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Wukong Build Guide by cuzza4321

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cuzza4321

Wukong - Ill Always Be At The Top! (Building Against Ad)

cuzza4321 Last updated on May 23, 2012
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Hey this is my first build guide but this is my most played and favorite champ. The monkey king. First i need to tell you that this build is against a team that has more ad than ap and has not too much cc. So lets begin but before i do i must say i will not spend time fixing grammar. This is for how to play a game not an english class.

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Pros/ Cons

- High burst damage
- Counters ad
- Extremely Tanky
- Excellent Juke Ability
- AOE ult. Any AOE ult is good
- Great early to mid game
-Extremely Easy to counter
-Only works in some teams
-Difficult to carry with

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Runes + Masteries

Okay i'll give a quick explanation on my picks for runes and mysteries.

The reason i go 21 and 9 is because while being tanky Wukong needs damage. The 9 gives you a nice starting defense.
Marks- Simple Wukong is very burst damage early game. This is to give Wukong an edge.

Seal - Like i said this is for defense against ad champs. This gives the extra armor needed.

Glyphs - Wukongs cool downs are very low and these make them even lower. Wukong needs to poke a lot and with his e and q constantly up he can poke much more frequently. Also the wait on the cool down on his decoy is lowered by that valuable 2 seconds.

Quints - The attack speed Wukong gains from his E plus this brings his attack speed over 1.000 which is excellent for fighting. The extra 1.5% movement may not seem like much but think about it like this. You and the other ad champ are fighting. You begin to lose and you run. You both have lvl 1 boots. You are 1.5% faster then he is and teamed with your decoy you will get away much easier. 1.5 may not seem like nothing but if you are chasing somebody with the same movement speedd you will have that 5 extra speed to catch up.

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1. Boots and 3 pots
The reason is simple, you can chase and escape faster then the enemy champ. The potions are used in case a trade does not go your way. It makes you stay in lane longer and therefore more exp and more gold.
2. Ninja Tabai
The reason is like above, more speed. You get extra armor and early game basic attacks do a lot of damage. You have to admit when fighting early game every basic attack counts. If there attacks are doing 10% less damage plus your 20 armor for the cloth and plus 10 for your runes that is alot of damage they are NOT doing.
3. Chain Mail
Wukong does a lot of damage with his poke so buying damage right now is not needed. So lets look at the situation. Say you are vsing an ad champ. He uses his money to buy a b.f sword and beserker greaves. Now you have 10 armor for your runes, 20 armor for your ninja tabai, 45 armor for the chainmail and 10% less damage from auto attacks. That is over 120 armor 10 minutes into the game compared to their 120 damage and 1.00 attack speed.
4. Glacial Shroud
Wukong has mana issues. The amount of times you need to poke and then decoy away is hard on mana. This give you more cooldowns (15% for your shroud and 6.4 for you runes. That is 21% cooldown.) plus even more armor. This will increase your ability to trade.
5. Phage
This an obvious one. Health to be more tanky and damage well... for more damage! Plus the slow will make it impossible to escape.
6. Frozen Heart
Now look what you have done, you have canceled their beserker greaves with this items passive. You have a ridiculous amount of armor and cooldowns and mana. You have health, a slow, a decoy, a jump but also an attack speed boost on top of your runes, alot of armor, 10% less damage on auto attacks, if they build armor your q lowers their armor, you have damage because of phage and runes. Perfect
7. Frozen Mallet
Your health bars should be getting pretty small and your slow wont let anybody escape.
8. Atmas impaler
Even more armor, some critical strike and it converts your health into damage, you should becoming really tanky now.
9. Warmogs
Health and that means more damage. What could you want, alot of armor, health, cool downs and damage.
10. Maw of Malmourtious
Now some magic resist, the less health u have the more damage you do, a spell shield to counter that final damage (bloody karthus).

Final- You shuold be pretty unstoppable now and an excellent asset to the team.

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Okay ill just list random things that will give you pointers.

1. If they pick lee sin or rumble DO NOT USE WUKONG. When lee sin slams the ground he can see you when you decoy. If you decoy with rumble he will just burn your monkey tail. They counter wukong so hard. Do not try to vs them.
2. This is how wukong works. You use E, and jump to them, immediatly Q. IF YOU NEED TO (that is important) decoy. You see many bad wukong just decoy straight away. Your E may also be used for farming. If you see 3 minons next to eachother on low health just jump to all 3 and you sohuld be able to get all of them.

The first thing to do when you decoy is watch their reaction. If they fight it, continue just using it, they are stupid. If you pop decoy and they run right past it trying to catch you when you come out of invisible then here is a nice tip to use. Click S on the keyboard. What happens is wukong stops. Now to the enemy it looks like he decoyed but its not. Wait for them to run past THEN decoy and run the other way.

Another thing with decoy is if you are ganking you can decoy while in a bush, run out invisible then follow up with your E , Q combo.

4. Escaping
When they chase you never just decoy. Save it, a nice idea is going into a bush, E then Q the chaser and run the other way. When they follow you this time when you go into a bush DECOY and run past them again. They will fight the decoy most likely and u will get away. The trick is you dont always have to run backwards. If you decoy and run back the way you came they never expect that. But it all takes practice.

FOR EXAMPLE you are at wraiths and are running to red buff being chased. Go into the red buff bush. Wait for them if they are close. E to them just as they are about to get into the bush and run back to the wraiths. Then when they come back decoy in the bush and run down to the river. They will get confused on which way you are trying to escape.

Another thing you must know is your E can be used to escape. Say you are running from the enemy inhibitor to the middle and are almost dead. Close behind you is the enemy. You get to the middle and minions are fighting. If you E the furthermost minion he will jump past the minions and get you further away.

E and Q is a great asset. I have been on 1 bar and chased by som1 on full and been able to kill them. Because of the cool downs i use my E and Q is constantly up every 3 seconds and my ult in about 50 seconds and decoy in 9 seconds instead of 14. Your E and Q is your biggest combo.

Ulting in a team fight.
Say you are running around with your team. You run into the whole enemy team and a team fight starts.
STEP 1: E onto the closet enemy!

if you ult and do not hit any1 MAKE SURE YOU FLASH INTO THE TEAM, DO NOT WASTE THE ULT.
WHen you chase an enemy a great idea is to E onto him and constantly hit him. Your frozen mallet will slow him enough for your team to catch up or maybe even you will kill them. Another thing you must know when you ult you speed up. If you are being chased as a last resort ult. Hit them and get out.

Wukong can mid. The speed at which he can confront and get up in your champions face is stupid. Ap carries cannot sustain wukongs burst. Wukong can also support by keep the enemies away by poking them but a traditional support works better obviously. But try wukong mid one day when you get better. The squishy ap champ wont stand a chance.

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Sorry for the short explanation on the techniques. This is because i wrote this at 1am with school at 7 the next day. Some of the tips may seem confusing and message me if you want more detail. I hope you understand and enjoy my build for my favourite champ, the monkey king!

Summoner Name: Cuzza4321