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Fiora Build Guide by kinkofthen00s

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kinkofthen00s

WTF is armor jungle guide

kinkofthen00s Last updated on March 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Fiora plays just like you would imagine a fencer would. very good at 1v1 but not that great in team fights. This makes her a powerful jungler due to the fact you can jump out of the jungle and finish off weakened opponents. If you like the style of characters such as master yi you will have fun with this this champ. She is very fun to play and very powerful when played right. I have yet to try solo top or something like that because jungle has worked so well in the 20 or so games i have played with her so far.

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Creeping / Jungling

Start with blue buff. make sure you get a leash. be careful not to waste your parry. make sure the golemn is attacking you before using it. You can take red at lv 3 just make sure you have smite. because she is kinda squishy make sure you grab another person if you want to take dragon early game. do not try and counter jungle early game you have no way of fighting back against champs like le sin

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great jungle
almost unbeatable 1v1
late game destroys turrets

tends to get focused down
not many escape tactics
not great in team fights

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Do not try to gank until you have lunge. then you can flash out of a bush and target them ult then if needed lunge again due to it's ability to be used twice before going on cool down. its ok if you turret dive to do this if you have your ult. your passive will fully stack after your ult healing you quickly.

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Team fights

Try to stay out of the middle of them. one thing to remember is try not to use your ult if you can avoid it. it is very tempting to use it but if 5 people are crowded together then it just deals a little damage to everyone and you don't rely get the full effects of your cleaver. just use your q to get close to who you need to focus and just use your e to try and kill them. use you w when available.

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most characters have a hard time against Fiora, but i have yet to find anything too terrible. one way to die quick is to get in a 1v3 fight, but this is typical with most characters in this game. you can only focus damage on one so the other 2 are free to damage you, and with 3 people around it makes you ult not very powerful. in 2v1 is bad but not impossible depending on who those 2 characters are. in particular i have noticed that fiora has good match ups against most tanks and casters the characters that rely give her a lot of trouble are characters with teleports. these characters include people like

and especialy Wu kong

WU kong's clone will cause you a stupid amount of trouble. you will dash into it, and if you ult wu kong he can teleport out of it and you hit is clone for all the dammage accept the last hit.

due to the nature of this build disregarding armor you generally have the good match against tank like characters. however characters like Alistair and natalus that are tanky and have a lot of crowd control.

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once you get phantom dancer you can just walk up to turrets activate you e and 5 seconds latter it will be dead no minions needed. and your passive tends to keep your health up if you happen to wander in range of the turret every now and then.

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your ult

be careful with it only use it if you need it to get a kill. if you waste it it has a long cool down. it does massive damage that applies on hit effects such as life steal, cleaver, and your passive. as mentioned earlier you can lunge in ult then lunge again. also it looks bad *** have you looked at it it looks like weskers lv 3 hyper combo in m v c 3. do you not play m v c 3 look up this hyper it is bad *** and looks amazing O M F G.

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one thing i have prided myself on is my amazing ability to backdoor and turn a game around. for some reason i find back dooring with this character all that much easier, due to the fact of how fast she is. you opponents do not stay on their map constantly due to the fact of how fast you kill minion waves. when you encounter a wave just activate you e and go nuts. but be careful of ganks you have not many escape options. if you get trapped you are dead. if you have flash you have to decide if it is worth it to waste it due to the fact of how you can combo to get in q range.

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this champ will have your opponent going w t f happen to all my armor i should not have died. and you go r o f l l o l b b q this is too crazy let me take screenshots and show how awesome i am at this game and become pro and make all your opponents super salty and when they complain too riot saying how broke fiora is you tell them to s t f u n 0 0 b. if you want to ask me questions about this guide i am on l o l on a almost daily basis. note i am not a pro i am just a guy who has had much success with this play style with this champ. so do not look at my account and be like w o w i looked this guy up and he is not as good as i am so he is *** at this game so go die *** or some thing like that.