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Wukong Build Guide by Chandro

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chandro

Wukong for Murder

Chandro Last updated on July 30, 2011
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This is, give or take, the Wukong build I use for spanking noobs in normals and stuff. I would never build this in a ranked game in my ELO (1900) because I would never play him in a ranked game, but for normals or smurfing he is an exceptionally fun champion, in my eyes just like Rene or Kat. The general policy with champs like this, for me, is to do as much murdering as possible before I die, so all of my Wukong records, except for the complete stomps, wind up around 15/10/xx because getting a double or triple kill and then dying amuses me greatly. He does stupid amounts of burst if you limit him to 2-3 seconds and repeat, so if you are in-lane against someone who can't respond with some kind of CC, whether that being simply lacking a CC or having one that takes setup, you should win lane. Since Wukong lacks CC of his own in lane, people have a habit of getting away with low hp, so for murder with Wukong I recommend ignite to remedy that.

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As a primary AD player, I have 4 different AD pages, and the one shown here is the one I use for full-blown offense and no mana requirements, like Tristana and Vayne. If you suck with mana management, which is understandable early game with Wukong, take mp5/lvl yellows.

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Again, this is my total offensive setup. You may be wondering why I opted for cooldown blue runes but didn't get the cooldown talent in offensive. I came upon this decision by weighing a number of different things and I fell that while cooldown blues are better for offensive than any other blue runes for champs like Wukong, Trist, and Vayne, the other mastery choices are better than 2.25% more CDR. Considering how suicidal I am with him, I might switch the numbers on my tier 1 utility masteries, since 1 point in the regen talent gives you half the stats of all 3 points.

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Don't take every item I listed, you'll get spanked. I'm just listing core stuff, namely Youmuu's and Mallet. The mallet slow is magical for taking out squishy caries who sit in the back and suck at kiting, and the Youmuu's is all around great for everything, notably its cooldowns and its speed burst. I so far have not tried Triforce on him because I don't see the huge use of too many of the stats for so much money. The TF sheen effect I'm sure is great for burst and synergizes with his E, but since his standard burst will always use his Q and E with 2 seconds of each other, you're only getting the TF sheen effect once per burst anyway. Meanwhile, the mana and attack speed from TF are pretty much wasted, and since I like getting mallet so is the phage effect. You can get it; it's just not for me.

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Skill Sequence

I stack the E because it's better for farming, harassing, and pushing, the way I play. Since your ideal setup in lane is to W over next to your opponent, smack them, Q them, E them, and start wailing on them, E gets to shine the most; their armor is cut by your Q. It's best for farming for obvious reasons: having a strong small-radius AoE lets you pick up more potentially missed creeps. Also, when you're wailing on a turret, a stacked E means you can E the nearest creeps, and have a large speed boost for the turret which, over those 3 seconds, means about 2 more shots, pretty much tied with stacking Q in that sense.

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Summoner Spells

Take flash on nearly every champion because it's the best summoner spell by an extremely wide margin.

Like I said, I take ignite on him when I plan on murdering people because they have this pesky habit of dealing with your total lack of CC pre-6 by just walking away from you.

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I love Wukong for his voice, attack animation, and reasonably high burst. If his Q had a slow in it he would be much more useful, in my opinion. Oh well. The biggest thing about fighting with Wukong is knowing how to lay out your moves. You can E, smack, then decoy out, or use decoy to get over to them, smack them, Q, E, smack. Depending on exactly where your cooldowns are mid-fight determines if you do things like save E for after your next Q afrmor debuff, or save ult for after your next Q armor debuff, or whatever. Never delay on your ulti if they have a chance to get away otherwise; as in, if your team is backing you anyway, we really don't care if you do your fancy smack, Q combo if it gives them time to flash away, sometimes you just need to E and instantly R. As an AD-based champ, he's great for farming. Don't be afraid to blow your mana if you leave over 200 of it open for escapes, and you should have no issues farming unless they have a good ranged and some kind of major threat to stop you from jumping that ranged.

Thanks for reading my guide. I wrote it after having read a grand total of like 5 other MOBAfire guides so I wouldn't be surprised if I formatted something wrong or did something in a manner that's unconventional to you guys. Any questions can obviously go in the comments below or can be asked of me online; I always sit in my livestream's IRC chat and usually sit in the MOBAfire chatroom on either my main, Chandro, or my smurf, IS BURNING RED.