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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Baby_man


Baby_man Last updated on January 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Chapter 1

So I was looking around the forums and saw the Mage-wick build. Yes that build is more of a joke, but it works well. I have used it many times. This got me to thinking, what if I tried making a hybrid-ish build for him?
When I actually started this venture I quickly realized that it seemed like it could work. The only reason why something like this would work is because Hungering Strikes 1:1 AP ratio.

After more experimentation this is what I have ended up with. Yes this is extremely expensive and looks weird, but I get the items surprisingly fast and I put out a very good amount of damage. WHILE THIS MAY NOT BE THE BEST WW BUILD OUT THERE IT DOES WORK! If you feel like doing something a little different just try it.

When using this build Hungering strike is your saving grace. I would not suggest starting off a fight with it. If you do that you are basically getting rid of half of its purpose. Wait till you have some damage on you then use it so you can heal up and keep fighting.

I have also noticed when i was using this build I survive team battles a lot more than I used to even when I initiate them.

What I do is I wait for my team to be positioned and as soon as they are I will pop my ultimate on the person who dies the quickest(usually a nuker like Ryze). Since you do not have much AD the ultimate will not do much damage to your target, but while you do that your team should be running in to the battle. After the ultimate is finished I always hit Hunters Call for the increased attack speed which is always nice. Then if the target I used my ultimate on is not already dead I will hit him with hungering strike and finish him off with a few more auto attacks.

The biggest part of this build is to know when to use Hungering Strike. If you use it at the wrong time you will stand no chance. Your best bet is to wait till you are around 50% of you health then use it on whatever you can hit, whether it be a champion or a creep. This move heals you for an amazing amount. This is why I go for nashor's tooth. The ability CD helps out a lot in the end because you can become a little more careless with your hungering strikes.

Strong early game
Good pusher
Kills nukers extremely well
Good amount of survivability
Easy to run away
Amazing ganker

Weak late game
Cleanse will always cause problems for WW's
You WILL be Focus Fired at some point in the game
Not as good at farming as jungle WW
If you do not get much gold than you are a useless.


With this build you are starting out with Amplifying Tome. This item gives your Hungering Strike some nice power right off the bat. The problem is you do not have much mana to spamming this move would be stupid and reckless. What I usually do this early in the game is use a technique called "baiting". Everyone should know how to do this but just for good measure, what you do is you let your health become low and seem to leave yourself open. This will cause the enemy champions to swoop in and try and get a kill. The thing is, your HS will heal you for more than enough to survive any attacks from the enemy.What you need to do is tell your teammate what you want them to do then get ready for the attack. You can also bait them into your turret and heal yourself with HS at the last second and get your kill.
At level 6 things will become very fun. The best thing to do is wait till the enemy is a little close to your turret then jump on the one that dies the quickest. At this point your teammate should know to run in attacking. As soon as your ultimate finishes use HS to to a good amount of damage to the enemy. By now you should have sheen so hit them with sheens effect and when you can use the effect again use Hunters Call to finish them off if they are not already dead.

Mid Game

When it comes to mid game you should be finished with your trinity force. If not than you may want to farm minions and jungle a little. When it comes to team battles you probably should not be the one initiating. In fact, you should wait to jump in until you know you will not get insta-gimped. When you do jump in go for the weakest person OR the person that will dish out the most damage to your team(Ryze for example). After your Infinite Duress is done what you need to do is check your health. if you need some use hungering strike on whoever you can. If you don't pop Hunters Call to give your team a little bit of an advantage.

End Game

When the end of the game comes around(which should be pretty quick) You will hopefully be started on building Banshees Veil. Try and end it as fast as you can. This should not be too hard.


Use what I have.


I feel like the masteries are mostly self explained, but they may not be as good as they could be. If anyone has some extra advice on it please share your knowledge.


START withand upgrade it toas soon as you can. This item works wonders for warwick early on in the game.
this is something you go for after you have made Sheen. Do not upgrade them right now because the little boost of speed is good enough for this early in the game.

Get Stinger. The CDR and AS help out a lot this early in the game.

I would usually suggest that you getmainly for the dodge chance, but if you are in a situation where there are a good amount of AP users on the enemy team use. The longer you survive in team battles the better.

Now we upgrade sheen into. When you are finishing up this item you can choose to get eitheror. I usually getfor the little bit of survivability it gives you.

Getting a Blidgewater Cutlass next will give you a nice AD boost along with lifesteel and an active effect that becomes pretty useful.

After you complete the Blidgewater Cutlass go for. You should complete this item fairly quick because of how easy it is to farm gold with WW and the champion kills you should be raking in. The two main functions of this item are the attack speed gain and the cool down reduction. There are a few other items you could get with cool down reduction besides this one, but I enjoy this item a lot.

Now on to finishing your Hextech Gunblade. This item gives you everything you need in all relity. It even gives you a nice active effect to use on those runners.

Now we build Banshees Veil. This item becomes extremely useful thanks to its health an mana increases along with its shield which will save you along with making it harder to stop your ultimate.

For your last item you can honestly get whatever you want. The game usually will not last this long but if it does get what you think will work best for you in your current situation. I end up getting another hextech because I love this item for any hybrid build. If you want to get a madreds bloodrazer get that. If you want to get a bloodthirster feel free. Do whatever you want.

Tell me what ya think so far. :D


If you are brand new to playing Warwick I would not suggest using this build. He is not a hard character to use, but this build does take some know-how in order to use it to its fullest potential.

I have lost one out of 60 ranked games with this build. The one game I lost was because of a feeding akali who only attack the turrets.