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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Seadawg

Willump: Why is this kid on my back?

Seadawg Last updated on February 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Nunu is a great champ, and has many unique abilities.I am warning you now, Nunu is not an easy champ to master. You can kick some major *** with him though. The key to playing him well is to use ur harrass to your advantage, and use you ignite as a killing tool. This build does its best on TT, but you can also destroy a game on SR.

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if you get to finish the full build (which you prob wont) you will have 4000 hp, some armor and magic resist, and that is all you need. the main thing about nunu is that he is not a full tank, he is a mage that does a ****load of damage that will support your carries and be able to take high damage. you will have 500 ap, which means your ult will do about 2.6k damage! Thats almost

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Runes are negotiable, but i have found that all of these runes help you out a really lot, so try not to stray from them too far. Plz comment to make these better or tell me if i am doing right.

There are several reasons i chose these runes in particular:

Health Quints - 100 Health early game for the price of 3 health quints. Too good to pass up.

Magic Penetration Reds - Magic Penetration is extemely important and if you can get 10 that is 25% of their average total magic resist. Why not?

Dodge Yellows - 7% dodge makes you dodge more than you think, and is especially good if you take the Tabi.

Mana Regen/5 per level blues - You need mana and this will help with that extremely much.

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Masteries are semi-negotiable. If you are playing TT, they are simply the best you will have. If you are playing SR, you can help your team out as Nunu is an incredible jungle. I take cd reduction, exp increase, and magic pen mainly because these ensure that you do not have to waste time building much of these once you r in the game.

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Skill Sequence

Ok, this is where you may be like WTF! Ofc u grab ice ball first, then you get 1 in consume, then another in ice ball (if you are in TT this will help you harrass top extremely well, and you should have a kill by about now). after that you take 1 in bb, then max out ice ball first, then consume for obv reasons, then bb. you ofc grab ult at lvl 6,11,16. The reason you wait to max consume of until later is because with its heal plus the health potions that you may want to buy, you will have plenty of health to go around. Ice ball hurts so max it first and use your passive to your advantage and you will never run out of mana.

While casting your ult remember that it you dont gain turret aggro until your ult hits so if you are by a turret position yourself for ult first then iceball/ignite.

Combos: When you hit level 6 you can iceball/ult/ignite which does a total of about 1k damage.

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Summoner Spells

The Four Best Summoner Spells for Nunu:
Ghost, Flash, Ignite, Cleanse

Reasoning: Ghost/Flash/Cleanse - Obvious Offensive and Defensive uses for these spells. Pick which one you like best, as for me i like ghost because with blood boil you are running extremely fast. Flash is more of a immediate get away or "Suprise" spell and cleanse is a cleanse of any cc.

Ignite - This build, as said many times before, is geared at twisted treeline more then anything else. The chances are that you get a mundo, vladamir, tryndamere, xin zhao, master yi, taric, or anyone else who relies on lifesteal/ability heal as survivability are so high that i will almost guarentee that if they dont have one on their team they are going to lose. Also ignite is your killing tool. You only have 1 ability other than your ult that does damage and you can use an extra killing tool early and late game.\

Summoner Spells that aren't so good for you:

Exhaust: ACK NUNU DOESNT HAVE EXHAUST FAILBUILD. no. exhaust is helpful but you do not even remotely need another slow and the ability to complete cut off a melee's or ranged's damage output is gone, it will not always save you anymore. Ignite is much better.

Heal/Clarity: Heal - you already have a heal
Clarity - YOU DONT NEED MORE MANA if you run out of mana too fast you shouldnt be playing nunu

Fortify/Rally/Clairvoyance: Fortify - isnt going to win you games, just not useful enough especially not on 3v3
Rally - sounds like Really? for a reason
Clairvoyance - extremely helpful but let the support grab it

Revive/Smite: Smite - you dont jungle in 3v3 and this isnt a jungling guide for summoners rift
Revive - helpful for people with global ults, and the enemy better pray that nunu's ult isnt global

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I. Rod of the Ages/Banshees Veil - This item is a great item on Nunu. It gives a lot of
precious health and mana that you need. I usually build Catalyst first because i sometimes
decide that i need banshees sooner then i need Rod because of pesky cc or mage nukes. As a
rule i usually get rod first but banshees is a potent early game item for nunu, so keep it in

II. Sorcerer's Shoes/ Mercury Treads/ Ninja Tabi - Now to start the boots off, you get the
simple 350 boots after your catalyst unless you go back with enough money when you go back
after buying catalyst to buy rod/banshees. from that simple boot you will go one of 3 ways:

1. Sorcerers Shoes - You and your teammates are extremely fed and even if they had all the cc in the world with their underleveledness, they are not going to even be able to touch you.

2. Mercury Treads - Most commonly bought boots as nunu, also the most expensive. helps you with 2 main things:
A. Magic Resist - For those pesky mages.
B. CC reduction - The whole reason this item shines. It takes 35% of of EVERY cc in the game, including malzahar's ult. This get you out of a lot of ganks and makes you 35% more useful in teamfights.

3. Ninja Tabi - get this only if 80% or more of their team is melee and 50% of them are doing well and/or killing you in 6 seconds.

III. Banshees Veil/ Rod of the Ages - (for questions about rod of the ages here, that is for if you bought banshees first.) Banshees Veil, one of the most ******** items in the game in my eyes. It can block ANY spell in the game, and recharges every 30 seconds not in combat. This means that gankers are going to have to remember to use their weakest spell against your spellshield, but what if they don't have one.

For example, WW. Warwick's main ganking ability is being able to jump on you and stun you for like 2.5 seconds while everyone catches up and hits on you. What if he is the only one there, and your spellshield is up. He has 1 of 2 choices. He can either pop and movement speed increasing abilties he has to try to catch up to your 440 movespeed and 60% slow. His only other option from there is wasting his ult.

See why the item is so good? Also say you are in a team fight and they have 3 stuns, 2 single stuns and 1 aoe. They are going to use their single stuns on the carries and aoe your ult off. You have a banshees and you have just run in there and ulted while your carry(s) are shredding up. Again, here they have 2 choices. Waste 2 cc onto the nunu which is already halfway through his ult or just let him decimate you and now the carry, who was stunned is running back while nunu and the others take the last 20% of your hp.

Again this is why banshees is so good. Not to mention the precious magic resist for those pesky mages.

IV. Rabadon's Deathcap - They dont call this thing the deathcap for nothing. In the stats above, the site does not add in the extra 30% ap increase, which gives you an extra 120 ap. That makes this item give you 275 ap. for extra damage onto your ult multiply that by 2.5. that is 688 damage on your ult. also, that is 275 healing on your q and 275 more damage on your eternal slow of a snowball. can you say op?

V. Rylai's Crystal Scepter - For all of you ignorant fools who are going to eventually link the many posts on the forums that tell you that Yes! it does stack! please dont make me find them again, this is my second time typing this due to power outage -.-. Anyway, this item makes nunu even more annoying giving him 80 ap and 500 more of that precious health. Also, the main reason it take this is that yes it does stack with your abilities and makes your iceball (after diminishing returns) slow 80%. An 80% slow might as well be a snare cause you arent going to get far with ~100 movespeed.

VI. Zhonya's Hourglass - Yep, i put both of the new items made from the original zhonyas in here. This gives you 100 ap and 50 armor, both helping you a bunch. The main reason I put this in here is because not only is it the only ap/armor item out there but it give you zhonya's passive which will let you run into a teamfight, ult, and then make yourself immune for 2 seconds because people think -- OMFG NUNU DID SO MUCH DAMAGE TO ME HE MUST DIE RWA-- then you r immune and they are like **** WE JUST WASTED 2 SECONDS WHILE THEIR TEAM IS WRECKING US.

Remember this is not a tank nunu build but it still gives you a ton of survivability, including 4k health, 130 armor and 80 magic resistance which will keep you alive long enough for you and your team to kill all.

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What you do in the game.

Nunu is a very unique champion. Everyone overlooks him and 90% of his playerbase is bad. I was on a 5 win streak with him when my friend told me to make an account and tell the playerbase my secrets. So here we go. This guide is focused on twisted treeline. Later I will do a build on summoner rift. You are going to take top. I dont care if you have the president of the united states on your team and he orders you to stand down. **** him and **** whomever else stands in your way. You will first bottom gank or gank their top at the bush northeast or northwest of lizard. Your slow is a ***** and you will get first blood. if you dont get first blood, still go top, just be a little more passive. now you go back, get whatever part of catalyst you can( i usually get saphire crystal) and then you head top to kick some ***. If the idiot top doesnt have health runes, this is what you do: e,right click, e, right click etc until you get him to about 150 hp from harass. then e and ignite and he should be dead. from there on you should deny exp from the enemy and harrass and then eventually be able to turret hop. gank with your team and you will win every team fight with your ult. even if the enemy team is fed, they wont back out of the team fight, and ur ult should do 75% of their health. gg and have fun

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Final Thoughts.

Even though nunu is played well as a tank, i believe the role of a tank is much better to be given to other characters in the league of legends. a tank is defined as a character that can take a lot of damage for a team, but i believe he should also be a lot more, some of which nunu cannot be. 1st of all, tanks need to be able to, first and foremost, take a high amount of damage. With certain builds 75% of the characters of league of legends COULD be a tank. But they arent. Also, to be a tank, you need a hard DISABLE. I am sad to say that he doesnt have a hard disable such as a stun, fear, taunt, knock up/away, or silence, and his slows dont count because they dont stop casts and or all damage to your teammates and/or you. Im not saying Nunu cant be tanky, in fact i am an offtank in this build with 4k health and over 120 armor and a banshees. Please test the build before you judge.