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Wukong General Guide by CoRiC

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CoRiC

Wukong I Will be the best (tanky/dps)

CoRiC Last updated on August 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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[*] (Props to davesrightmind@ for the picture)

Wukong the Monkey King is based off of the story "Journey to the West". In League of Legends, he is best built as a tanky-dps. He is a very good farmer with hisand a good laner with great escapes due to his. Being able to turn on an opponent with Wukong and his flexibility with builds is what makes Wukong a great and fun champion to play. He is versatile and can play tanky, tanky-DPS and assassin. If you are good with Wukong, you should be getting less than four deaths every game due to his good escape mechanism and his stealth, just like Shaco. Mastery of Wukong can help you because you will be able to play many other champions such as Shaco and other tanky DPS. This guide also teaches you the basics of farming and dragon control as a laner.

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The general 0/21/9 masteries are good because the 9 in utility allow Wukong to stay in lane for a longer period of time while also being able to regen a little bit quicker. The 21 in defense enables him to stay in lane longer again and take more of a beating from enemy champions. The key to Wukong is staying in lane while being safe. He can wear down enemy champions as the time in laning phase goes on.


These masteries are 9/21/0. It is made so that you can get the maximum attack speed out of masteries while also maintaining your magic resist and armor bonuses that make Wukong so good in lane. You get a good boost of AS with these masteries added with runes and your greaves, and this is a very viable set-up. Try it out!

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I play my Wukong as tanky-dps and these runes make sure that Wukong is able to take damage while also hitting for a lot because of his armor penetration. The reason for the bonus magic resist and armor is because it stacks perfectly with your passive in your early game and as explained earlier, this lets monkey king have some great fights early on. The 25 armor penetration is extremely beneficial because when you want to get thatharass in, you deal even more damage because of your armor penetration. This lets you and your duo-laning partner hopefully damage the enemies down to a point where you canand then ignite.

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Summoner Spells

These summoner spells are here to ensure that Wukong does the full damage of his ult and possibly more due to ignite. Ghost is to make sure nobody gets out of range of your ult and the cleanse is there for any slows that the other team may have. Flash is also here to let you do a two-jump with yourand. This lets you finish off running opponents or allows you to initiate using yourcombination.

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Skill Sequence

You have toright after you use yourharass andto get away if things go bad. I have seen many Wukongs use theirfirst to initiate and this is not the right way to go. You need to gap close while also doing some initial damage with yourandand then follow up with your ult. Since your masteries and runes and passive combined give you good survivability, you should be able to get this combo off every time. Wukong also serves as a great mid-team fight mop. He can clean up the other team really well because of his chasing mechanism,. Coming in mid-fight with your E and ult can change the tide of battle and even win you the game. It is all about positioning with Wukong.

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Farming is extremely easy with Wukong. Once you get yourto level 3 or 4, you should be farming the "mage" minions every single wave. See the picture below for an example.

As figure A shows, you should be going for these mage minions every single wave and at level 9 when you havemaxed out, you can push lanes EXTREMELY easy as getting anon the mage minions absolutely demolishes them and allows you for easy auto attack last hits.

In addition, farming early game is pretty easy because once you hit level 4, running up to the minions and simply hitting them is fairly easy since by then you should have yourto keep yourself safe.

Remember, the number one rule is BE SAFE.

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Early game

Farm hard with your nimbus strike and try to harass the other team with it as well. Try and get your E-Q harass on the other team while also keeping an eye on your mana. Farm hard and try to get early kills. Not only is it easy for you to harass the team, getting kills is easy as well if you have a laning partner with CC.

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Mid game

This is where you shine. As soon as you reach your blood-thirster, you should be doing a fair amount of damage in team fights while also being able to sustain yourself. Ult when the team is out of position to cause panic and let your carries nuke. This is also where you can farm considerably better in the jungle and you can even take dragon alone once you have your core build. You should pride yourself on jumping out of bushes with nimbus strike and using cyclone to get other teammates easy kills on overextended enemies.

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By now you should have your core build, and can take dragon safely. Your wriggles and bloodthirster ensure that you will not die and moreso with yourat hand. The thing I love about Wukong is that not only can he deal damage and play a tanky role, he can give your team really good dragon control mid-game without being a jungler. He can solo it while your team distracts the enemy team mid while also being safe at the same time. He takes about ten seconds to do it. See picture below of where to stand while taking dragon.

Below, at Point 1 is usually the safest place to stand BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE FLASH UP. And this is where you stand if you are taking a risky dragon. Remember to flash through that wall if the enemy team happens to pop up.

Point 2 is where you stand when there is a fear of the enemy flashing through the wall and smiting or doing something cheeky. It is also where you stand when you know the enemy team is aced or obviously not in the position to take dragon or contest it. This way you can finish off dragon really easily with your jungler's smite and still be able to fight the team-fight if it does so occur. If you all get caught in the Dragon's cove, then you will most likely ultimately lose that team fight

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Team fights

Your objective is to go for the supports/squishies and ult on them. You are tanky-dps so you should be able to phase them out of team fights while being able to keep yourself alive.


So take for example this scenario with SK gaming vs team Fnatic. At point A, you have your primary target with your ultimate. Your objective is to disrupt that ult so thatis rendered mostly useless in that team fight. Once Nunu's ult is disrupted, then it is extremely easy to win that fight. Yourandwill destroy the carries in the team fight because your ult has now created a sort of "chaos" in the team fight and the enemy team MUST react to your ult or they will all get swept up. In the midst of them retreating from your ult, one of them is bound to be caught and die. The objective of point A is to stop any champions that will do a ridiculous burst on your whole team, you want to defend your carries as much as possible and disruptingult will do that.

Your second objective is B) The enemy team's carries. Corki under normal circumstances can sit back in a team fight and fire missiles and do amazing damage to your carries and team. Your part in this is tostraight for the ranged carries first and. If no ranged carries are present, then you go straight for the next champion in line that does lots of damage (usually melee carries) or supports. What this does is it forces them to again retreat to avoid taking damage and dying. Your ult actually does a high amount of damage when it isn't bugged and is a major threat to carries using glass cannon builds and relatively squishy builds in general. Phasing them out of the teamfight is the most important thing Wukong can do in team-fights aside from dealing massive damage from his repeatedcombo and high-damage auto-attacks from this build.

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