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League of Legends Build Guide Author KishinB

Win Zhao, the Assassin of Demacia (Season 5 Jungle Guide)

KishinB Last updated on September 8, 2015
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Win Zhao is definitely the most balanced champion with very visible counterplay

oh who am I kidding.

With the new Devourer, Win Zhao is a early game monster with his amazing Q base damage, mid game monster with the Sated Devourer proccing his Q and W much faster, and a late game monster with his insane dive and assassination potential. Now, most people play him as a bruiser with great teamfighting potential thanks to his R. But here, I'll reveal to you Xin Zhao's TRUE power, as the Assassin of Demacia!

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I usually go with flat Attack Speed quints, AD marks, Armor seals, and MR glyphs. This gives Xin some generic offensive and defensive stats that'll help him clear the jungle well and healthy, then go gank hard at levels 2 and 3.

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So, Assassin Xin Zhao. How does it work? I'll run down an optimal scenario.

You're hiding in the bot lane bush with one finger in your *******, when suddenly Thresh and Jinx come strolling on by. Your first move is to dash in with Audacious Charge on to Jinx, then Crescent Sweep Thresh away, dealing %15 of their maximum health right there. Now in the second you have a nice heart to heart with Jinx, you activate Battle Cry and Three Talon Strike at the same time. Thanks to BORK passive, Devourer on hit magic damage, the insane Q damage, your Sated Devourer making it only need 2 autos, and your NEARLY MAXED ATTACK SPEED, this Jinx just got knocked up into the sky dead. You can then try to chase down Thresh with Youmuu's and BORK active if necessary. GG WP Win Zhao fed.

This is so simple, the faceroll is real. Right click to win, dive their marksman and ult. Easy.


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