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Wukong Build Guide by Adlover

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adlover

Wukong like a Baws kill them all

Adlover Last updated on February 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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OKI!!! i played Wu Kong since the start of him!! i loved him VERY MUCH!! i think i'll consider sleeping with him too!! like omg!! like holy ****!! << acts all *****y anyway..

I'll put in all the builds i went for and tried and they ALL have the same 3 starter items!! so if you really wanna play Wu Kong like a BAWS please consider reading and trying this guide cuz i loved it VERY much!! ;D

NOTE: this build isn't achievable without good team play!! DO NOT be greedy DO NOT be selfish plan with your friends or Pugs and kill them all !

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As you can see! i Included Armor Seals with the runes!.. It is to survive the early games cuz you will be harrasing their ***es off like there is no tomorrow!! and i will cover that later in the chapter but!!! you can change those Armor runes with more Attack power when you have mastered the guy! as i do :p not to mention the health runes ofc to survive the early game!

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I could have gone for more mana Masteries but i think i prefer more health and more magic resist and armor to SURVIVE ofc.. "note that you will read survive a lot" lol anyways! since Wu Kong is AD you will go AD side in DPS DUH you idiot..1! like you would enter a fight spaming W hoping for a KS! now MAN UP AND GET THE KILLS WITH SKILLZ!! AND DON'T FEED!! FFS!!! *trollface*

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Walk with the Items guide i gave you!!! Late game you can sell the Doran's Blade for more Attack damage items like Black cleaver and all that OR!!! more surviving items like Banshee vial if they stuns you after jumping in to not W out or Sun fire cape for more health to stay alive

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Pros / Cons

-Harassment like a baws specially early game when you jump with the E hit with the Q and run away with the W or W your way from brush to brush so no one knows you're actually in the brush next to them not the far away one
- Awesome Ultie that messes everything up on them.
- E gives you attack speed.
- Q can give you MASSIVE damage with the sheen and Good damage on towers
- Can go in and out from team fights easily like Shaco

- Focused early game " no one wants a fed monkey and late game cuz of your damage
- some people predict where ya going VERY well since u wont be hiding for long
- Oracle and your harassment history is gone.
- Your fur will start messing up the place after getting raped in a team fight!

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Summoner Spells

I go with Ghost and Exhaust... my lane partner always had flash and ignite so we both complete the set of spells for the kills!! remember ?? always told you work with your team :P First blood always achievable if you worked with your lane partner! :P

And the 2 spells will help you a lot against annoying Champs like Tryndemare or or !! a champion with an annoying skill that always gets you!! like picture yourself walking minding your own business and ALL OF A SUDDEN TWICH COMES OUT!! PAW HE IS DEAD!! i mean REALLY dead!! seriously!! not kidding!! like 4 hits dead late game and if you got full items make it 3 hits! :P Even Tryn
can't survive late game cuz he wont be fast enough clicking ult

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Skill Sequence

As you noticed i started with the E! for more attack speed and harassment then ofc you go for Q for more damege! then the W so you can creep in and get the kills ! or creep out to run away after the harassment so you won't die ofc you idiot! DON'T FEED FFS!! << sick of seeing fail Wu Kongs all over the place.. then you noticed me going with the E and Q leveling up!! wanna know why?? hmm?? YES!! YOUR WRONG!!! it's cuz i wanna balance my damage.. i'm the kind of a guy who doesn't go for one skill all the way.. i don't see whats good doing that i mean both of the skills are great! if you go one side of them and you want to know what skill i prefer you focus the E! for more kill steals *cough* i mean!! for the last hit !! you don't want them to run away don'tcha?! X)