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Wukong Build Guide by chrisisabeast

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League of Legends Build Guide Author chrisisabeast

Wukong Jungle

chrisisabeast Last updated on November 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well this is my first guide, don't troll me too hard. I've been a Wukong enthusiast for the longest time since the sneak peek way back in the day, and I would like to say I mastered him after playing him for a very good while. He is just a very strong versatile champ that can deal damage in bursts as well as take it very resiliently and even get away if you get focused just a little too hard. Here it goes.

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For runes my jungler page is what i use, and i use the same page for most of my junglers which are predominantly melee, Leesin, Skarner, Wukong, Rammus, Pantheon, Xin... etc etc.

For Reds : 6 Flat Armor Pens and 3 Flat AD , i find this the best combination for my personal preference.
For Yellows : 9 Flat Armor , just helps with your early game since I believe my late game is definitely stronger than most and I really need the help during early rather than late.
For Blues : 9 Flat Attack Speed , again just pure personal preference.
For Quints : 3 Flat Armor Pens , helps with jungle clears and more potential burst for early ganks.

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Since this is a jungle guide , My usual starting items are cloth + 5 pots just to be safe. I then clear the jungle and what not go back for boots.
My first item to rush would be my Wriggle's Lantern seeing as it has recently had a nerf to it's damage and the jungle being moderately easier I think it's still a must have for all junglers.
My next big item I rush would be Trinity Force. I always build the Phage first, and in between if I happen to have most gold and what not I generally get wards to randomly place in spots for my lanes. After Trinity Force as Saintvicious would like to call it, It's critical mass. Triforce is such a beneficial item with all the stats and wonderful effects it can potentially proc.
I then generally get Warmog's Armor and to greatly aid in your damage output and give you defensive stats build a Atma's Impaler.
My last item usually will be another defensive item, since Wriggle's and Atma's gives armor, I would say fill in with a Force of Nature or Banshee's Veil for the MR, again personal preference and situational for which you pick between the two.

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Summoner Spells

For summoners I usually run Flash/Smite.

Flash : it is a great summoner in my opinion, you can use it to catch up to runners or to escape your pursuers.
Smite : a must need for any jungler, I despise people who insist on jungling without it because they are strong junglers, it just aids in your speed in the jungle and that leads to faster ganks or you could possibly counter jungle.

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For Masteries my set usually goes 9-21-0.
I go 21 into the Defense tree, only because since all the items i buy and me acting as the tank usually for my teams you gain much needed stats and benefits.
Going into Offense tree I pick up the 10% Armor Pen for my damage output.

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Pros / Cons


- Strong ganks
- Passive is very very good for teamfighting which makes him such a strong tank
- Good burst with good soaking of damage
- Very deceiving with clone, some people even make the mistake of wasting summoners and ults on it :D


- Even though I say he has burst his cd's aren't low and his burst comes in bunches : long bunches
- It takes some practice to master Wukong it's very time consuming but when you get him it's ez mode

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Creeping / Jungling

My jungling path is usually Big wolf --> Ancient Golem (Blue) --> finish wolf camp , check to see if any lane has the potential to be ganked , if so do that , if not --> Wraith camp --> Dbl Golems --> Lizard (Red) , gank lanes as consistently as possible, ask when wards are present in the lane as to not waste your time and since camps spawn faster why bother going to lanes when you know they will retreat.

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Team Work

I usually try to lead the charge and stuff when I play, and seeing as my Wukong is more than enough tank stats wise, I take every opportunity to steal kills.

My initiate is always with a charge throw in a Crushing Blow and blow my ult and if my team follows that usually turns into an ace if they follow my lead.

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I hope you all found this informative on how to play Wukong in the jungle and succeed greatly, any comments and suggestions can be made. so feel free to.