour and one magic resist item, it depends on you. I like buying it first so i can get the passive buffed earlier so i can have more health in mid/late game.
If you like stacking take aMeja's orLeviathan or both your choice.

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2 v 2:
From levels 1-3 your main objective is last hitting, try sharing with your partner. Kinda like "I get the caster minions and you can have the three melee minions." or "I get one wave, you get the next." 3-5 is last hitting and harassing. How can you do both at the same time you ask. Use Siphon of Destruction on minions and on the enemy champion. Or you can spam E on champions and last hitting with auto attacks. I prefer doing both at the same time, because it gets your shield up so if they decide to kite you will take no or minimum damage. Practice with bots if you'd like. At level six, if the enemies didnt go back they should be around half health. With one or two more Siphon of Destruction, you should be ready to get your first kill. Ghost in, Siphon of Destruction, Children of the Grave, Ignite, Creeping Death and Mace of Spades if your in range. But You probably won't need W and Q. Hopefully if you did everything right you get the kill. Make sure you use all the abilities you can cast because nothing is more embarrassing knowing you could'v gotten a kill if you had use Siphon of Destruction or Ignite etc. XD

1 v 2 (soloing top):
(Your team has a jungler) You'll have a hard time the first couple of levels because you are squishy and your abilities use health. So that's going to suck pretty bad. So try not to spam your abilities too much, Cause you don't want to feed. Stay defensive, harass, and stay back when needed. Wait for your allies to gank, or if you know you can get the kill try and get it. Before you do ghost in though, think of the pros and cons. "I could finish Ashe off, but Lee will probably finish me off." Don't risk it! Even if you can get the kill, this could cost the top turret or the start of feeding an enemy champion! Stay defensive and be aggressive when you can be, Ex: an enemy goes to their base to buy an item or just to heal and they leave the other in lane. Call for ganks if your having a hard time or ask for a switch.

1 v 1:
Mid, or both teams have a jungler so two champions are soloing top.

Both teams have jungler: So what you want to do is keep the lane at the middle of the turrets. Meaning neither lane is pushed. Just last hit and harass. The reason for this is that at anytime the enemy jungler could came and gank you. Buy two wards everytime you B. Place one in the brush at the very top of the river. You should have 1 in your inventory and 1 in the brush. Once the ward expires use the next one. Once that one expires you should push the lane a bit and B and buy one or two more.

Mid: Mordekaiser can mid, i haven't mid too much with Mordekaiser, i do recommend it. But it doesn't just depend on you, it depends on the enemy champion that is laning with you. Champions like Ashe should be a breeze. Just because they are squishy and don't really have a way to escape. I personally like having lane dominance in this situation. So you can take mid real early. Everytime i have mid with Mordekaiser i always have had the mid turret down under the 15 minute mark. Just be careful, tell your team to call mias, and have map awareness yourself. If your goal is to take down the tower early, you will first need to get your enemies yummy soul. Make it tank the turret, by the time the soul is dead, you should have the turret down to 25%. The rest you can easily do yourself before the enemy comes back or an enemy comes to gank you. As soon as your ally calls a MIA (missing in action (Gone)) run back. You don't want to die at all. Like i said your squishy early game so you'll be murdered. If you can quickly take it down than take it down, but your risking a death.

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Team Fights

As most team fights starts, you should be poking a couple of champions. You should mainly be targeting carries. Once your enemies are about 70% - 80% health, target the champion you want to kill first, ex: Ad Ezreal, Caitlyn, Nocturne, Ashe, etc. Use these in order: Siphon of Destruction, Creeping Death, Children of the Grave, Ignite (if you think you'll need it, you want to ensure the kill, or you just don't care XD), Siphon, Mace of Spades, and if they're surprisingly not dead yet a couple of auto attacks, Siphon, Creeping Death, and Mace of Spades should finish the job. Next with your soul, target the champion with the lowest health. And if your team did their job you should have either ace'd the enemy team, or one or two escaped. Sometimes it's not your fault that you lost the team fight. Sometimes it'll be your ally's fault. So you can blame it on your team if you lose and your the one with the most kills in the game or on your allies side XD. Trust me this has happened to me, i was 21-9-15 and we lost. All of my teammates had negative scores (They had more deaths than kills).

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Please rate and comment ;)
And if you have Skype and you'd like to add me go ahead.
Thanks for the support!

-Yours in Eternity,