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Wukong Build Guide by Nekrofili

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nekrofili

Wombo Combo Wukong: Dat ain't Falco

Nekrofili Last updated on August 13, 2011
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Welcome to my Wukong Guide.

You may notice how closely similar this build is to the build that Phreak used in the Champion Spotlight. My build is based on his but with some changes to it that I have found to be very useful and that have worked with me in both normal and ranked games.

The goal with this build was to give Wukong some more attack speed, movement speed, and critical strike chance. You will notice that I took a nice combination of items that allow me to move quickly: Boots of Swiftness, Trinity Force, Phantom Dancer, and Force of Nature. And with the addition of movement speed quintessences, you will find that Wukong can outrun champs, escape easily, roam from lane to lane quickly (which is especially useful late game, when you will find an enemy attempting to backdoor your team), etc.

This build also allows me to play Wukong as a highly effective DPS champion, who also excels greatly as a hit-and-run assassin.

Please try this build out; thanks for reading; and feel free to comment. Constructive criticism is always welcomed and appreciated.

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Personally, I use armor penetration marks, mana per 5 sec. seals, flat magic resist glyphs, and movement speed quintessences.

These runes allows me to:
- Lane a lot longer as my mana will be replenishing a lot faster
- Not worry so much about the enemy AP champs early to mid game
- Be able to face off well against the enemy tank, and also against the enemy jungler if he/she decides to attempt a gank.
- Move more quickly throughout the entire game.

You can always switch the runes around for something more fitting for you. Choose the runes that you feel would be effective. It's not only about logic, but also about personal preference. I switch mine up from time to time as well.

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My Masteries are set to 0/21/9, just like the Phreak build. They allow me to play a bit more aggressively without having to take as much damage. If you take Ghost, make sure that you have that utility point that improves Ghost.

Again, the masteries are also up to you. If you like to improve your attacks more than your defence, you can always go for 21/0/9.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Flash are my choices. They allow for better escape, more aggressive play, and allow you to quickly rush to a location where a turret could be in trouble, or where a team fight has started without you.

You can also grab exhaust, ignite, or anything else that you might prefer. However, clarity would not be wise, especially if you are taking mana per 5 second runes.

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Skill Sequence & Usage

I like to take that first point in Nimbus Strike and to max it first. Nimbus Strike is your main source of damage output against the enemy team. Crushing blow is the second skill to max. It doesn't do as much as Nimbus Strike in terms of damage, but it's a helpful skill (especially for last hitting champions and minions). Last comes Decoy, as it will only come in handy around mid to late game, and not as much early on.

Against champions, it's better to hit them with crushing blow first (as it reduces the enemy's armor) and then hit them with nimbus strike, followed by some nice basic attacks. With the enemy's armor reduced from Crushing Blow, your Nimbus strike will hit them harder. Your attack speed will be better due to your Nimbus Strike so that you can land more basic attacks.

Your ulti should mainly be used in team fights, when the enemy champions will be close to each other (allowing you to knock them all up in the air) or if there is a runner who has low health and you know you can kill him/her.

Wukong is also a decent pusher/farmer. Late game, what I like to do when the caster minions line up is to go right near them and place your decoy. The decoy will do some damage. Then, you can nimbus strike all three of them, killing them and getting you gold. Besides that, last hitting minions with Crushing Blow is fun.

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I start out with a Doran's Blade. The 100 health and the three percent lifesteal allow you to lane for a longer period of time, and the attack damage is great against both minions and champions.

I like to get my full boots on my first trip back, also grabbing some health potions if I feel I really need them. Your Doran's blade will still do some nice damage while you save for your next damage.

On my second trip back, I will buy Phage and, if I have enough, Sheen. The phage allows for more health and damage, which is useful, and the Sheen gives you more mana and has a nice effect that allows for even more damage.

Now, save until you can finish your Trinity Force. After that, if all is well, you can start on your Phantom Dancer. After you have finished that, then you can either go straight for an Infinity's Edge, or, if the enemy AP champions are giving you a hard time, then you can buy a Force of Nature. With your Boots of Swiftness, Trinity Force, Phantom Dancer and Force of Nature, you will be moving at speeds over 500, which is amazing.

Your last item is entirely based on how you are doing and how the game is moving along. If you want, you can build yet another defensive item, go for an attack item, etc. Since your Critical Strike chance is high, and you still don't have armor, I usually get an Atma's Impaler. Most of the time though, you won't always completely finish your build.

The order which you build your items depends on many things, including the enemy's items and just the way the game is moving forward. You can also swap the items shown in this build for other items depending entirely on the situation. Regardless though, I will usually build Trinity Force right after my boots are finished.

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Overall, Wukong just gets stronger and stronger the more you progress in the build. Late game, if you have been doing well, Wukong just becomes a nightmare for the other team. The movement speed that he has just beats other champions and so, he becomes harder to kill and nearly impossible to chase down.

There are so many things you can do with Wukong, no matter what build you use. You just have to play it safe early on, and dominate mid to late game.

Thank you for reading and playing Wombo Combo Wukong. Good luck in your future games. You may add me on LoL if you wish. My summoner name is Nekrofili. hit me up for a game whenever I am on.

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