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Wukong Build Guide by Klumm3n

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Klumm3n

wukong offtank jungle and solotop

Klumm3n Last updated on May 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Wukong is a very good champion, a bit underpalyed in my oppinion. He is good to start of the teamfights and tanking, but he is a good assasin also. I think wukong is great for killing tanks, aspecially lategame - His CRUSHING BLOW reduce the armor and with LAST WHISPER you reduce it more, so the ad-carry can do more damage! I have been playing wukong a bit more in the jungle latly and he works realy well there. but let's get into the guide.

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I use this rune setup becasue it fits wukong. But the life steal bonus quints is also good for jungle and solo top, because it gives you that sustain you don't got early on.

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I almost always go with the 21-9-0 in the jungle so you do the most damage in ganks. But when you go solo top i change from 14-16-0 and 12-9-0, depending on my team set up and who I am against.

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Items toplane

I usaually start with [*] Boots of Speed, but if I am against a hard opponent or if I am playing normal and are against 2 top I'll buy [*] Cloth Armor or [*] Regrowth Pendant. I'll buy [*] Phillosoper's Stone of that health regn. The items can switch depening on how well I'm doing, if I am doing bad I rush two [*] Doran's Blad and then get [*] The Brutalizer. Sometimes when our team lacks in tanks I usually just buy [*] The Brutalizer, then I get warmogs armor. Sometimes I even buy [*] Heart of Gold if I am building [*] Randuin's Omen. One thing I never do is switch out my [*] Warmog's Armor.

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Items jungle

I always start of with [*] Cloth Armor, but if you like that lvl 2 gank, start with boots if you want. I think Wukong needs the armor to be able to jungle early without dying, but if you get a stronk leash on blue you can fix it. When I recal the first time I always buy boots, on any champion that I jungle, you need the speed to gank in this stage of the game. I always tries to save up for boots and [*] Madred's Razorsl, because it's a very good item in the jungle. Then you get your wriggle's and start building to your Phage. I think you are a lot tronger with [*] Phage in the begining than [*] Sheen, cuz you can slow and shiiiiit!. I switch up my class a little bit depending on my team-setup and their team-setup.

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Wukong is played more top than jungle and I can't see any bad in that because he is a good solo top. When you play solo top you have to think about not beeing to aggressive and not to devensive because wukong has not that good sustain early on. The safest way to do damage is to use [*] NIBUS STRIKE, [*] CRUSHING BLOW, then get away with [*] DECOY. but to do more damage you need to get up close and use [*] CRUSHING BLOW to reduce their armor then [*] NIBUS STRIKE when they flee. Keep in mind that you always should have [*] DECOY up when you are pushing so you can flee if you get ganked. Ther is several ways of juking with [*] DECOY. For example, you can walk in to the brush and then use it in another direction to juke them, or just press S and they think you used decoy and runs in the same direction that you where, then you use decoy and run the other way. When the jungler is comming to gank you can stay still for a while, then you use [*] DECOY and you run up to them with [*] NIMBUS STRIKE or just walk. Don't forget to use your ultimate, it's a good killing spell and if you have to flee from a gank.

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I usually start at blue, but osmetimes at wolves then blue depening on how lazy i am... But ask if you can get a little stronger leash than a regular jungler so you get away with more hp, it's good for wukong cuz he doesn't have so much sustain. Well, if you started at blue, get wolves-wraiths-red and you should be lvl 3 and be able to gank. I do most of the times try to gank at mid first, because it's the closest lane and you save some time. When you gank you want to pop you r decoy in the brush so the enemy doesn't see you, then use your E to get there and use Q as often possible. REMEMBER to use your Q yo make as much damage as possible, in the jungle and while ganking. Your Q reset your basicattack, so basicattack use Q directly and attack again.

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Well at the end I think Wukong is a good jungler and toplaner. You need to practise a bit so you learn to make as much damage possible and know when to use decoy. But if you have any tips or notes about Wukong or this guide, please tell me!