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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Helgast

WTF just happened?

Helgast Last updated on November 4, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Copy pasta from my guide on LeagueCraft


WARNING~!: if you don't like reading, don't bother with this, Akali isn't someone you can just pick up and destroy everyone with. (eg: Garen) she needs careful thought and much experience with. This guide like most won't be too effective if you just skim it, so please read it all if you decide to use this.

This build is best when Akali is mid, she will farm silently until level 6, then you will push your enemy back and notify your allies that you're coming down for a gank. Akali, doing massive damage will enable her to get most of these kills, feeding Akali in the beginning will be a great asset to your team, flying in there doing massive damage, killing a few enemies and pissing off. Akali isn't the best tower pusher, so i keep her just ganking enemies left and right. I will leave tower pushing to allies and minions while i keep their champions back and feared.


twin disciplines

A lot of people tend to go full AP Akali, which is fine because that fits their playing styles. I just don't find it as effective if you're just spamming Q and R. I use a hybrid build so the fact that you can use both sides of your passive instead of just feeding the AP side. The more AP you have, it adds more % to AD, the % added will be greater with the more AD you have.

Mark of the Assassin

If i'm mid with Akali, i will stay back near tower and spam this to last hit enemies. this is my main damage attack, i will throw it at the enemy and use Twilight Shroud at low levels to get close to them so i can get my second hit off, which will fuel your energy back and do a lot of damage to your opponent.

Twilight Shroud

Slow an enemy, or stay hidden and use it in tricky situation to juke the enemy.

Crescent slash

most used for farming or in group fights. Aoe attack, great for clearing groups.

Shadow Dance

Use this to catch up to an enemy, steal a kill from a tank who doesn't need the kill, or to escape from multiple enemies. Charges at the enemy, doing moderate damage.


1.Right off the bat, i choose a [item=Health Potion] and a [item=Amplifying Tome]
2.I quickly get enough gold for these [item=Boots of Speed] [item=Giant's Belt] So i can be more aggressive and wait till the enemy slips, allowing me a free kills!
3.Now that you have most of the parts to [item=Rylai's Scepter] you can finish it up. Why get this first? because it gives you decent attack from the AP and you're able to survive most situations in which you would have been targeted right away because of the low amount of bars.
4.Then work towards a [item=Hextech Gunblade] i usually go for this part first -> [item=Hextech Revolver] i just find i do better with it.
5.Now get yourself a [item=Lich Bane] I shouldn't need to explain why, but it costs less then a trinity force and gives a lot more AP.
6.Around this part you can finish your boots, now depending on whom i'm against, i will choose these [item=Boots of Swiftness] if im against a lot of squishies, or i will choose this [item=Sorcerer's Shoes] if im against a bit of tanks. Why not attack speed? Why would i need attack speed when Akali primarily just spams abilities, she's able to do this because her cd's are so short.

7.what?! no guinsoos? nope! i find she doesn't need it at all. she needs constant damamge, not something that fluctuates a lot, because akali will charge in, kill what she needs to kill as fast as she can and get out of there fast. Now at this point even if you rack up around 20-30 kills you will be around the 1 hour duration because of the expenses of these items. if you do manage to get more and a longer game, you will want to keep getting hextech blades so you can 3 hit squishies :D


Pros-You basically rape everything.
Cons-Akali, being one of the biggest threats in-game will tend to be targeted a lot, so you need to be careful of this, always watch your opponents' bodies to see if they highlight yellow, this is why you have your Twilight shroud!
Watch out for Garen, when you sense that the player is gonna smack his keyboard to get a penta-kill you will want to get out of there ASAP! sometimes surviving is the only thing you can do.

working in the team

I always stay hidden, when Akali is present enemies will always back off. i like to stay in the bushes even if it's out of reach you are able to use your R to get in the squishies faces. While being Akali, you don't want to initiate first, then you will become the target and a lot of the time you wont be able to get your W off before you die, or they have Aoe moves. When your tank starts a fight you want to neutralize the squishies on their team as fast as you can. Somtimes just charging in there makes them scatter in fear, this allows your teammates and you to gang bang their tank and continue on to some turrets.


stay out of reach from enemies unless you have a really good laner like Mundo, he's a tank who can tank a lot of damage and he keeps them back with his cleavers. You stay out of range because you need items as fast as you can, so the longer you're out there, the more money you get.
As i said before, you want to spam your Q to last hit as many enemies as you can. Do not be afraid to spam your Q and E as much as you can, you run off energy not mana. It comes back really fast!

Basic Guide ( If you really have no idea how to kill)

1.Now since i don't want you to be a robot and do everything i say, you need to come up with your own ways on how to deal and handle with certain champions. Someone like Teemo, squishy, yes very deadly and annoying. when you approach Teemo this time you won't want to be in the bush, he usually loads up bushes with shrooms, slowing you and it's like an alarm for him to gtfo. You will want to charge at him and try to do as much damage as you can before he hits you with a blind, at this point you want to lay down a Twilight Shroud and wait out the debuff, after it's done you can charge out and dps the **** out of him. a smart Teemo will drag you through his shrooms, so if he brings you through the bush you will want to use your R as much as you can( you will go right through them and not cause them to activate) By this time he's dead. gratz on your 300g you can also use this to go through someone like veiger, once he has his stun around you, you can charge right out of it, or Morgana, to dodge her stun or charge out of her LOS to cancel her ulti.

2.I like to spam my Q at the enemy then i will charge in there after them to get my Q passive off. If the enemy want to fight back, i will pop my W and attack once in awhile from it, Once my Q's cd is up. And always don't forget to use your E, does a lot of damage thanks to being hybrid.
If the enemy wants to run, you throw a Q charge in and get a normal hit off, then you can pop ur W to slow them down, then with out a charge you can use Q right click and E before they catch speed again. Rinse and repeat.

3.Always linger in bushes, they will be less ready to run or attack back if they are surprised.

4. Don't let them get away! thanks to the power of flash and her R don't be afraid to turret dive if they're close to death and are porting (obviously don't go in there if they have a stun and enough health to handle more then 1 attack)

5.Be cautious! Obviously if you see a squishy you can go out of your way to get some free gold, but if not everyone is accounted for, you will have to scan the area.

6.Know you strengths and weaknesses- Know what the other champions can do and how you can avoid them. Don't blame this guide for you incompetence.

7.Play smart- If you know you're not gonna get your enemy, but you just want that kill! i suggest you just ignore them. Being Akali can make you very cocky, but you should always know your boundies. And you will always get other chances later on in the game.

8.Before the 2 minute mark, if i'm not mid i'll try to kill as many champions as i can, I've gotten 4 kills before this.

9.Don't be too careless, even though you're Akali. You can still easily die if you're out numbered, so before you go into a bush pop your W so you're not surprised with a birthday party. your W has a big CD compared to your other abilities, but this is a small price to pay instead of having a death.

10.Escaping is a big part of using Akali, since you're able to kill someone easily even with 4 others around, play smart and think fast. Charging to minions to avoid other champions, Popping W then running the other way, juking your opponent by breaking LOS and entering a bush etc. I'm not gonna explain much more, i'm gonna leave the rest to you.