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Akali Build Guide by Whitewolven

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Whitewolven

wolvens Dom akali

Whitewolven Last updated on January 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is going to be a short & simple quick fix guide for beginning akali & who ever else might want to use it.

I'm not great on word or grammar/spelling so deal with it while i take you through the psychotic by product of a maniacal mind.

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I got my Seals marks quits etc form my 2 other mains Morgana and Renekton.

The reason you see its not straight 9 on all 3 then 3 of one thing is very simple.
I wanted to build an Akali focused around the act of her Twin Disciplines passive and ramp up her abilities to do both heavy magical and medium to heavy physical.

Now taking this into account I went ahead and bought 3 new quints which I'm liking more and more, you can change out and use the quints you like but yes i am a chaser if your low HP i got my boots on and your getting away i want you dead i want that kill so I'm definitely coming for you, why not I am an assassin type am I right?

6 Might for the attack 3 desolation simply to stack onto the dominion buff already applied.
same with the magical variant.

I redid and picked up 9 full CDR yellows ( i mean hey come on who doesn't like to see Shadow Kick spamage? especially when your hitting SK for nearly 600 a pop[this is a guesstimate] )

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I again made a new page of masteries specifically for Akali ( I'm up 27 mastery pages woot woot) I didn't take any in critical chance/ damage simply because hey im no tyrandamere I wont have a super high crit base to go with.
No life steal FOR A REASON which you will see if you decide to keep reading if not your choice.

I took the armor Penetration over the 5% ability power because of the Passive on Sheen/trinity also the glyph/seal/mark stuff boosts it in there.

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Items oh now we come to my favorite yet least favorite part.

I often get torn between what to start with, but I always play it smart and grab sheen 1st never side track from rushing your Trinity (except maybe to grab the initial boots)

1st and fore most always get Sheen at the start yes i know WTF why ? because it plays into your passive and gives you a nice early on spike to screw up anyone who runs or decides they want to 1v1 or focus you.

then if your still alive (which you damn well better be!) mop up who ever is left with some Assassin mark(hehe arent you glad you bought sheen now? sheen+ assassin mark = potent) base when ever you have enough to grab the Phage, if not get the Long sword to boost your passive a little more.

Right now your probably feeling like you've gone and gimped yourself, well you haven't your just trying to play like a typical mindless drone DD run in smack smack smack smash buttons and hope not to die., STOP RIGHT THERE you have to get rid of that mind set (#1) you are not a Melee you are an assassin think like one, yes i know every newbie in the history of gamin will gripe, whine, complain, moan, and ***** to the high heavens (sorry atheists high sky) you dominate Kill stealing for a while so what who cares? this is not "Farmers Rift".
Yes kills are important to some scrubs who still think the farmers rift mind set, but its all about captures, whether they want to admit it or not you are helping by making sure the enemy dies and doesn't get away to cap another day.

ranting aside back to the ITEM BUILD!!

When you have enough go back and grab yourself a Zeal and or possibly complete Trinity force.

After/when you get your trinity foce done, you have 2 options with boots well 3 for the hardcore chasers.
build into the Sorcerers boots(+20 more magic pen doesn't hurt), or the Ionian Boots(CDR you should be at cap or close to cap by now)

Ok next item grab either Pick axe or Blasting wand ( which ever side of the passive you feel you need to boost more of & ability) you WILL build hose 2 into a Guinsoo's Rageblade!

after you got your rageblade go get my next favorite item HEXTEC GUNBLADE!! yes oh heres our life steal AND spell vamp oh how nice it is look at the pretty curves.
It might just be me but I always grab the Hextec Revolver first go around getting some kills then grab the cutlass go get even more kills then finish into the Gunblade

Yes yes yes, i know already But all that is sooo expensive. I'll never be able to get it all.
**** shoot! if your playing right and doing what your meant to do you should have MORE then enough to get these and then some.

If you havent won by now and are in the final stages of the game or have enough spare cash, grab yourself a Rabadons to be truly evil with those shadow Kicks or a black cleaver to be evil with assassins mark I usually look for the next item i can grab that stacks both AD and AP but from here on I'll leave it up to you on what you want.

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If your truly hurting for kills / cash once you have trinity you can just farm creep waves and "pretend" to be vulnerable which might land you a lured out champion more often then not its going to be a heavy Melee type come to try and score an easy kill always have your smoke bomb on CD so when your keeping an eye on the gank spot throw it down take out the melee guy/girl and continue on.

also you can use your smoke bomb to base if the situation becomes more then just a simple 1v1 kill ( ninja vanish :o )

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And there you have at an easy akali build to follow simple is as simple does.
How well you will fare using my build who knows I just get tired of seeing "Farmers Rift" pure AP akali's I kind of hope to see some more dual users out there owning my face :D (yes with this build I have repeatedly steam rolled each pure AP akali I went 1v1 with, and only with the 1st 4 items nothing else)

So I say to you I hope this guide doesn't look as screwed up as it is on my screen now and have fun using it rate up if you liked it rate down if you hated it either way I put my 2 cents in on Akali dominion tactics