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League of Legends Build Guide Author tylerbob


tylerbob Last updated on May 29, 2011
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Hi this is my first guide so please feel free to give constructive criticism, just dont be rude pls. So first off this is an all offensive guide, and I know Ill probably get a lot of flack about not using any defensive items but the way I figure it is who needs armor if you can 4 shot people. This guide can be used for mid or laning. Although I tend to mid because the group of people I normally play with dont like to mid and she is just good mid.
Okay so since my rating is pretty low, and I had some negative comments I decided to revamp my guide a little nothing big, but I dont think there is anything wrong with this guide. I mean if youre looking at ranged carries you arent going to find many champs that would be better than mf with this guide. I know it works because I do it all the time. (idk maybe im only fighting noobs too my elo is pretty low)

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The way I see rune pages they are just used to bridge the gap between the time when you dont have many items till when you start progressing later in the game. So basically the first 10 or so level, after that they are a lot less useful in most cases. I know my runes probably look stupid but it works out to be 12 armor pen, 12% crit chance and 4.5% attack speed. The reason I like this is because it focuses 3 things auto-attack champs need in the early levels, but this by no means the only thing you could use and probably isnt even be the best. So feel free to use other runes if disagree with mine. To further assert that this is a good rune page to all naysayers that think only armor pen marks and quint are good for dps classes lets do a little math. Okay first off lets just see how much armor pen you can get with full marks and quints (9*1.7)+(3*3.3)=25.2. With 25.2 armor pen you negate that much armor from your enemy. So if they had 30 armor it would be like they only had 4.8 armor cool so far? So if your target has 100 armor he will be taking 100/(100+100(<<amount of armor))=.5(< this is your damage multiplier so the difference is your reduction) which is 50% damage reduction. So with 25.2 armor pen it would be 100/(100+74.8)=.572 or 42.8%damage reduction. With 12 its 100/(100+88)=.532 or 46.8% reduction. So Im doing 4% less damage okay. Also assuming in your 25.2 armor pen rune page you stick with crit chance and attack speed having 9 crit seals and 9 attack speed glyphs (3.78% crit chance and 5.76% speed). Now if both of us were to shoot 100 times doing 100damage to an enemy each hit that would be 6*200+94*100=10600 damage or 6063.2 damage to a target with 100 armor. With my rune page it would be 14*200+86*100=11400 or 6064.8. For those of you that didnt follow I said a*b+c*d=e where a=crit chance, b=crit damage(100% more), c=non-crit hits, d=100 damage. Lastly if you factor in the speed my rune page is 1.28% slower so over 100 shots that would take you 2min and 38sec and mine would be 2min 40sec. So the end damage is 6064.8 on mine and 6363.2 with the other (in 2 secs you can fire 3 more times). 300 damage better thats it(yes I know I just proved that the other build is better, but thats not the point it was that my build is good too.) I think mine works better in early levels but thats just my opinion. Oh and pls tell me if any of my calculations are wrong I did this late at night, btw I got the calculation for armor from

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For my masteries I go a 22-0-8 build its pretty straight forward AD build picking up all the necessities in offense and finishing up with 5% more exp improved ghost. For you guys not lvl 30 you should focus the offensive tree first getting attack speed over CDR if you have to choose.

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I know, I know youre like whoa thats a lot of items and he has more than 6 finished items whats going on. Well Ill explain. I started to just list all finished items because I see that in a lot guides, but when I play I dont always have enough money for finished items so I listed all the items I buy, because the order of components can be important. Like most champs I start with boots and pot. This is just my personal preference that I found works best for me. If you prefer a Doran's Blade, or Vamperic Scepter etc. thats up to you. I finish up my boots first then if I have enough money I pick up the V. Scepter so I can have some more survivability in the lane. The first real item I get is a BF Sword for the extra damage with your auto attacks and your Q. I then turn it into a Black Cleaver because early game you need the extra attack speed more than lifesteal or crit since most of time fights are fast and you want to be able to do as much damage as possible. After the cleaver I start my IE for more damage and crit chance. If you are still having trouble in the lane staying alive you can rush the Bloodthirster for more lifesteal. Then I get the last BF Sword item the Bloodthirster or IE whichever you didnt get before. After all these items I start my Bloodrazor. This is an awesome item for mf since it adds to damage attack speed and has 4% of their health as damage. If you are facing really tanky people you could even get this item earlier in place of the cleaver since both have nice attack speed. The last item I get is the sword of the devine. I like this item because it helps with armor penetration which in this build is lacking bc I dont used full marks and quints for armor pen, and it has more attack speed which is always good. If you needed a defensive item I would either take out the Sword of the Devine or the bloozrazor depending on what kind of group I facing. If I were facing a tankier team I would keep the bloodrazor for the %health, and if the team was not so tanky I would take the SotD over the bloodrazor because its cheaper and better for non-tank classes. I mean this is a guide 9 times out of 10 Ill follow it anyway but if their team is all magic or they have a karthus or something Im not going to be stupid and not get a banshees veil or some other MR item. Also so another good 6th item if you prefer it would be the Frozen mallet for its extra health and slowing effect on your attacks. I dont use it because I generally dont chase as mf because she is kind of squishy. Anyways if you still have money at this point youll want to buy all the end game potions for the extra stats, and the last thing I do if I have the time and money is sell my boots and replace it with a phantom dancer. This is just the cherry on top for me you lose 12 move speed but the extra attack speed and crit chance make up for it in my opinion and with strut you will still be running faster than other champions.

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For my skills I focus my double up early. Its by far mf most useful ability early game and makes mid a breeze. There arent many champions that will give you trouble if you just stay back and use your double up to antagonize your opponent. The trick is not to aim at the champion. If you are hitting the champion you are too close(in mid anyway if you in a lane you may want to try to hit both enemy champions) because Double up hits two enemies so you always always hit the minion in front of your enemy. You would be surprised how many mf I see not doing this and dieing because of it. Your 2nd shot has pretty good range and will usually choose a champion over another minion if they standing next to each other too so its not real hard to do. The 2nd skill I focus is Impure shots for some extra attack speed. You destroy towers so fast with this leveled up and can almost back door as well as Yi plus it super effective in team fights as well. The last skill I focus is also pretty useful its just not as important your first two. Make it rain is good for several things it adds pressure in team fights, it slows enemies if you put it in front of them, and is pretty good late game at clearing up minion. Early game I tend to only use it to slow enemies who are running away(when trying to kill them,) or to get away yourself to save mana. Your ultimate is really good too. Its really strong with this build too you can almost kill some champs with just ult late game. That being said you need to save it for when youre in a team fight or trying to save a tower when youre out numbered.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I like ghost and teleport. Ghost is nice when you get in a pinch and have to get out really fast or if you can score quick kill on someone who is running away with low health. Teleport is really useful too especially if youre mid or solo laning so you never have to leave your tower long. I use teleport for two reasons to go back to base for items/health and to push towers since mf is great at this.

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Okay so this is the end of my guide. Things to remember with mf is she has some serious mana issues if you spam her moves so dont do that. Try to save impure shots and make it rain for when you are going for a kill or taking down a tower and you should be okay. She is pretty squishy so try not to go out by yourself. Stay at the back of your group if youre going into a team fight so you can get a good position on your ult. And lastly remember this is only a guide! You dont have to follow it to the letter its just suppose to help you till you find what you like.