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Tryndamere Build Guide by tubby

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tubby

WTFHAX Trynd (3s build)

tubby Last updated on August 4, 2011
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Hello, this is my first guide. this is my current trynd 3s build. It takes a long time to get the items up usually, unless you solo top. Unless you are pro at running, you will most likely die quite a bit early build i can usually scrape by with 1 or 2 deaths and 3 - 5 kills before full build.

i cant do **** for html or coding or anything, so this is gonna be a bland ****ing guide. DEAL WITH IT.

This trynd build, keeps 99% of the matches that i play, wins. By either killing the nexus, or forcing them to surrender. Surrenders will happen a lot with this build

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I'm not level 20 (let alone 30) and these are the runes i will most likely be using once i get there

Runes:9x (of each) Seal of alacrity; Glyph of alacrity; Mark of alacrity.
Quintesences: Quintesence of alacrity.

This build is all about atk speed and life steal. so go go atk speed runes to the Max.

IF you would like, you could easily do 5x attack speed and the 4x Critical damage (or critical chance)

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Stark's fervor, Berserker boots, executioners calling, emblem of valor, infinity edge, phantom dancer will be your final build...

I start out with Vampiric scepter > emblem of valor > Berserker boots > executioners calling > emblem of valor > BF sword > pick axe > infinity edge> Zeal> Phantom dancer...

More detailed purchase route on top with the pretty pictures.

If you get far enough into a game (you wont, you will force them to surrender or win), you can drop the Emblem of valor and pick up Wriggles lantern OR black cleaver. If the game goes even further than that, then a Buy a bloodthirster and replace your executioners calling.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Exhaust.. Simple

I like to use combos, with my skills. When running early game, flash through dragon wall, or do the spinning slash through it to get away from opponents. If your fighting another trynd, spin through the wall, and then flash out if he follows.

Flash then exhaust Other champs, and you will insta-kill them pretty much. As i said this build is ******edly OP, and an exhausted champ will do nothing but die.

Very late game:
If you are in a deadlock, with all their turrets and inhibitors down, Spin into their base, attack nexus and flash out, go jungle to regain health (will only take 1 or 2 groups, even if you only have 100 hp) then spin in again, attack for 10 seconds, then go back out. rinse and repeat, popping ultimate as needed

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Pros / Cons

*Hits like a ****ing truck, and heals
*Can easily Ace any team once build is done partly done (need all items up to and including Infinity Edge)
*Great Jungler early game (can start soloing dragon as soon as lvl 6) And late game.

*If played wrong, You will die. A lot.
*Has issues with Mordekaiser and Nocturn early game
*Can make the game kinda boring if you like challenges
*MUST PLAY TOP LANE TO MAKE THIS VIABLE, if you don't, you wont get near enough gold to finish (let alone get halfway into) the build. If you try to do bottom and actually do well, More power to you. I've tried, many times and haven't been able to

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To farm.... MINIONS. And all jungle mobs after level 6 (including buff mobs Green buff is great for this build)

This build costs a **** ton of money, and is rather hard to get, so farm anything and everything.

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Team Work

No such thing with this build. You will 2 - 4 shot people, and not lose any health while doing so. Your team mates and enemies will both rage that you are too Overpowered.

My personal favorite comp to run with this is one of these 2:

Warwick, Brand, Trynd

Annie, Jax, Trynd.

Warwick's attack speed increase is rather nice, when team fighting.

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Skill Sequence

A little bit about trynd's skills.

BLOODLUST: Heals you for quite a bit, with this build, you will barely ever use it for the heal, more for the AD.

MOCKING SHOUT: A free exhaust pretty much. Lowers AD if they are facing you, And slows them if they are running away (back turned)

SPINNING SLASH: Best move trynd has. You can port through walls with it, just like flash, and a skilled user will use this to run early game with this build. Running is important, so practice using this skill through walls. Combo-ed with flash and Mocking Shout, this makes a great way to catch someone that is far ahead.... Quick explanation of that. Flash closer to the target that you are chasing, Pop mocking shout (this will slow them) then Spin into them. IF you are still to far away after the flash, then do the following: FLASH > SPIN > Mocking shout > AUTO ATTTACKKKKKK = Rape.

Last but not least
UNDYING RAGE: The most op move in game. You become completely protected from all enemy attacks, turrets (except instakill turrets in enemy base) and minions / mobs. With this build, you wont really need to use it much after the build is halfway done or so. but it is still a nice OH**** button.

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This build, Does a lot of damage when fully completed, and heals for a **** ton when full (Hit for 500 - 700, heal 250 - 350, Crits can double that) at my level, (low as i stated before) i end with a 1.9 atk speed, and 55% life steal. I can imagine at higher levels it would be around 2.5 - 3 atk speed, 55% life steal