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Wukong Build Guide by SejeReje

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SejeReje

Wukong - A Monkey solo top

SejeReje Last updated on February 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, i'm here to show you how I play Wukong. Wukong should be played as an offtank in my opinion. If you want to play a champion that is fun, deals crazy damage while also being tanky, try out Wukong.

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Pros - Cons

- High damage throughout the entire game
- Has good escape spells (W,E)
- Fun to play

- If he doesn't get good farm or kills early game, you are gonna have a hard time
- No sustain other than lifesteal and health regen.

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Item choices

Start out with cloth armor and 5 health pots. As a solo top champion, the armor and pots will help you get an early advantage. If you know you are against a champion that deals mostly magic damage like Galio, Maokai etc. go with boots or vampiric scepter.
When you go back you should get boots of speed and if possible wriggles. If you dont have the money, build madred's razors and vampiric scepter.
After your wriggles you want mercury threats for CC reduction and MR. After that go trinity force. Trinity force is the item that will give you ridicoulus amounts of damage. you benefit from everything it gives, maybe not abiity power, but the proc it gives will make your damage output huge. Get it asap.
Then build warmogs for more health and durability, so you can tank some damage while having more time to deal damage.
After your warmogs go atma's for the atmogs combo. It is really great on many champions, and wukong is no exception. Your AD will rise by alot and giving you some nice armor and crit chance.
As the last item I mostly go infinity edge to make wukong unstoppable. You will crit half of the time and deal ridicoulous damage. If using your Q with trinity proc and crit, you will deal over 1000 damage in an instant!
As a little note, if you want to, you can sell your precious wriggles for a bloodthirster later.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells use exhaust and flash. Exhaust is for making 1v1's easier and making sure your target won't escape, and flash is for escaping scary situations or close the gap for an E.
Other useful summoner spells are teleport, ignite, ghost and cleanse. The rest are summoner's who aren't needed. You can use them, but I think that summoner spells differ from each person.

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Laning phase and teamfights

In the laning phase, you should be solo top. You can also jungle with Wukong, but I won't cover this in this guide. In lvl 1 you put a point in your E for easier farming and harass. At lvl 2 you can further this harassment by jumping them with E and then hitting them with Q. In most of the cases the enemy will run back so you wont take much damage. When you put a point in W at lvl 4, do the same while stealthing away to ensure you take no damage. Since Wukong has very low mana costs, you shouldn't have many problems with mana. If you can kill your enemy, by getting them low and finishing them, you should go back and get your wriggles. If you can't buy your wriggles, buy a ward. Remember to last hits creeps at all times! Don't AA them, let your minions get them low.

In teamfights you want to take an advantage of your stealth and jump to get to the enemy carries/squishies. If you have your trinity force one E and Q should get to about half health. after that go spinning and make sure you knock-up most of their team. After your spin, if you haven't died, jump the carry again, and use one Q and they should be dead. After that, go help your teammates clean up the rest.

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Thank you for reading my guide

Thank you for reading my guide. Please leave a comment and vote it. If you decide to downvote it, tell me why. It would be a great help :) And this is my first guide. Help on how to put pictures in, and what to write about would help greatly! If you want to play with me, feel free to add me. My name is DÃ¥seslim and I play on EU West.