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Wukong Build Guide by wondrbread

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League of Legends Build Guide Author wondrbread

Wukong: Not Just monkeying around in the jungle

wondrbread Last updated on December 1, 2011
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Alright guys, this is my second build so far and I would say that its one of my best builds/ junglers. First off, Wukong is definitely an extremely underrated champion. However, he is extremely viable because he has literally everything you need. A hard melee nuke, his Q Crushing Blow, an escape/ initiate his W Decoy, AOE damage/ gap closer/ atk speed boost his E Nimbus Strike and then a knock-up/ more AOE damage with his R Cyclone which can also be used as a successful escape tool because of the movement speed boost it gives overtime.

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Runes are pretty flexible with Wukong. What I typically use is Armor pen runes, flat armor seals, cd reduction blues and armor pen quints. I take all this armor pen because i like the extra damage on crushing blow, its a really high damage skill throughout the entire game. Flat armor yellows as in typical jungle runes. Cd reduction blues because that little bit of cd reduction is good for the high cd on his decoy. I tend to get into sticky situations so i like to be able to use decoy as much as possible. The quints are the most flexible runes because I've been succesfull with AS quints, flat HP quints, flat AD quints but my most common quints are Armor pen or AS (AS for the faster jungle)

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Jungle Route

This is also a realllllyyyy wierd jungle route. I can't remember who's guide I this from but I most definetly didn't come up with the route on my own. So I start with a dorans blade and head off to wraiths. I smite the blue one (the biggest wraith) then nimbus strike the other 3 and take them down. If you have armor pen reds and quints then it'll take 2 hits per each wraith after 1 nimbus strike. Then you go to wolves nimbus strike, take down the big wolf and get Crushing Blow and use it to take down the other two wolves. Then you go to double golems and your smite will be back up around then so smite one and take them both down with nimbus strike and Crushing Blow. Recall immediately after getting golems and pick up 4 hp pots, and sometimes ill get a ward as well if there is a strong counter jungler such as shaco. At this point the jungle from now on will be really easy so there is no set path after. There's times were ill go straight to blue or red (although wukong is not mana dependent especially when you get a sheen) and then go for ganks or theres times that ill stay in the jungle for awhile. It really just depends on how the game is going.

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Wukong has strong ganks pre 6 and very strong ganks post 6. When I'm ganking ill chill in the bush for a second and then decoy in and as soon as I'm in range ill nimbus strike and then hit 'em with a crushing blow

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My item path is also a little weird. I like build 2-3 dorans blades on most of my melee dps because of the damage, hp, and small amount of life steal. Now you also may ask why i get an early avarice blade but not finish out with Youmuu's Ghostblade. I like the Gp5 from the avarice blade as well as the 12% crit. You would be surprised how many crits I get with crushing blow when i have an avarice blade so that extra damage is great, especially when ganking or in a team fight. Typically, I'll also get an early vampiric scepter just for better sustain but i always finish out with a bloodthirster. You may also ask why i don't get a Wriggles Lantern and the answer to that is because in my opinion wukong doesn't even need it. He's still a surprisingly quick jungler. I get trinity Force the the damage proc on Crushing Blow as well as the slow from phage, and atk speed from zeal. Trinity force is one of my absolute favorite items...

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Summoner Spells

My typical line up is flash & smite but I've also been very successful with ghost & smite. I like ghost sometimes because i can pop ghost and then Decoy (w) and catch up with someone that isnt expecting me to catch up with them. I like flash more just because of the ability to hop over walls and to flash while ulting to pop up the AP/ AD carries in the back.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence varies. When you get into range use nimbus strike and then crushing blow. How ever if your opponent is playing more defensively and you can't get in range then use your decoy to get closer and try to get into range. Then to secure the kill you should use your ult to CC them as well as do some good damage and to keep up with them if they're ghosting away from you.

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Team Fights

Wukong is an absolute AD/ AP carry demoralizer. Especially with this build that has a lot of damage. If had a lot of times where an AD carry was out of position (especially late game when my damage is maxed) will kill them with out being able to try to escape because I do the E, Q, R combo too quickly. Late game you get absolutely disgusting crits with your Q so Ive taken squshies down to 25% hp with just Nimbus Strike and Crushing Blow