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Wukong Build Guide by toxic4mosh

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author toxic4mosh

WuKong - Is Goku Going Banana's?

toxic4mosh Last updated on July 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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1st off build but hey lets give it a go.
now before you start ripping my build or even saying its similar to other build well, i dunno i just kinda made it on my 1st wukong game and it got me 11 kills. (3v3) then 23 on my 2nd game (5v5).

The idea of this build is to survive and deal lots of damage. If you play wukong right he does not die, also he deals so much damage he is like a mini shot gun. so reading this guid will help you progress. and yet i have not come to another wukong that follows my build or even has matched me for kills and assists.

btw i ramble allot so just keep reading :)

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Pros / Cons

These "Pros" and "Cons" are my opinion so just read it :)

- Master of escape
- Insane! burst damage to single target
- high bust damage to multiple targets
- his a monkey that reminds me of Guku from dragon ball?

- you will be aimed like crazy. no one like a monkey with all you can eat.
- not as high burst damage as other characters
- this build is not as "tanky" and requires you to escape often.
- low manna pool

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Summoner Spells

Ok for summoner spells i have selected Flash and Ignite.
now, i see so many wukongs with Ghost and Exhaust.... i dont see why?
they mainly use them while using there ultimate. but you get a speed boost anyways. and you should always dive before you ulti so they are in the middle to maximize damage so slows and speed ups are a no go for me.

Oh do i love this spell.
being a master of escape being able to flash is not enough, you have your decoy spell to annoy and escape ever so well. using these two in crucial moments will save you as when they "find" you its jsut your clone and since your invisible for that short time your all good. Another smart idea is to wait in a bush next to a wall and when u see them getting close decoy and flash. them being stupid, will take the bait and kill the decoy giving you an extra 1.5 second get away.

This spell is optional. but hey i love it. using my super smart monkey brain, you dive at someone with your crushing blow active, pound them then ultimate and ignite. they will die. the lowered armor with your ultimate physical damage means it will do allot of damage and its a high damage over time on that one target. this can cause serious pain or death if you have enough damage on that ultimate.

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Mr, if you already have a move that reduces armor why get armor pen runes and not armor pen items like ghost blade or black cleaver?

Well you see my child. by having these runes you will be already inflicting allot of damage on anyone you see and why get buy ghost blade when it can be replaced with Infinity Edge? or some more tanky items if it is needed.

getting Armour pen and attack speed is very useful as you can dive with Nimbus Strike have increased attack speed and when you start pounding them with crushing blow, its like your dealing true damage. squishier players will hate you and tanks will think. "oh ****, i wish thormail stacked"

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now my build with its items are all subjective. now this is my build and i can do what i want :p
1st off lets pick my boots. i picked attack speed. because of my runes and nimbus strike. but if my opponent is filled with stuns and crowd control. i will ditch these shoes and get some treads. but normally i pull to much dps to care about crowd control :p

Key Items
Trinity is my key item. and because of it i still need damage. So if your fighting a few people and your a bit worried about this item list ill teach u what to change. you want Trinity no matter what it is a brutal item and with that get an Infinity Edge. because of its raw 80 damage and critical bonus. these items will ensure some dps and will also make u worth having in your team.

ok lets start with your Frozen Mallet. now i get this cause of the HP and the slow to keep them near you. but if you think you need more hp then get Warmogs. but i find this to be sufficient with trinity. or if your playing against alot of AP get Veil for the spell block and bonus hp and manna.

Bloodthirster, it is a stack item! if you find yourself dying it may not be worth it. consider replacing this for another item of damage or if your opponent is heavy AD like Xin, Yi, Trynd, get Thorns? you may not have the life steal but you will survive allot more.

Phantom Dancer, oh well hey if you dont wish to be a super speedy monkey replace this with something that may make you more tank or what not, depending on who your fighting because counter is key in winning.

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Hey hope you enjoyed this build i dont know how well you all did but i go fine with an average of 14 kills (before they surrender :p) and enjoy all the reading. any questions please post, i would enjoy any feed back or what not, but here are some pointers before i leave.

this build is a Late Game Annihilation build. made to be sneaky and ganking people from behind the turret.

using your nimbus and crushing blow to harass people is great. and if you are paired with a hard hitting ally then this does allot of damage (xin trynd or GP)