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Wukong Build Guide by iSmoochie

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iSmoochie

Wukong is Pimp [Updated: 28/5/2012] ~ iSmoochie

iSmoochie Last updated on May 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Chapters and info are way outdated on this guide but I will fix it all up later, I have fixed runes, mastery's, and item pages. Goodluck guys! :)

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After having play Wukong for a few months now and much research and success I have finally decided its time to give back to the community and share what I have learned, obviously there are many ways you can build Wukong and his items should always depend on the match and what your opponents are building. However overall I am going to share with you what has worked best for me, 9 games out of 10 I come out with a win. Whether its your first time playing as Wukong or you've played before he is a great champion and awesome to have on your side. :)

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Pros / Cons

*Heavy Hitter.
*Can ghost out of combat if need be.
*Has the ability to toss enemies in the air leaving them vulnerable and defenseless for you and your teammates.
*Great for lane controll

*Can be a little squishy for armour early game.
*Mana can be an issue early game

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There are two main skills Wukong is reliant on in matches his Q and his E.
Lets start by talking about the Q, Wukongs crushing blow has amazing burst dammage and scales well off items like the Sheen. Its very important to pick this up in the early stages of the game as it will greatly improve your dps which you will later turn into Trinity Force.

The second skill E is Wukongs Nimbus strike which charges in causing area of effect dammage and increasing Wukongs attack speed, this skill scales off ad which is why we build items like the trinity force which ties in with his Q as well as items like the bloodthirster giving u life steal and later game his atma's Impaler Black cleaver and Madreds Bloodrazers.

Two main core items I strongly reccomend are the Trinity Force and Bloodthirster no matter what your Wukong build be it helps a bunch! But always remember some of the late game items may need to change depending on enemy champions and build.

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The runes specifically set out in this build are designed for heavy armour penetration with a bit of armour. Cooldown reduction I have also chosen to include as it really helps in critical situations where a split second can be the difference between life and death or another kill. Wukong is a very heavy hitting champion and with this run setup its very good from early game to end game it absolutely destroys your opponents.

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Skill Sequence

When going in for a player I will often Activate my Q then charge in using E, the reason behind this is if you charge and the enemy your fighting has some form of silence you want to be all ready to unleash that heavy hitting Q without have cast time delay. If I still have not depleted enough of there health i proceed to run pressing W for 1.5 seconds of stealth and changing direction to confuse the target I then return and if the situation allows I juggle them in the air with my R bringing there escape movement to a snail pace before finishing the deed with my E.

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Farming with Wukong is fairly basic and obviously is just common sense, when in lane last hit minions and for aoe effect use E to do it, Wukong will even recieve a temporary attack speed bonus to help. If you decide to jungle from mid game or just a bit earlier using your E and Q is all you really need.

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Team Fights

There are many different ways you can play and use Wukong when it comes to teamfights of course this all depends on a number of things particularly your teammates and the champions which they have chosen. If your team has a tank they will innitiate the teamfight taking all the enemies aggro, as this happens Wukong is best to use Nimbus Strike to dive into the fight causing aoe dammage followed by using his Q on the main squishy dps which has great burst dammage and as a result will bring down the opponents quickly followed by cyclone to toss the enemies in the air allowing further time for your teammates to complete the fight.

If your playing Wukong with a team that has no tank he is best of diving in with nimbus strike and instantly activating his cyclone ultimate to toss the enemies in the air as your team kills after your cyclone ends use your W skill and dart in a random direction to temporarily confuse the targets followed by nimbus strike in again by this time the fight will be almost over just use your Q and E where needed and if you need to get away of course use W again and dart off.

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The Masteries in this guide obviously primarily focus on attack and tower pushing, the armour penetration and attack dammage really gives you a great advantage right throughout the match. :)
There are also a few abilitys aside to reduce time spent dead and improve your cd's on your vital spells like flash and ghost.

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At first glance these spells may come accross as strange or nooby but dont be fooled they can be great for a champion like Wukong.
The main use behind Wukongs Ghost is its ability to catch up to 1 or more enemies who may be fleeing the area, its particularly great in teamfights as you catch up then toss them all in the air with your R allowing your teammates time to catch up and forcing your opponents into combat.
The other main use of ghost obviously is a secondary escape option for when you flash and its not quite enough as your opponent flashes also.

Flash is great in catching that last tip enemy who's run for the hills and flashed through a wall, its also great in the fact you can do the same if need be :) Another bonus behind flash is if you find yourself in a situation where you want to enter say the enemy base undetected and this is assuming they havnt warded there own jungle you run straight through up to the wall and flash through it.

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In closing I hope this guide has helped some of you and I'm always happy to answer your questions or just chat just drop a comment and dont forget to vote for the guide and share the success! :)
Add me on LoL if you want to know more ~
IGN: iSmoochie