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Not Updated For Current Season

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Wukong Build Guide by Dangerfield

Wukong - Hone your skills(lane guide)

Wukong - Hone your skills(lane guide)

Updated on January 24, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dangerfield Build Guide By Dangerfield 1 6 8,596 Views 3 Comments
1 6 8,596 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dangerfield Wukong Build Guide By Dangerfield Updated on January 24, 2012
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I want to start off first by saying Wukong is an amazing champ, but alot of people don't recognize his greatness. He can be a very frustrating champ to lane against, but at the same time he is zoned out by alot of champs as well. This guide will help you become a better Wukong player by teaching you the art of going ape sh*t all over your opponents!
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Pros & Cons

Easy to use champ
Great Harass
Nice burst damage early,mid game
Late game you can pull some Udyr-esque multi kills if played correctly.

Outzoned by alot of champs
Decoy's cool down
Needs to be farmed decently to reach his full potential
Screwed if the other team is CC/AOE heavy
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x9 flat armor pen reds
x9 flat armor yellows
x6 mres per lvl blues
x3 cdr per lvl blues
x3 flat armor pen quints

Pretty much the standard bruiser/tanky dps rune set up minus the cdr. Because with this build the extra cdr maxes you out.
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I go with a 21/9/0 set up. I almost never go with a 9/21 because Wukong isn't mean to be a straight up tank.

(Reserved for screenshot)
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Summoner Spells

99% of the time I go withand . Ignite is great for finishing off low health champs and Flash is your escape spell.

The only time I pick something other than ignite is to run the double heal meta. So I'll run and . Everything else isn't worthwhile.
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Admittedly this is an odd start up for a bruiser. The reason I go with this set up is because I normally solo top with wukong(sometimes i go kill lane bot w/ a support). This is what I grab when I know the jungler is fast and scary i.e. Skarner, Udyr, Sejuani, Lee Sin, Maokai, and Shaco. Wukongs only problem early game is mana. Faerie Charm + the mana pot should cure your mana problems and the 3 pots are reserved for how aggressive you want to play. His passive makes you tanky without a cloth armor especially if the jungler comes in for a gank. Wards because I don't want to have to waste that cash on my first recall.

Secondly I just want to say that once you get your first 6 items philo stone, phage, mercs, bruta, glacial shroud, and negatron cloak. You can basically do no wrong. Wukong if fed literally doesn't even have to buy another item. You have all the bases covered. As the game progresses if you need more hp and mres..finish the banshees and trinity force first. If you need more armor and hp finish the frozen heart and trinity(or forzen mallet) first. Need sustain? Sell the philo stone(optimal if sold when you have 1425 gold) and grab the Bilgewater Cutlass. IMO this is just the optimal build for Wu.

On first recall grab...

and if you can a

. That's 1385 gold, so let that be your goal as wukong on your first recall.

Next trip back grab...

and some pots/wards. If somehow you have hella gold you can also grab .

Next trip...

This should be the time ganks start happening and towers are going down and a few team skirmishes. You'll want to finish your next and start working on some armor and mres.
Prioritize which you need. Usually since top and most of the top junglers are AD I get
first and then . Obviously if you need mres you just reverse the two. If I have to get the Negatron Cloak first go ahead and grab your
for extra hp and mana early so you don't get burst down.

This next phase of your item purchase I want to break it down so that you don't make the mistake of picking the wrong item. Because at this point you have all 6 item slots filled with the philo stone, phage, mercs, bruta, glacial shroud, and negatron cloak.

If you are dominating hard finish your
If its kind of even and maybe one particular champ is giving your team problems at 1425 gold sell your philo stone and grab

great for singling someone out and blowing them up. Finish whatever defensive item you need the most(Frozen Heart/FoN/Banshees) and then finish the

At this point its mid/late game and all you have left is to finish your items. I usually go for and for max CDR(with the help of the CDR runes) and the AS buff to help take down towers and to blow up squishy targets(AD/AP Carry). With your E maxed out and the active from ghost blade you have 100% AS buff for 4 seconds plus a frozen heart slowing theirs down on top of slowing their movement speed down with the gunblade active. You pretty much shut down any bruiser and are able to blow up any AD/AP carry(minus Tryndamere).
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Why Hextech Gunblade?

Some people may see the Gunblade in my build and go o.O???????????? WTFBBQ BT so much better noob! Lets take a closer look and compare them.

Price: 3k
AD: 60
Lifesteal(initial): 15%
Bonus: 40 AD 10% life steal

The Good: When maxed out you have 100 AD and 25% lifesteal added to your stats. Your auto attacks a Q benefit from life steal.

The Bad: When you die it all goes away.

Price: 3.625k
AD: 40
AP: 70
Lifesteal: 15%
Spellvamp: 20%
Bonus: Active deals 300 damage and slows target by 50% for 3 seconds.

The Good: While not as strong and slightly more expensive. The Gunblade offers a nice 40 AD, and 70 AP. Wukong doesn't really NEED AP, but he benefits a lot from having a sheen. This just adds more damage to your sheen proc. With the spell vamp you receive hp back from every attack. Your Crushing Blow gets HP back from lifesteal AND spell vamp! Decoy actually has a AP ratio on it, so decoying large minion waves gives tons of HP back. Meaning you heal more than with a maxed out BT overall, plus you never lose it if you die.

Lets do the math:

Example lets say you have the Trinity Force and Gunblade finished and have 220 AD 100 AP.

Decoy has a .6 AP ratio and you have 100 AP. Max Decoy damage would be 310 before mres reduction, so that means you're getting 62 hp from spell vamp.

Nimbus Strike. Lets say I have 220 AD and Nimbus Strike is maxed. You will hit for 416 damage before armor reduction. With the 20% spell vamp you get 83x3(249) hp returned.

Crushing Blow has a 1.1 AD ratio. So at max level you hit for 392 before armor reduction. With 15% lifesteal and 20% spell vamp you get a total of 133 hp returned. Now compare this to the BT since its the only skill you get lifesteal from with it. It has 60 more damage maxed out than the Gunblade, so Crushing Blow would hit for 458. With 25% lifesteal you get 114 HP returned.

Finally the active too good on Wukong. E,Q,Active,Ult,Ignite,Dead. Simple as that. "See hero? Kill hero!" IMO This makes the Gunblade much more viable on Wukong than people would think.

See it in action

VS Another Wukong

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Skill Sequence

Stone Skin(passive)
Wukong's armor and magic resist are increased by 4/6/8 for each nearby enemy champion

Crushing Blow(Q) - Max this second after E while alternating

Very nice skill as well! Lowers armor pen by 30(%?) I hear its bugged, so you don't do the damage you could, but its still useful. Charge this still up, dash in with Nimbus Strike, auto attack until the attack speed buff is gone then Decoy to make your escape!


Next I usually level up W. This allows to be cheap as hell against the enemy especially if they don't have any AOE damage. You use Nimbus Cloud(E) to fly in and attack and then immediately W and run back either toward your ally or into the brush(if you are solo lane). This allows you to farm and whenever they feel frisky throw out that combo and make them back off.

Nimbus Strike(E) - Max this first alternating back and forth after lvl 3

Some people like starting Q first to last hit minions, but I prefer putting a point in E first, because it has three uses. First, getting triple cash shots on minions and to have a semi ranged attack to poke enemies with, and 3rd for the attack speed increase.


This is a great ultimate, but not for its damage. You have the ability to disrupt whatever the other team is trying to do. Say there is a Malzahar on your support or squishy mage. Dash in with Q,E then pop Cyclone to disrupt it and chase him away if not destroy him completely. Then use Decoy to kind of roam around and select your next target to Q,E(try to pick an already low target).
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Congrats you know how to read, and also now you know how to be a beast with Wukong. One last thing I want to say is that you will almost never finish this build completely. It's a pretty exspensive build, and only in super long games like an hour long will you finish it. So don't freak out about it thats normal.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dangerfield
Dangerfield Wukong Guide
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Wukong - Hone your skills(lane guide)

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