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Wukong Build Guide by Tamhiel

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tamhiel

Wukong, Monkey of Many Whacks

Tamhiel Last updated on August 18, 2011
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Hey guys, I go by Tamhiel on Leage of Legends and I've been playing Wukong since he was released, I've tried many of the builds on Mobafire and all of them had their great tips. However I took bits an pieces from each of these builds and what I learned and pieced together a build that I have been enjoying and more importantly winning with better than I have ever with Wukong.

This is my first build guide and I just wanted to share what I feel is a very nice build. Feel free to offer constructive criticism!

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Pros / Cons


Amazing Burst Damage (Nimbus Strike and Crushing Blow)
Great at Escaping Bad Situations (Decoy)
Good Chaser (Nimbus Strike)
Trickster (Decoy)
Great Initiator (Nimbus Strike)


Melee Range Only
Limited Crowd Control (Only his Ultimate)
Focused Crowd Control Kills Him

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9x Greater Marks of Desolation

9x Greater Seals of Resilience

9x Greater Glyphs of Focus

2x Greater Quintessences of Desolation

1x Greater Quintessence of Swiftness

Marks and Quintessences of Desolation are for Wukong's obvious need for Armor Penetration, combined with his Crushing Blow, he can tear through heavily armored opponents, or for very heavy armor, at least give him a fighting chance to take them down.

The Seals of Resiliance are for his early game armor which is rather low. It helps endgame as well of course but in the beginning his armour needs the flat increase.

Most people run Glyphs of Warding for magic resistance, but I find that any magic dealer is dead after my burst attacks, and if they aren't I'm hiding using decoy and waiting on my cooldowns and avoiding attacks. Glyphs of Focus are flat cooldown reduction that helps all through the game, while at the moment I run a mix of flat and leveling cooldown reduction, I plan to go all flat reduction. These Glpyhs will give Wukong the ability to burst more frequently and deal more damage.

The Quintessence of Swiftness is there to give Wukong a bit more mobility and speed, which he puts to great use chasing, dodging, and running away from bad situations.

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Wukong's Masteries can work well in any tree, but I have found that InfamousJoker's mainly defensive build makes Wukong more able to survive long enough to either get away or see the fight to the end. It also makes him very viable for a more Tank-like Role if necessary.

I went for cooldowns, armor, magic resist, and health for the mastery build, with Haste to give Ghost a boost for chases and getaways.

Here is InfamousJoker's Wukong Build which I always found a very good source of information and guidance when I play Wukong.

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My item build is not set in stone for Wukong.

The core of my early game is my Regrowth Pendant and Sheen. The pendant gives enough health regeneration that sitting back and dodging attacks and last hitting will let you heal large amounts of health in a short amount of time early game. Sheen is just plain painful with Wukong's Burst and Crushing Blow and only becomes more damaging as you pick up B.F. Sword and Trinity Force later on.

Mid-game is very painful for Wukong, which is why I generally pick up the health pendant and giants belt to set my build up for Warmog's Armor, and of course picking up Mercury's Treads to deal with the Mid-game Crowd Control that is always Wukong's downfall.

In late game, Wukong should have at least Warmog's Armor, Mercury's Treads, and Trinity Force. with a B.F. Sword or Bloodthirster in the works. After you get Bloodthirster, Atma's Impaler with your huge health just is begging to be bought.

I've never had a game last long enough as Wukong (Usually I win before I even finish Atma's Impaler) but the last item on the list is Infinity Edge, which will make his damage sky-rocket as he critically hits with his crushing blow and attack damage.

If you are fighting a team with lots of Ability Power Damage and/or Crowd Control, Mercury's Treads are absolutely necessary, but if that isn't the case I would run with Ionian Boots of Lucidity for their insane Cooldown Reduction or Boots of Swiftness for chasing and running.

If as you play the game and you need damage more than health you would take BF sword over the Giants Belt, or continue building Trinity Force, before Warmog's Armor.

I use the item build I have on this guide the most because its very rare that you will not need more health or tenacity.

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In summary guys, Wukong is incredibly fun to play as and will always entertain me. If you have any comments or questions feel free to hit me up! I want to be able to provide and create a great guide for an awesome character.

I also apologise for the lack of links and images, I'm still new to Mobafire's guide builder and I can't seem to figure out how to do that.

Happy Whacking!